Google Adsense - withdrawal of funds to a currency account for individual entrepreneurs and individuals!

I already wrote about how to display Adsense on the PI account and about the legality of this method. Then there was a speech about the withdrawal of earnings through Rapida in rubles. But since the summer of 2014, it became possible to withdraw money in foreign currency to a currency bank account. This is good news, both for individuals and individual entrepreneurs, especially considering the ruble exchange rate that has changed a lot, from which ruble incomes generally lose all meaning. I will tell you about this today.

I remind you that I have a detailed blog post. instructions for registration of PI step by step. Although, you know, with such a situation in the country, I want to close all the nafig already, and either go into the shadow, or open accounts in another country.

The content of the article

How to bring physical person

It's really simple, you just need to go tosection "Payment Settings" in Google Adsense and click "Add a new payment method." After that, select the “Bank Account” and on the opened page enter the bank details of your dollar account into a natural person.

Some Russian banks work only throughintermediaries abroad (beneficiary), but how many I did not receive foreign currency payments, for example, in Alfa Bank, I always had the details of my bank. Therefore, even Adsense contains fields for indicating the intermediary bank, but I did not indicate them. If you are worried about this moment, then specify in your bank how best to do it. But it is strange that Adsense does not ask intermediary bank SWIFT ...

Details in Adsense for physical persons

Details in Adsense for physical persons

It should be understood that if your translations willregular and large, then sooner or later the Russian bank may be interested in the origin of the funds. Here we are talking about currency control, and about whether or not income. How soon it will happen and whether it will happen at all, I do not know. But I know that, for example, Alfa-Bank was not very interested before. As an option, change the linking of your account to Russia and receive money into a foreign bank account of another country. This can be either a real account opened locally at the Bank (for example, in Thailand), or some sub-account of the type Epayments.

How to withdraw to the currency account of IP

In the case of the IP, you get a lot more steps, but if you figure it out once, then everything is done too, not too difficult, but a little longer in time.

Expenses for currency transactions for individual entrepreneurs

Naturally, you must haveopen dollar account for your IP. Transit Bank opens automatically. It is the transit payment that comes in, and it is the details of the transit account that will be indicated everywhere. Let me remind you, I use My Business accounting service, which offers discounts for its users when opening current accounts in a number of banks. Here is my feedback on the servicereally saves me time.

In addition to the cost of maintaining accounts, there arecurrency control commission, and, each bank has it. As a rule, it is some fixed amount (300-500 rubles) or a percentage of your amount. If I received in rubles through Rapid (where the conversion at the Central Bank rate into rubles goes) and then would transfer the rubles in the exchange (or Internet bank) back into bucks, then the losses would be obtained by converting. Check out my review of bank tariffs, including foreign exchange transactions.

Comparison of bank rates for business>

If the total amount of income reached 50.$ 000 under one contract (and you have one contract with Google), you need to issue a passport of the transaction (costs from 0 rubles to 5,000 rubles). It is easy to calculate that if the income is, say $ 1000 per month, then such a need will arise only after 50 months or 4 years. Quite a long time to not think about it now, given that many have an income of $ 100-300 in total.

After receipt of the currency for the current settlementaccount with her need to do something. I usually withdraw to my personal account in another bank. At best, banks charge a commission of about 20-30 ye for this, at worst a percentage of the transfer amount. With a fixed amount, it is better to accumulate a larger amount on the account and, for example, only transfer once a year. Then these 30 ye will not be noticeable.

Documents for the withdrawal of Adsense in currency

Before you make your first conclusion withAdsense to the currency account, I called the currency control several times, sent them documents before they said that everything was in order. It is better to do all this in advance, so that there will be no surprises. So, what did I need:

  • Contract offer from Google Adsense. The bank said that they need the text of the contract, with a link from where I printed it, signed by me (signature, name, date) and scanned. To do this is not entirely trivial. It was necessary to use editors, because printing an offer directly from the browser does not work, there is a scrolling text. So I copied all the text in Word, pasted the Adsense image and the link where the offer is available (that's what happened). Then he signed, scanned and sent to the bank. The important point is that the offer must be signed strictly by the number from which your payments will be received. That is, if you want to receive payment for the month of October (it comes at the end of November), then the contract must be signed no later than October 1st.
  • Screenshot from the Payment History page. This is the same page where decree payment method and your income for this month.
  • Screenshot of payment receipt. A link to the receipt is available on the “Payment History” page in the list of transactions.
Google Adsense Payment History

Google Adsense Payment History

Receipt from Google Adsense

Receipt from Google Adsense

There is a logical question, because the income fromAdsense have been before, whether to consider them? I solved this question in the following way - since I received it before in rubles and didn’t even talk about currency at all, the currency counting starts from zero. How do you decide, do it yourself, but it seems to me that in the case of Rapida we are not talking about bucks at all. And when I asked about it in my bank, they told me the same thing.

Requisites in Google Adsense

Similarly, go to the section "Payment Settings" inGoogle Adsense and click "Add a new payment method." After that we select “Bank account” and on the opened page we enter the bank details of our TRANSIT dollar IP account. I emphasize that it is necessary to specify the transit account. Also in the field “Account Owner Name” you need to specify not just the full name, but in English Individual Entrepreneur or Individualnyj Predprirnimatel together with the full name also in English.

Details in Adsense for PI

Details in Adsense for PI

Online banking actions upon receipt of payment

Approximately 1-2 days after GoogleAdsense will send the money, they fall into your transit account PI. The amount may come a little less (commission of your bank) than Google sent you. I was so in all banks.

From the transit account within a certainthe number of days (usually 10-15) you need to transfer them to a regular currency account of the PI. To do this, you will need to send the documents listed above. This is done inside the Internet bank through a message or through a special form. The contract-offer can be sent only the first time, then it is not necessary, it does not change.

In addition to the documents, you need to issue a certificate ofa currency transaction and a payment order for the transfer from a transit account to a regular one. There are a lot of fields there, and it will differ depending on the bank, so there is no point in spreading it here. You will have to learn all this from your bank. I can only say a couple of moments so as not to forget myself:

Bank code of the sender of transfer: 372 (this is the code of Ireland, from where Google)
VO code: 20200 (currency operation code for a certificate of a currency transaction)
VO code: 61130 (currency operation code for transfer from the IP account to its physical account)
Currency Code: 840 (USD)
Details of currency transactions or contract number (may be different):

  • {F13 = BN / 09/01/2014}, where BN means without a number (an offer agreement with Google, it goes without a number) and the date of your signing an agreement-offer.
  • RU0006L1JA / 02.24.2015, where the set of numbers and letters is the number of your receipt from Adsens office, and the date is the date of payment.

But it also happens that everything is much simpler and the documents are prepared by the bank itself, you only need to sign them in your Internet bank.

Tinkoff account + 2 months as a gift>

How to enter a currency payment in the KUDIR

You need to make a payment on the date when he entered the transit account. We bring in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank on the day of receipt on the transit account. The rest of my fields are filled like this:

  • Type of admission - "Provision of services."
  • Payment description - “Income from the provision of services GOOGLE IRELAND LIMITED 30 HERBERT STREET DUBLIN 2 IRELAND in the amount of 33,575.53 p (526.78 USD). NDS is not appearing"

But note that if you do not withdraw currency laterto the account of an individual, and converting into rubles at the expense of your own PI, a positive exchange difference may occur (conversion at a rate higher than the Central Bank rate). In this case, this is also an income and it must be taken into account in the KUDIR. I always withdraw according to this scheme Transit account PI => Currency account PI => Currency account physical person, and physical person can already do anything with this bucks.

P.S. Have questions, ask. I get payments from Booking, Adsense, Hotelcombined and so on.

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