Green card on the car + border insurance = savings

If you constantly wander to Europe by caror you go for a long time, then sometimes you can save money by not buying a green card in Russia for the entire term. Instead, you can buy a green card in Russia for 15 days and a border insurance for several months or even a year. True, have to be confused. Well, not always this option will be cheaper.

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The difference between the Green Card and the Border

Green Card

You can buy only in the country whereregistered car, that is, in our case - this is Russia. Buying insurance in other countries for the Russian car is illegal. Buying a Green Card from European insurers in Russia also fails - their activities are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In great detail about why a green card is needed and where it is better to buy it, in my post. By the way, you can buy it online, albeit with delivery, as you need the original.

Buy Green Card in Russia>

Territory of Russian Greencard insurance

Territory of Russian Greencard insurance

Border Insurance

Sold after the border of the country in which you entered. Such insurances are bought in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, that is, in those countries that most often enter Russia.

Border insurance usually affects countriesSchengen and some of the European Union. And, as a rule, it is not suitable for trips to countries such as Montenegro, Serbia, the CIS countries and so on. For countries of countries that are not included in the border insurance, you will need to buy to buy separate border or local insurance. Also, border insurance is not valid on the territory of Belarus, for it you have to buy your insurance, it costs about 1000 rubles.

This is what border insurance in Poland looks like.

This is what border insurance in Poland looks like.

Local insurance in Bulgaria

Local insurance in Bulgaria

Border Insurance Cost

At cost, border insurance can sometimesbe cheaper compared to the Russian Green Card, but not always. In particular, Lithuanians and Poles (ubezpieczenie graniczne) sell inexpensive ones. But you need to buy such insurance directly in Lithuania or in Poland, which is inconvenient if you are not going there initially. Both of these insurances can be bought near the border, on the Lithuanian or Polish side, respectively.

I did not buy it myself, because I was making the Green Card for the whole trip at once, so as not to soar my brain. But here's what I gathered from fresh reviews.

  • In Poland, they will take 110 zlotys per month of insurance (about 2000 rubles).
  • In Lithuania, 50 euros for 3 months.
  • In Croatia, insurance costs at least 250 euros.
  • In Austria in Vienna in the club of motorists 130 euros for 1 month.
  • In Slovenia, they do not even know about border insurance. But maybe just looking bad, or having difficulty translating.
  • In the Czech Republic, it costs 20 thousand rubles and is issued only for 15 days.
  • In Hungary, it costs about 20 thousand rubles per month.
  • In Bulgaria, the price of insurance is 50 euros per month.
  • In Finland, 100 euros for 15 days.
  • In Serbia, 160 euros is minimal.

The cheapest insurance, as I understand it,done in Poland. But it only makes sense for a short time. Because for the year it will be released (110 * 12 = 1320 zł) about 23 thousand rubles. While the Russian Green Card is worth the same for a year, only more countries are included, including Belarus. There is no savings.

I would be glad if you write prices from the experience of their travels. Interested in any country.

How to save by buying border insurance

In which countries does

If you decide to save a little, then you needwill be clear about what kind of insurance and where you will buy. And what countries are included in it. For example, if you are traveling from Russia to Serbia, then having bought cross-border insurance in Poland, in Serbia you will have to buy expensive local insurance. And it would be more profitable to initially buy a Russian green card.

Here, which countries are not included in the Polishborder insurance: AL (Albania), AND (Andora), BIH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), BY (Belarus), IL (Israel), IR (Ireland), MA (Morocco), MD (Moldova), MK (Macedonia), MNE (Montenegro), RUS (Russia), SRB (Serbia), TN (Tunisia), TR (Turkey), UA (Ukraine).

For local Bulgarian insurance the same list. The entire European Union is included, except for the countries indicated above. And Iceland is not included either.

Countries where Polish Border Insurance operates

Countries where Polish Border Insurance operates

From Russia to Europe

Below is a certain algorithm that is developed on the forums, how best to do it.

  • A Russian Green Card is bought for 15 days. If you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, then simply order your home or office through Polis812.
  • Order a green card at home>

  • Since you have a valid Green Card,you are easily passed at the border. If you traveled through Belarus, then the green card covers this territory and you do not need a separate insurance for crossing Belarus.
  • Crossing the border with Poland, already on its side, youbuy border insurance for your trip to Europe for the desired period. These insurance are sold at gas stations, in exchange offices (Kantor). Buy it near the border, then it will be difficult to find (there will be no blanks) and it will be more expensive than twice. In the same way, you can buy insurance after the border in Lithuania.
  • Now you can travel to those countries that are included in your border insurance.

Back from Europe to Russia

  • To cross the Polish border, you must havevalid border insurance. If suddenly not, then it will be necessary to buy before the border. Do not pass the border without insurance! Otherwise, you can get on the fine, parking lot and so on. And in general, do not drive better in Europe without insurance or with expired.
  • In Belarus, you will need to buy Belarusian insurance.

P.S. If you have something to add, please write.

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