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Phi Phi Islands are two relatively largeislands in the waters of the province of Krabi, which are located one hour away by boat from Phuket, and about the same distance from the city of Krabi. The main advantage of Phi Phi is considered to be the virgin (already in the past) jungle, pedestrian islands and bounty beaches, one of which thundered to the whole world in the movie "The Beach" with Di Caprio in the lead role. For a long-term residence of the island are quite suitable for reservations, but this is a holiday for an amateur and, in my opinion, Pee-Pee should be considered as an option for a great excursion for a couple of days.

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Preparing for the trip

Description of the resort and why go to Phi Phi

Phi-Phi-Don and Phi-Phi-Le Islands are the only onesmore or less large land areas in this part of the Andaman Sea. Pi-Pi Don is undoubtedly habitable, but Pi-Pi Le is considered the national park of Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park and the visiting hours are set here to give nature time to recover from the influx of tourists. But, in fact, there have long been built, if not capital, but the buildings: a cafe, a bungalow and a pair of economic huts. Plus a tent city. That is, here you can easily stay for a long time, the truth will not be the most comfortable, and far from budget location.

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Phi Phi islands are pleased with a large number of beaches. All this is due to their cunning geography and puzzled coastline, where in each bay there are little beaches of varying degrees of enchantment. Pi-Pi is basically a very picturesque place, and the beaches here look great, even the smallest and stony. This, by the way, is their main drawback - shallow water and a difficult bottom. Almost all beaches are laid bare at low tide and almost everywhere you need to know places to enter the water where there are no stones.

Andaman Sea among divers and loversSnorkeling is considered more attractive than the Gulf of Thailand on the other side of the mainland Kingdom of Thailand. There are more living corals, a richer underwater world and more interesting and safe diving sites. In more detail about points for snorkeling I wrote in a separate article - The best snorkeling in Thailand - TOP 10 places.

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands

Which beach to choose

I usually view beaches from the point of viewinfrastructure and their convenience for living. Because usually only two main categories of tourists come to rest: vacationers and winterers. So all the beaches I used to break into those where it's fun to come for a couple of weeks, and those that fit perfectly in the framework of the longsteam.

However, in the case of Phi Phi, I doubt that heremany wintering people live - the island is suitable for longevity, but with a lot of reservations. I here can not imagine wintering here with family and child. There are no hospitals, there are no large stores, there are no roads, the danger of a tsunami is present, everything is imported, which means it is more expensive than everywhere else. So on Phi Phi I will highlight very different characteristics of the beaches, and all of them are considered only in terms of short-term stay.

The most developed beaches are located on the central isthmus of Phi Phi Don near Phi Phi Town: Tonsai (near the pier) and Lo dalam (party beach, so most bars). Here the entire infrastructure is concentrated on the isthmus: hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants, travel agencies. On the beaches there is a lot of space on the sand, it is convenient to wander along the sea, but in terms of swimming it is so-so (Lo Dalam is better).

A little further, on the edge of Phi Phi Taun - leftpart of Tonsaya. It's quieter there, fewer people, but only 10 minutes walk to the center of life. Medium for swimming, sometimes a lot of boats are parked. If you go further, about 15 minutes through the jungle, it will be Long beachProbably the best in terms of beach rest from the nearest beaches to the village, and in order not to hesitate to walk through the jungle to the town, it is easier to sail in a taxi boat.

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And the most beautiful, in my opinion, is Lo Ba Bao. Well and Lam Tong. If you look at the neighboring Pi-Pi-Le, beach bay maya bay and satellite islands: Bambu Island (Ko Mai Pai) and Mosquito Island (Ko Yang).

Beach Lo Dalam on Phi Phi

Beach Lo Dalam on Phi Phi

How to choose a hotel or house

As you know, the dimensions of the island do not allowto chic the local residents to such an extent as to build private houses for rent. Personally, I have not heard about such options and have not met on the network. Phi Phi Don is a small island with a shortage of level space for building houses, but there are many offers for hotels and resorts. So, speaking about the choice of housing on Phi-Pi, you have to think about choosing a hotel and the beach. And here you have three main options, as I see it.

If you are fundamentally be in the thick of things, youarrived to hang out, actively move around the district and the water area, eat, drink in new places and generally got used to comfortable living conditions, then choose a place on the isthmus. That is one of the two main beaches: Tonsai and Lo dalam. In addition to luxury hotels, there are plenty of cheap otelchik and guesthouses. If the task is to save, then only here it is worth looking for.

Living close to the center of tourism and commerce, while remaining at a comfortable distance from crowded crowds, noise and restless youth is the left side of Thonsai, beaches of Ao Hin Khom and neighboring them Long beach. These beaches are on the outskirts of civilization, butat the same time, one can walk from here to Pi-Pi Town, do his own business there, and after they are completed, find themselves again in pleasant wilderness and desolation. Enumerated in order of distance. Hotels here are more expensive.

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Well, a complete separation from the main parties of the island, surrendering to the care of the hotel administration, which will provide you with everything you need on vacation - this is the far edge of Phi Phi Don: Lo bo kao and Lam Tong. No longer random tourists come here, withoutBoats from Tonsai to this region can only be reached on foot through the mountains, and this activity is not for the lazy. Minimal infrastructure, maximum relaxation. As far as I know, exactly Lo bo kao choose those who are going to spend more than a week on Phi Phi. A place for long-livers, if I may say so.

How to get to Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island can be accessed from anya large settlement on the west coast of Thailand, from Phuket to Satun. But the main two points are still considered: Phuket and Krabi. There is also Koh Lanta, but everything is simple: the only pier on the island, three hours on the ferry for 400 baht one way. That is, first you need to fly to Phuket or Krabi, and there and there are airports.

Phuket Island is located north of Phi Phi, in 2hours ferry ride. The cost of crossing from Rassada pier in Phuket varies from 350 baht on an ordinary wooden slug, to 1500 baht on a high-speed boat. The most profitable option for a trip to Phi Phi is in the tour, surprisingly. It turns out much more profitable than planning an independent trip.

Krabi is located a little closer to Phuket, but there tooThere are some nuances. On Phi Phi, you can sail both from the city and from the resort area near the village of Ao Nang. In principle, it does not differ much in price and time of crossing: from Ao Nang 1 hour 45 minutes and 450 baht one way, and from Krabi town 1 hour 30 minutes and 350 baht. I have a more detailed layout for all options in a separate article - How to get to Phi Phi from Phuket and Krabi.

Climate and weather on Phi Phi

Best month to visit Phi Phi Islandswas considered February. I say "was considered" because recently the old-time expatriates in Thailand have noted weather patterns that are not typical for a particular season. The monsoons seemed to have shifted, and earlier dry months become rainy and vice versa. So the facts below are information compiled from observations of nature in the past. And how it will be during your arrival - only the Buddha knows.

Phuket and Phi Phi are relativelynot far from each other, therefore, in general, the weather here is very similar, as is the average annual water / air temperature. The difference is only in the precipitation graph. From May to December there is an increase in the intensity of rain and the amount of water falling out. January, February and March are relatively dry and very sunny, they are considered the most suitable for visiting the islands.

You will find more details about the weather in Thailand in this article. Weather in Thailand for months and water temperature.

If you go to Maya Bay, where the beach was filmed, be sure to read my post with tips The whole truth about Maya Bay.

Upon arrival at the resort

How to get to your hotel

On foot or by boat. Seriously. Of the two islands of Phi Phi, only Don is inhabited and offers hotel reservations. For the entire Pi-Pi Don there are only two piers capable of taking more or less large vessels: on the beach Tonsai (the main pier of the island) and on Lam Tong Beach. If your hotel is located on one of them, then consider yourself lucky to avoid additional costs for a boatman. All the other beaches on Phi Phi Don Island can only be reached by boat.

By the way, if the hotel is not entirely from the budget category, then at the Ton Sai Pier you will be met by a hotel employee with a trolley on which he will carry your suitcase to the hotel reception. Conveniently!

If we are talking about delivering you and your luggage to a place of rest, I personally do not consider options for walking on mountain dirt roads to the beach Lo Mo Di, eg. Yes even on Viking beach I'd rather go on a boat for some100-150 baht, than jumping with suitcases along the crooked pavements of the embankment, which also ends long before Viking Resort. In most cases, you just have to be prepared for the fact that with the very first step on Pi-Pi Doné, the familiar benefits of civilization end for you. You sailed to paradise, but do not take a taxi in paradise.

What to see from the sights

In my opinion, in the case of the Phi Phi Islands you needimmediately understand one simple thing: they are a landmark. That is why caravans of boats and two-story boats come from Phuket, from Krabi and from Koh Lanta Island. Pi-Pi Don can still somehow boast a pair of viewpoints where people gather at sunset or just come during the day. But otherwise, the main attractions of the whole area is the authentic nature of the islands.

The water area with amazingly beautiful landscapes, curly mountains with steep slopes, the islands themselves, as from the National Geographic Channel. Their beaches are with dazzling white sand. Maya Bay beachwhere the movie was filmed, round Bambu Island. Ukromnye lagoon with incredibly clear water. Well, do not forget the chic underwater world, where you can dive with quality camera. Caves and grottoes scattered in different parts of Phi Phi. There are no waterfalls, rivers or lakes (a pair of reservoirs on Pi-Pi Don does not count). Read it separately about a tour of the Phi Phi Islands.

Can be attributed here and authenticinfrastructure of a small island. Everything is close, everything is close, low buildings, footpaths, moving between beaches - only by boats. Already on the second day of your stay, you begin to recognize people, and people will recognize you. This small, cozy world (which, by the way, not everyone likes) with its small houses and ropes thrown across the road (like a speed bump) is the second main attraction, after the fantastic sea views and nature of Ko Phi Phi.

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Le

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Le

Where to eat, in which cafes

Restaurant Knock Out is a good restaurant with a great bar. Necks and cocktails are beyond praise.

Garlic 1992 - I myself dined there several times, andeach time left with a different impression, but people continue to recommend it. Perhaps the reason is that they cook delicious Thai food with adaptation to farang. This means that opinions are immediately divided into two camps - to whom this is to their liking, and to whom “May Pet - May Aroi”. That is, "not spicy - not tasty."

Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant is a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant with an original interior, huge portions and an excellent chef.

Cafe Monkey Bar - a local institution, built in a very beautiful place. One of those where you come to sit in peace and tranquility. Uncrowded cafe with gorgeous dawn.

Aroy Kaffeine is a cozy clean cafe with air conditioning and good Wi-Fi, pleasant staff (speak English more than tolerable) and delicious dishes.

Cafe Carpe Diem - a small institution with a nice design and a Zen atmosphere - you can lie on the pillows under the pleasant music.

Only Noodles - only noodles in dozens of variations. A great example of how to eat tasty and inexpensive authentic Thai food.

Coffee a day - air-conditioned room - an excellent shelter from the heat. There are places inside and out. The place is exclusively for coffee breaks - there are only drinks on the menu, and no food except desserts.

Dow Restaurant - very tasty cooked, but they accept only cash. All this is offset by the size of the portions and their price.

Cafe Thank You - it would seem such a low-key establishment, but in fact it turns out to be one of the best places on Phi Phi Don, where you can eat tasty perfectly prepared seafood.

The Mango Garden is an original design in the style of its own name. Excellent breakfasts, necks and portion sizes.

ACQUA Restaurant - A good choice for breakfast on Phi Phi Don. They prepare surprisingly good coffee, a steady Internet, clean rooms, friendly staff.

Amp cafe - A small cafe with Thai cuisine. Simple interior, standing right on the beach Tonsai Bay by the sea. The staff does not speak English, maybe that's why there are so many Chinese.

Anna’s Restaurant - A good atmospheric place with Thai food,which is adapted to the tastes of farang. The music, the staff - perfectly matched. There are a lot of people, but this is the price of popularity and sometimes you have to wait until the table becomes free.

On-site transport

In my memory, Phi Phi Islands, and in particularPi-Pi Don, became the only inhabited island in Thailand, where the rental of equipment is not offered. The island is so small and compact that everything is within walking distance. And remote areas and beaches of Phi Phi Don are located behind the mountains, along which dirt roads run somewhere, but they are used purely for the needs of local farmers or a delivery service. Often the cars here run on short stretches of roads in the mountains, and work as elevators on wheels.

The locals are also mostly pedestrians,with the exception of the lucky owners of bicycles and rare motorbikers. What is characteristic: for any appearance of wheeled vehicles with a motor, you can observe that it is used exclusively for practical purposes, and not like in other parts of Thailand, where on a scooter, except that they do not go to the toilet. The main transport on the Phi Phi Islands is a taxi boats. There are a lot of boatmen, their services are no more expensive than the average for the hospital.

Phi Phi on the map

Phi Phi Island Map

Phi Phi Island Map:

P.S. Ask questions, add, if something is missing. And leave your reviews about the holiday on Pi-Pi, how you liked it or how you did not like :)

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