Hitchhiking in Thailand is! Fun and relaxed from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai

On the way back from Chiang Saen we drove into Wat rong khun (White Temple in Thailand) that is next toChiang Rai. And when we learned that he was not just nearby, but on the highway leading to Chiang Mai, we immediately decided that we should try hitchhiking. After all, this is a new country and it is necessary to check it for such a useful thing for backpackers. Prior to that, somehow no opportunity was provided. There will be almost no photos and text, only a couple of minutes of positive and fun video, well, at least it seemed so to us.

From myself I can say that I really likedhitchhike through Thailand, and even though we only drove just 180 km, which is not a great experience. However, certain conclusions can be made for yourself. By the way, our last hitchhiking was in France and for some reason it was much more difficult.

Not only did we get much faster than onbus, so still very struck by the ease of this action. And not so much from the fact that we stood on the highway no more than 20 minutes, and how much from the atmosphere of Thai hitchhiking is warm, sunny, you can ride in the back with a breeze, Thais stop, smile and are happy to throw. And they also understand English! In general, everything is fun and at ease.

Hitchhiking in thailand

Hitchhiking in thailand

Hitchhiking in thailand

Hitchhiking in thailand

Hitchhiking in Thailand

Hitchhiking in Thailand

Immediately yet Turkish hitchhiking remembered how it was necessary not only to explainon the fingers and with the help of the phrasebook where we are going, but also to explain why we need it. Every Turk strove to take us not along the highway ahead, but to the nearest bus station. But in one country converge - the money question did not arise either at hitchhiking in Thailand, or at hitchhiking in Turkey.

The first car stopped wasloaded to dump people and some sort of pick-up bags. For a long time we tried to explain to the driver that we want to hitchhike and that “thank you, but we will wait for the next car.” When he drove off, I realized that everything would not be as easy as it seemed to me. First of all, how to explain to a Thai, who does not understand English, Thais, what hitchhiking is and why we do not need a bus. How to show it with gestures? And how to reassure him and say that it does not matter that he is only halfway going, we will go where he turns off the road, and we will catch another car? I probably remember most of all hitchhiking, for the first time I could not explain myself so that from the first time I could understand what kind of dances at a car I just did not like. One driver even had to say an all-helping Ok and let him go in peace, he was very worried that he did not speak English and did not understand what we were asking.

Well, so - it was really one of the mosteasy hitchhikers that I've ever had: cars stopped quickly, drivers were nice and friendly, it was interesting and fun to drive, especially in the back. And with the last car at all lucky - it was a classic hitchhiking with a very interesting conversation, because the driver spoke fluent English, asked about Russia, told us many interesting things about Thailand, and even brought us to a thermal source along the way, just to show what interesting things they have here.

In general, hitchhiking in Thailand is verywell, although it seemed to me that out of the entire set of cars, yours are only those in which the driver or the passenger speak at least a little English. But this is only the first impressions, we will try again!

P.S. Dasha could not resist and did not write her impressions, so this time again there was not enough text))

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