"Hotels" from mini-hotels

The modern service industry offers the broadestrange of various services in the tourist and hotel sector of the economy. Primitive "houses of a collective farmer" and central city hotels in a pompous Soviet-imperial style with similar imperial arrogant service personnel have gone far into the Soviet past. The market put everything in its place, and the pathos remained only where it really deserves it: in the “presidential” luxury rooms of status hotels of the highest category, which, by definition, cannot be in the small regional center of the Russian hinterland.

But today numerous privatemini hotels. In the vast Russian territories, they, if not fully, but still try to fill the lack of high-quality and inexpensive hotel business services that meet modern requirements and the level of comfort of guests.

The prefix "mini", as you might guess, and withoutattracting employees of translation bureaus, says, first of all, about the size and the small number of guests, which can accommodate and adequately serve the hotel. But this word also has a broader meaning, for the sake of which many tourists prefer this type of similar services. If we compare the hotel business with a restaurant, we can say that the technology and taste of food prepared for 5, 20, 50 and 100 people differ significantly among themselves.

It is clear that the service of 5-10 people more,say, thorough and "tasty." For the staff in this case, each guest is unique and individual, respectively, and more attention is paid to such a lodger. Yes, and the situation in mini-hotels is more like home, in contrast to large hotel complexes, enterprises, where the service, albeit at the highest level, is put on stream, and the guests become impersonal in the eyes of the staff.

By the way, the comparison with food applies to the food itself in such mini-hotels. The food in them, cooked in small amounts and almost individually for each, is more like homemade food.

Agree: to be far from your own home, but at the same time, to feel “at home” is worth it, in order to prefer the well-known hotel brand, which has branches in many cities and countries of the world, a small cozy hotel for several rooms.

Often, these mini-hotels are family friendly.business, where the spouse is in charge of all technical and economic issues, and the spouse - the organization of a comfortable life for guests and cooking. In this case, a comparison with home and comfort becomes more than obvious.

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