Hanging Man in Prague - a landmark on just once

The sculpture itself is original - here I am notargue. But not by the quality of performance or the elegance of the lines, but by the unusual placement. Put this snojny uncle in the corner of some alley, and he is unlikely to appear in the tops of tourist portals. And here, in the center of Prague, you raise your head, and above you a man is hanging on one arm.

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Hanging Man in Prague

And well, if you went here consciously, forphoto for memory. And if not - then the panic right away, the excitement, where to run and how to catch - it is difficult to remain indifferent. In fact, in fact, the calculation. Well, except for the wow effect, a certain aura of rebellion works here, which was created around the name of the author of the sculpture, which is described below.

My personal impression of Freud is hanging. Yes, it hangs. If you do not know that this is Freud, then you will leave here with this single thought - the statue is hanging. Well, maybe you will spend some time thinking about what will happen if it falls from there to passers-by on the head and just in case you don’t go under it.

However, people prepared by the Internet,they look at the statue with genuine interest, and the serious work of thought is read in the faces of some of them. Probably something about the abyss of the unconscious, about the illusiveness of life, about saving straw and other meaningless things that do not make our lives easier, but take time and nerves.

What did Black himself want to say? Who knows? This guy put ten two-meter, black, faceless babies on the Zizkov TV tower. Everything is possible here.

Hanging Freud in Prague

Hanging Freud in Prague

Historical reference

In Czech, the sculpture is called "Viselec",that literally means "hanged." Honestly, googling the history of the sights, I unexpectedly found out that the biography of its author is much more interesting than the subject of our conversation. "The Hanged Man" was created by David Cherny, for the exhibition in the late nineties.

After a tour of the world, the statue returned to Prague and hung forever on the roof of the house, on Jan Hus street. Not much?

But here Black himself is a personality promoted andfrica, something like our Tsereteli in Moscow. He is either a sculptor or an artist, depending on the situation. Then he paints the tank in pink, there he wants to decorate the facade of the National Theater with a titan masturbating. As a rule, any mention of him in the network is accompanied by the epithets "scandal" and "provocation".

On the one hand freak, on the other - a recognized talent and the author of many sculptures that are scattered throughout Prague.

Information to visit

The sculpture is located above the usual city street and is available for inspection 24 hours a day. But it is better to come in the afternoon when the lighting is good. Freud has no separate lighting.

On the map

Statue of the Hanging Man

Statue of the Hanging Man
A man hanging on one arm on a pole that sticks out of the roof of a house. The author of the sculpture claims that this is Freud, hanging over the abyss of the Unconscious.
More on hanging.

A man hanging on one arm on a pole that sticks out of the roof of a house. The author of the sculpture claims that this is Freud, hanging over the abyss of the Unconscious. More on hanging.

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