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Being in Khao Lak, I stayed in two low-cost hotels: in a rather ordinary 813 Hostel on the highway and in The Garden Khao Lak bungalow on Bang Niang Street literally 500 meters from the coastline. Excellent houses in the garden, fenced off from prying eyes.

And if I chose the first hotel almost the first one, I thought I would just fall asleep and go on, then the second one purposefully - I wanted to sleep in the bungalow, in the bamboo entourage.

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Price and reservation

In the garden

There are several options for a bungalow: a bungalow for one and no amenities for 500 baht (shared bathroom), houses for two for 700 baht (old), 800 baht (new) and family for 1200 baht.

I lived in those that are 800 baht, and was completely pleased with them. A good combination of price and quality, provided that you do not want to live in a hotel, but in a bungalow. I like it!

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For example, here is a direct link to the hotel: The garden



Actually, this is a bungalow with all the consequences: slots, mosquitoes, lack of air conditioning, a small area, and so on. I sometimes want to stop just in such a place for the sake of a certain entourage. Therefore, I would not consider all the disadvantages for myself as minuses.

For example, the canopy saves from mosquitoesa bed, a fan suffices from the heat (at night even I didn’t need it), I didn’t see any living creatures, after all, it’s not a wild jungle and at best only a gecko will go down. So, if you settle in a bamboo bungalow, then you need to understand why you are doing this.

What else is good here. In my type of bungalow, the bathroom was inside, with a floor filled with small pebbles, hot water from a flowing water heater, shampoo and shower gel, everything is as it should be.

Mini fridge, kettle, two bottles of water, coffeeand tea, a flashlight. I love it when there is a kettle, lately I've been watching almost everywhere already, a good tendency for me, because I like to drink tea. Towels were also by itself.

Bungalow The Garden Khao Lak

Bungalow The Garden Khao Lak


Mosquito has a wonderful canopy

Mosquito has a wonderful canopy




The cabins are located in a small garden amongtrees and flowers in tubs. A small but very cozy area, surrounded on all sides by walls (it seems to be the walls of neighboring buildings), so that the impression of falling into a small green oasis. Nearby is a cafe with Thai food and live music in the evenings.

Just as soon as this music is heard, all other sounds are not heard from outside. But the music is not until late at night, so it does not bother.

Near the entrance already 3 inscriptions, it is not difficult to notice

Near the entrance already 3 inscriptions, it is not difficult to notice

This is how it looks in the evening when the lights come on.

This is how it looks in the evening when the lights come on.

The location is wonderful, very centera small area Bang Nian. Neighboring streets are cafes, bike rentals, travel agencies, massages and more. But not noisy! To the sea and the excellent beach of Bang Nian walk 500 meters on foot.

On the map

The hotel is 100 meters from the junction with Bang Niang Road. On Google it is designated as the Garden Bamboo Bungalow.

Bungalow The Garden Khao Lak

Bungalow The Garden Khao Lak
Excellent bungalows in a quiet location, surrounded by a beautiful garden.
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Excellent bungalows in a quiet place, surrounded by a beautiful garden.Read more

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