Hiking as a lifestyle

I once went to your first camping trip... And returning home, I realized that I wasI missed so much in my life. Beach vacation became uninteresting at all. Now on vacation or a weekend only with a tent, in the mountains, on the sea, on the lake. Found in the end, and friends and company with whom you can go somewhere. And now I absolutely do not understand how it can be interesting to lay a seal for a week on the beach, sucking beer. I, too, am not a fan of dragging a backpack, so I go without fanaticism. But I have nature, aesthetics, forest forests, clean water and air, and what about the beachers? Cafe, yes bars. But okay, here, as they say, to each his own. Although initially, I, too, was completely incomprehensible to this "type of people" - tourists. As it can be without amenities, but with a heavy burden behind him. But once you tried ... that's all.

After swimming in the mountain rivers,you climb up on a mountain peak, you can see the surrounding horizons from a height, you no longer want to go to the beach, all inclusive, to increase one more layer of fat, while spending money. After such a rest, the sensation remains as if you had been cheated. It seems to be driving, but it seems that he did not rest, and his impressions are dull.

Mountain views like every second, and they cansee for free. After all, the main thing in any journey is impressions, people follow them on vacation. For the nervous system, it is simply necessary to change the situation, change the rhythm of life, preferably also to gain health. And where, as in a tourist trip, all this can be obtained. For people who are not prepared at all, living in a tent (or a small house) in a mountain area, with daily walks around the neighborhood, may be a good option. It is no secret that it is in nature, a person receives a charge of energy for the whole year ahead. And, most likely, therefore, on weekends, people run from megalopolises away from the man-made, to get a breath of fresh air to nature, to the clear water of local rivers, to the rustling of green forests. It’s a paradox, but for many it is even more pleasant to “sweat” in a clearing in a small forest.

In addition, I derived for myself the coefficient- a certain recreation efficiency, so to speak. The pleasure that you get in relation to the money spent. It turned out that for me this very efficiency, the highest in the tourist trip. Especially in the hiking trip in the mountains. Costs only for transport and food (the equipment is usually bought once, and does not change for several seasons). It turns out that at minimal cost, the maximum pleasure. The same can be said about hitchhiking, the minimum cost of transport, and already an adventure. Of course, this is not always convenient, so combining hitchhiking with trains and airplanes is a more flexible way to travel.

Understanding how much travel costs, and how muchpleasure will be received, several times you will think whether it makes sense to pay for a particular tour. Or is it easier to go on a camping trip, even if it is in a neighboring area, or take a ride in Russia or Europe by car. The question of the accumulation of funds for recreation also goes to the background, since independent travel, and even more so hiking trips with living in a tent, is much cheaper.

P.S. As it turned out later, hiking is not just another kind of recreation, they begin to change their lifestyle.



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