Help make the transition from windows to mac :)

It is finished! After a lot of thought and doubt, I want to try switching to a Mac and checking out for myself all these rave reviews about Apple I dislike. I have been in the box for Macbook Pro Retina, which I brought from America, for 3 weeks now, and I'm postponing the debriefing, because I'm afraid the transition will be dreary and long. Yes, I already opened the box once, when a friend came to me and wondered why I hadn’t looked into it yet. Having strayed for an hour, I could not immediately figure out whether the old one had become, or the habit of Windows takes its toll.

On the Internet, as you know, too much of the left information. Therefore, I will be glad if Messrs. Makovody will answer a few questions or add links to useful articles and normal resources.

Switch from windows to mac

Here is a brief list of questions:

1. Where can I get software for mac with pills? First of all, you need Lightroom and Premier.
2. Is there a free analogue of Photoshop for poppy? The one where there is only the main one will do, I use few functions.
3. Is there a file manager like Total Commander or is it not needed here?
4. What is the ftp manager called?
5. Is there an office for poppy or is it only set up through Windows emulation?
6. Is there an analog Denwer?
7. WebMoney Keeper only through emulation?
8. Is there any list of the most useful Mac programs that I need to know?
9. Why are some programs installed from the Apple Store, while others are downloaded as a file?
10. How to close in one click the application that is maximized to full screen? And why does it turn into a separate desktop? Something about my confusion about windows and how to use them.
11. What are the disadvantages of the Retina screen? Once I read that the sites will be too small, or some programs, but something has not yet seen this.
12. Is there any competent FAQ on the network about the main differences after Windows, to immediately understand what is happening after switching on, and make the transition as quick as possible?

The last question is one of the most relevant, becauseI don't understand how to use it properly. How to copy files from folder to folder, and indeed where the hard drive is and how to see the folder structure with the remaining space. All in Finder, yes? With the programs, too, everything is not clear, I kind of know that there is no installation here, but I downloaded firefox, threw it into the Programs (he asked for it), but for some reason an icon appeared strange on the desktop, and then disappeared as well . I did not understand on what basis the labels in the Dock are placed, and why Launch is needed, from which the labels jump to the Dock. And there are actually a million such questions! Desktops, hot buttons, extra buttons on the keyboard, widgets, settings ...

Sure, everything should be written on the net already andput together, because I hardly anyone here will chew all these little things. So, who knows where you can read everything in one place, pliz, post a link.

P.S. I am not a stupid user, assembling and disassembling computers, reinstalling Windows, behind a computer since 1997 ...

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