Beach Haad Salad (Haad Salad) - in search of silence on the beaches of Phangan

Exploring the beaches of Phangan, I visited Haad Salad immediately after Haad Yao and I can say that in comparison with Yao, Salad is a very small beach, hidden almost at the end of the Pangan bypass. The one that goes from the pier to Tong Sala along the coast, not through the center of the island. Haad Salad is on the outskirts of civilization and is of interest only if you are looking for peace and solitude. There are few people here, very calm and very little infrastructure, and the whole beach can be walked in 5-10 minutes walking.

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Beach description

Haad Salad is less than Had Yao, length500 meters, not more. If you look at the sea while standing in the center of the beach, the left side of Haad Salad is less lively, since the main entrance is in the right, that is, the northern part. Had Salad Beach is so shallow and narrow that most of the embankment is protected by cement, stones or walls that help keep the coast from blurring.

Sea high water comes close tograss, completely hiding the entire strip of a sandy beach. This has its own romance, if you swing over the sea in one of the swings, but you forget about romance when the tide happens at the height of the day and at best you only have a couple of meters of sand to relax.

The sand on the beach is fine, fluffy and light yellow.colors. Wetting it becomes darker, and drying out in the sun turns into almost white, which has a good effect on the exterior of the beach, and it looks photogenic in photos on sunny days. I hardly noticed any inclusions from seashells and stones.

The central part of the U-shaped beach is quite cupable, adjusted for the depth of the sea, of course. Alas - the Pangan shallow water is also present here.

Probably, if I wanted a calm and"Seal" rest away from everyone, then I would drive it here. It seems on the outskirts, but easy to get on a good road. In extreme cases, 20-30 minutes on the bike and you're already at the other end of the island.

Sunset, depth and waves

I visited Haad Yao and Haad Salad about one andthe same time, and it seemed to me that Salad would be deeper than Had Yao. If you go into the sea at high tide, then after 3-4 meters from the coast, the depth becomes the neck, but at low tide you are waiting for the standard 10-15 meters walk to the depth along the shoulders.

Clear from the stones, the beach is located in the center, andThe flanks of Haad Salad are fenced on both sides by stone ridges. Waves occur only with strong winds or during the monsoon season, when it rains and rains every day. In high season, the beaches do not suffer from the waves due to shallow water.

Sun beds and shade

There are trees, they grow mainly onprivate territories and free spaces remain not so little, but you still don’t have to push under one tree with three families. Traditionally for such narrow beaches, the coast is divided between resorts and restaurants by invisible borders, which are looked after by the owners and the administration of the establishments.

Often it turns out that even those miserablemeters of the beach, which leaves us the sea, in front of restaurants or resorts are filled with dining tables or sun loungers. If you wish, of course, you can always go to a cafe and use its furniture and shade for a couple of drinks.

Beach photo

The road after the T-shaped intersection, which leads directly to the sea.

The road after the T-shaped intersection, which leads directly to the sea.

At the end of the road there will be parking, further - on foot through the resort

At the end of the road will be parking

Following the signs to the beach.

Following the signs to the beach.

Left half of Haad Salad beach

Left half of Haad Salad beach

She, only in approximation

She, only in approximation

Right half of Had Salad beach

Right half of Had Salad beach

The shore is close to the water and in the stormy season the houses suffer here.

The shore is close to the water and in the stormy season the houses suffer here.

Walked to the left side of the beach

Walked to the left side of the beach


By and large, the entire infrastructure of the areaaround Haad Salad, there are several resorts and one small street with a couple of convenience stores and bike rentals - a bit of everything. But I would not say that there is total wilderness here, because people exist, everything is just very tiny in the area.

The beach is detached, not one of the mostrequested and popular, so the infrastructure here is limited by the range of services and services that are in hotels and resorts, and of a small number of private cafes.

There are no bright attractions in the area. No temples, no waterfalls within walking distance - all this is nearby, but you have to go there on wheels.

Houses and hotels on the beach

With resorts, and indeed with different types of housingHaad Salad was lucky. The shore is cut into long sections that house about a dozen resorts, of which I would recommend paying attention to these three: Salad Hut, Benjai White House

and Haad Salad Villa


Rent a private house right on the beachyou will not succeed, but if the proximity of the water is not critical, then there are several decent options for the long steaks, although they are located in palm groves in the lowlands, and the view of the sea will not be the most artistic. If at all.

Had Salad Hotels>

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How to find the beach

If you look at the Haad Salad area on the map, then youyou will see that the space between the main road and the beach is crammed with resorts and the easiest way to get to the beach is to go to the T-junction (indicated on the map) near the purple store and turn left (if you turn right, you will go to Chaloclame Bay) .

After the turn you need to get to the end, there is a normal road with shops, and not narrow tangled alleys.

Closer to the beach, the road runs into the Salad Beach Resort

(by the way, he is also visually nothing and the price tagnormal), there is a parking place before entering. We throw the bike and go through the resort to the shore. Honestly, I did not search for other entry points, since IMHO is the best place to go to Haad Salad.

Beach map

Haad Salad Beach Map

Haad Salad beach map:

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