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Phuket is one of the most popular among Russians.resorts not only in Thailand, but throughout Southeast Asia. In addition to the beautiful nature, convenient infrastructure and beautiful beaches for every taste, it is very convenient to have an international airport, where direct flights from Russia fly. Perhaps, for someone else's taste, there are even more secluded and even more picturesque beaches on Thailand, but you don’t need to take a ferry to Phuket, and you can take you from the airport to any taxi in 20-50 minutes.

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Preparing for the trip

Description of the resort and why go to Phuket

Phuket is the most popular resort inThailand, because it has an international airport, where direct flights arrive from Russia. Flight + taxi to the hotel - and now you're on vacation! It is also easy to get to Phuket from the mainland by bus or car. Though he is an island, but a bridge leads to it from the mainland, not like Koh Samui, where you have to take the ferry for 2 hours. Thus, Phuket is the most convenient resort in terms of transport accessibility.

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Phuket’s nature and beaches are beautiful and diverse. There are so many of them that everyone can find a beach to their liking, from the crowded and noisy to the lonely and quiet. Of course, Phuket is a fairly large island and urbanized, so lovers of the total absence of civilization and wildlife will not like it here. Like it or not, but most of the beach areas are small cities, and there are very active traffic on the central roads and traffic jams occur. But the island has all the services that can only be in Thailand. There is always something to see and where to go: a lot of restaurants and cafes for every taste, beautiful hilly landscapes and tropical nature, noisy parties on Patong and Caron, colorful evening shows, boat trips and surfing. Phuket is surrounded by some of the most beautiful national parks in the world: Phi Phi, Similan, Surin, Phang-Nga, Kao Sok, where you can take a tour.

Phuket is also great for families with children. You do not need to torment the child with long movements to the resort, there are plenty of supermarkets and shopping centers, which can come in handy when you go with a child, full of hotel apartments with several bedrooms, a kitchen and a communal pool. One of the important points - there are international level hospitals on the island, God forbid it gets sick. Well, and finally, there are small beaches, suitable for children.

Phuket Island - the most popular resort in Thailand

Phuket Island - the most popular resort in Thailand

Which beach to choose

The best beach in Phuket - traditional themeHolivar on the forums. In fact, they are all good in their own way, it all depends on what exactly you need. The most party and noisy place, with the richest choice of housing for every taste and budget, with the best infrastructure - this is a fun and youthful Patongalthough the beach is dirty there. Also popular, but with a slightly smaller number of people, more calm and clean - Caron and Kata. Karon is generally one of the best beaches in my opinion. If you want even fewer people, but at the same time surround luxury hotels, then Kata Noi, there are mostly only expensive hotels. All these 4 beaches follow each other, interrupted by hills, and are the most famous on the island.

In principle, no one bothers to live on the samePatong, in the epicenter of civilization, and go swimming to the nearby beaches. Many people do, take a bike for rent (or tuk-tuk / taxi) and then all the beaches are open to you and there is always something to do. Or you can settle between the beaches of Karon and Kata, then both beaches will be within walking distance (a very good option, I think). Yes, even Kata Noi can be reached. This is convenient, as there will always be 3 beaches available, considering that on Kata there are more neighboring ones ebb.

If you want smaller beaches and areas, then you can consider Surin, Knighton and Kamala. Listed in descending order of beauty. Again in your opinion. But, of course, this is all about.

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Winterers prefer the Rawai, Chalong andBang Tao. The first two are on the eastern side of the island, and there are few hotels, but there is a lot of housing for monthly rentals. A swim ride will have to Nai Harn Beach. He is good and I really like it, but an ordinary vacationer next to him will live awkwardly, few hotels and infrastructure, only a rented bike will save. Bang Tao is also full of houses for rent, and the beach is within walking distance. But the beach is not too deep, and the area is a bit rustic, so not everyone loves it.

Patong Beach - the most crowded and noisy

Patong Beach - the most crowded and noisy

How to choose a hotel or house

Phuket is simply a huge choice of housing onevery taste and wallet, ranging from large and chic beach resorts, to small budget guesthouses in 3-story buildings. Logically, that is not in season, housing prices are lower than in the peak season. And, if in the summer you can afford to come to Phuket without hotel reservation and look for something on the spot (although this is inconvenient and takes time), you must always book in advance for the months around the new year. I myself came across this somehow, in January there were either very expensive hotels or low-rated ones.

First of all, I recommended choosing a hotel, tied to the beach. First you decide on the beach, and then look for a hotel on it. I would do just that. But I do not insist.

The largest number of hotels - in Patong. And it is there that most budget proposals. The area is large, and if you live somewhere on the 4-5 lines or from the edge of the beach, then there are quite inexpensive hotels. On the Caron as a whole, housing is more expensive and there are plenty of beach resorts with large territories. Kata is something average for the price between Patong and Karon. Although all this convention.

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As I said, Bang Tao and Rawai are good.selection of houses for rent for a long time, from a month or more. Homes in Phuket range from simple small ones in the middle of a Thai village to good quality houses in protected villages with a pool and luxury villas behind a high fence. Accordingly, house prices also vary.

If you are traveling to Thailand for the first time, thenI recommend to book a house or apartment in advance. This is done only through a realtor. Yes, they are not engaged in the cheapest housing and take a commission, but this allows you to avoid unnecessary trouble in an unfamiliar country. Believe me, independent searches on the site is a difficult task and it is not worth it. You're going to rest.

Send me a request, advise a trusted realtor, whom I myself trust. And then in recent times a lot has become a scam.

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How to get to Phuket

Since Phuket is international Airportwhere they fly from Russia, and direct regularflights, and charters, then getting to the island is very convenient. From Asian countries and other regions of Thailand to Phuket (for example, from Bangkok) can also be easily reached using local airlines, for example, AirAsia, Nok Air and Lion Air. Also a good price is offered by the Vietnamese airline VietJet Air on the Bangkok-Phuket route, you can also check it out. In order not to go through all the sites, you can first check everything on Aviasales. The same applies to flights from Russia, at first it is best to look in the search engines for airline tickets, all airlines are there.

Phuket is connected to the mainland by a bridge, soYou can come to the island by any transport over land, including an intercity bus, a car, and part of the way can be overcome even by train. Absolutely all the ways to get to Phuket I described in detail in the post, how to get from bangkok to phuket.

Climate and weather in Phuket

Phuket is located in the very south of Thailand, close tothe equator. Almost all year round there is hot, wet weather. At night, the air temperature all year round fluctuates around 24-28 С, in the daytime - 30-33 С. What changes during the season? First, the number of clear cloud days and rainfall. Phuket has the lowest rainfall from December to early March; this is the highest season. Then begins the hottest season.

May be called the hottest month. But by and large the whole spring is very hot. In the summer and autumn in Phuket, frequent rain showers. The rainiest months are June-September. But in October-November the rains are quite frequent. The humidity in Phuket is high all the time, and in the rainy months it becomes even higher.

The second factor is the waves at sea. Waves on the west coast of Phuket (where most of the popular beaches are located) begin in March and subside only towards the end of autumn. Some beaches in Phuket are popular with surfers precisely because of the large and strong waves from spring to autumn.

Another minus of the “moving” sea is in waves andthe wind blows up trash and dirt. Of course, the sea in Phuket itself is not as dirty as, say, in Pattaya, but large trash along with waves and sand is still not a very pleasant combination. The waves in Phuket subside by the season - by the end of November.

Upon arrival on the island

How to get to your hotel

The airport is located in the north of the island, andall beaches and hotels south of it. There are two options for how to get to your hotel: public transport (minibus, bus) or taxi. Minibas is sent to fill and delivers all in a row at a time, not always approaching the door of the hotel, and landing, where it is more convenient. The cost depends on the distance of the beach and is 150-200 baht. There is also a city bus to Phuket Town and Patong, but it runs several times a day, travels longer, and costs 120 baht. Read more about all the options. how to get from phuket airport.

Faster and much more comfortable to get to the hotelby taxi. It can be taken both on the spot upon arrival and ordered via the Internet in Kiwitaxi. If you want as much as possible without problems, then book in advance so that you will be met with a sign, put in a car and brought directly to the hotel. In general, prices are about the same as for the fixed price on the spot. Will all 500-1000 baht per car, depending on the distance of the beach, not the money that makes sense to save on vacation.

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I always use transfers to test their quality. Here is my review of kiwitaxi. It was just Phuket. I understand, in principle, not a problem to take a taxi, but as I said, the way simplifies the trip. Service in Russian, they write in Votsap, there is support, you can request a child seat, which never happens in regular taxis.

What to see from the sights

Phuket attractions mainlynatural, historical palaces and monuments are probably not here. Tourists mostly visit something entertaining and several places of “mas-si”: Big Buddha, viewing platforms with beautiful views (Kata-Karon, cape promtep. Rang hill), Wat Chalong temple complex, traditionalelephant rides, shows with various exotic animals, rubber, latex factories, etc. On Phuket there are several grand shows: Fantasy, Siam Niramit, Aphrodite, etc.

Phuket also has a zoo, an aquarium,botanical park, waterfalls, small modern and historical museums, arenas with Thai boxing, flying trolley, all sorts of cabarets and other nightly shows for adults beach with airplanes - Enough entertainment for every taste. And for holidays with children, you can choose, and for adventure seekers.

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The most popular excursions in Phuket mainlyeither survey on the island, including with a stop at all kinds of farms and shops, or sea - just boat trips or tours to the most beautiful tropical islands - Phi Phi and other smaller ones, as well as to the national marine park Similan Islands and surin. There are many places around Phuket for fishing, diving, and snorkeling. On a little more distant excursions can go either to the north of Phuket, or to the south. To the north is located Khao Sok National Park and Cheo Lan Lakeas well as a good resort Kao lak. South of Phuket is the province of Krabi, which also has a lot to see: waterfalls, hot springs, very beautiful little lakes in the jungle.

Where to eat, in which cafes

Of course, Phuket cafes and restaurants are hugequantity, and since tastes do not argue, everyone has his own options for the best places and everything is correct. But if you still try to make some kind of rating, you have to consider that the best restaurants are not only delicious food, but also a good view, atmosphere, and beautiful interiors.

Phuket View is OK - there are hills,from where there is a great view of the island and the sea, especially at sunset. And there are just beach cafes under palm trees and on terraces near the water. From the "overlooking" restaurants, visitors praise: Tunk ka, 360 Degrees, Diavolo, and Versace Heaven. All of them are on a hill. If you go from Kata Beach to the observation platform of Kata-Karon, on the pass there is a place with democratic cafes under umbrellas. The food there is ordinary, but the view is beautiful and the atmosphere is contemplatively relaxed. And I will separately mention Russian Restaurant Verandaif you want something native to eat.

The largest selection of cuisines and dishes from around the worldcan be found in large shopping and entertainment centers: Jung Ceylon and Central Festival. More on Phuket popular show format + dinner. This is the theater-restaurant Palazzo and some shows like Fantasy.

With live music on the beach, Naiharn is Palau Fish. From restaurant you will find the restaurant Krachang Floating. In general, most floating seafood restaurants are located on the east coast of Phuket. They have the freshest seafood and a great selection.

Another popular restaurant is Mom Tri’s Kitchen right on the beach and the Istanbul Restaurant (both on Kate), EAT. bar & grill on Karon and Sizzle Rooftop Restaurant on Patong.

On-site transport

Most of the visitors rent a bike (scooter) fromlocal and rides on the island on them. This is not entirely safe, especially if you feel insecure even on a bicycle (by the way, you can also take a bicycle). The movement here is left-sided, the locals ride bikes at times rather thoughtlessly and erratically. Nevertheless, this is the most popular form of movement among foreigners, yet public transport is not very convenient. Price 200-300 baht / day.

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You can also rent a car, thismuch safer, especially if you have a few people or have a child. Although the car is not so nimble and sometimes it will have to stand in traffic jams, they are enough for Phuket. However, air conditioning, a large trunk and the opportunity to go 200 km to the nat parks to the mainland compensate for all the disadvantages.

I recommend borrowing from international distributors withworld name, so as not to bother looking for rent among local and not soared on the subject of a normal contract, whether there is insurance, and will not be diluted by scratches later. The cost of cars on average 800-1200 baht per day. The cost depends on the class of car and the number of days. Small private owners have exactly the same prices, so you will not lose. The only caveat, take it through the service Economybookings, it always turns out cheaper than directly, I always do it myself. My detailed post about all the nuances of renting.

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Taxi here too, but the prices are not very. So let's say, not every day. To get from the airport and then from it, to go once to the restaurant on the neighboring beach - for this, it is really easier to take a taxi on the street, transfer online or a taxi through the Grabtaxi app. But here, if frequent trips are planned, then IMHO only rent a bike or car.

The roads in Phuket are not organized in an ideal way.including because of the relief of the island - the terrain is quite mountainous. Public transport, Songteo, runs mainly through Phuket Town, between some beaches can only be reached with a transfer in the capital of the island. This is not very convenient. Taxi drivers use poorly developed public transport and prices. In addition to cars, taxis within the beach or for short distances between neighboring beaches, there are tuk-tuks - motorcycles with an attached trolley with benches. On the big popular beaches there are still small red cars with benches in the back, something between a tuk-tuk and a songteo. Phuket has two bus stations, old and new. There is also a Songteo bus between them. From the airport you can get to the old bus station, and from the new long-distance buses depart throughout Thailand.

Pink color ponies run through the city, andits limits are blue. Journey to Songteo costs from 10 baht (in the city) to 25 and even 50, if you go far. On the beaches of Karon and Kata, for example, travel from Phuket Town is 30 baht, and the journey time is an hour and a half.

From Patong to Songteo can only be reached inPhuket Town, as well as with Rawai, Nai Harn. Kamala, Surin, Bang Tao are also connected to other beaches only through Phuket Town. If you need, for example, from Surin to Patong, you will have to transfer. In this songteo often crowded, and in Phuket Town and on popular beaches there are traffic jams. In addition, on the ultimate in Phuket Town (Ranong Road) songteo stand for a very long time, collecting passengers. All this makes public transport in Phuket uncomfortable to use.

Phuket Map

Phuket Map

Phuket Map:

P.S. Ask questions, add, if something is missing. And leave your feedback on leisure and life in Phuket.

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