Rest by the sea in Georgia - an alternative to the rest of Turkey

I look, Georgia is gaining momentum recentlyand is becoming more popular among Russians. It is time for me to go there and make up my own guidebook, since interest in Thailand is decreasing due to the ruble exchange rate. We already had a guest post here about life and wintering in Georgia, and today there is more about short-term rest by the sea in summer.

Georgia’s Black Sea Coast for the last 5 yearsattracting more and more tourists. The tourist surge is caused, first of all, by the calm military situation (all conflicts ended in 2008 and now it seems like quite diplomatic relations with Russia). And sovko attitudes towards the client and infrastructure are slowly changing. A lot of money has been invested in the development of tourism, and this gives its positive results - in the summer there are plenty of people on the beaches, and there are many tourists in the off-season. In this article I will tell in detail about the rest by the sea in Georgia.

The content of the article

Briefly about the Black Sea resorts of Georgia

The coast of Georgia is a strip of seaabout 130 km long. Approximately 200 km are occupied by the coast of Abkhazia, but attention, although Abkhazia is not recognized by the world and Georgia itself, is the state, but entry into it is possible only from Russia (from the Georgian side, too, it is, but getting a pass is associated with a huge paperwork).

Sunsets in georgia

In Georgia, you will see off every evening with beautiful sunsets

All major resorts are located in the south near the border.with turkey. Batumi, Kvariati, Gonio, Sarpi are developing quite quickly, the quality of housing and infrastructure is gradually approaching the European. The prices here are higher (not significant), and there are more people. And all that to the North from Batumi is in the spirit of the Soviet Union (not all, of course, there are exceptions, but most), old buildings, cosmetic repairs, rusted piers and embankments without major repairs since 50 years.


Batumi is the main resort city of Georgia. Even if you choose another place to relax by the sea, you must visit Batumi. The renovated center, an excellent promenade, plenty of entertainment (a ferris wheel, a dolphinarium, a water park, a cable car, a botanical garden, a zoo - and this is not a complete list), as well as a variety of luxury hotels and restaurants - make this city very popular. In summer, there is no place for the apple on the beach, water is suitable for swimming, the beach is pebbly. Mostly young people come here (Georgian, first of all), because in the evenings various parties begin, often right on the beach. For a holiday with children, I would advise a quieter place with a clear sea, Gonio or Kvariati.

Be sure to dedicate a day to a walk around Batumi

Be sure to dedicate a day to a walk around Batumi

Gonio and Kvariati

Gonio and Kvariati are small villages of 10 kmsouth of Batumi. The mountains in this place fit almost to the sea itself, the air is filled with boxwood and eucalyptus flavors. The beaches are very clean, pebbly. The beaches have everything you need to relax: umbrellas and deck chairs for rent, showers, changing rooms, cafes, children's mini attractions.


The cleanest sea - in Sarpi, this village is right onborder with Turkey. Kilometer beach on the one hand and 3-4 dozen houses on the other. Going to rest here is worth it, but I do not advise to live. Still, the proximity of the border makes itself felt: day and night people scurry around here, stand in a wagon queue, buses signal, agree that the neighborhood is not very pleasant.

The beach in Sarpi is bordered by the Turkish border.

The beach in Sarpi is bordered by the Turkish border.


30 km north of Batumi begins Kobuleti. The seaside resort is about 8 km long. Pebble beach. The promenade in the center is very personal, there is a park and children's entertainment. But the farther from the center, the more time effects are felt - in some places the embankment is simply lapped by storms. This abandonment has its charm. In general, Kobuleti is suitable for lovers of very budget holidays (here you can even stand for weeks at a tent) or for retirees (they say the air is useful for cores).

The beginning of October on the beach in Kobuleti. There are no people at all

The beginning of October on the beach in Kobuleti. There are no people at all

Rest in Georgia on the sea

I don’t think that something has changed on the embankment in Kobuleti in the last 30 years.

By the river

Further north, Ureki is famous for itsBlack Sands Resort. But make no mistake. The fact that he is famous does not make the quality of rest higher - a rest house, a boarding house, and five dozen houses — that’s the whole infrastructure. In the summer there are many people here - mostly those who prefer a sandy beach come here. But, in my opinion, it is better to hot red-hot pebbles than black hot sand, which, moreover, is hammered into swimsuits so as not to be washed.


On the Internet you can find a lot of information fromThe rainbow description of Anaklia as a resort, and even on the official website of the city is written very promisingly. But don’t take a word for it - although the money was invested here is not small, but the infrastructure was not completed and it wasn’t brought to mind. And the tourists did not go here.

Turkey Alternative

Many people ask us what is the best for rest.the seas - Crimea or Georgia, Turkey or Georgia. It is always very difficult for me to answer this question, for I love the Crimea, Turkey and Georgia equally. Just need to know where and when to go. After all, here and there you can relax “suck”, and you can “with unforgettable and most positive impressions.”

Speaking of facts, then:

  • sparingly better to relax in the Crimea. Those who have the main goal to relax "cheaper", choose the West or East Coast of Crimea.
  • for those who are ready to invest more money in their holidays, but in such a way that “not to think about anything”, the best option is Turkey. Turks know how to organize an all-inclusive vacation.
  • well, and for those who want not expensive but also to see something, Georgia would be ideal.
    Although, in my opinion, if you have never been to Georgia, then there is no doubt at all, such as "which is better." Georgia is neither better nor worse. She's just different!

House prices and how to book it

Georgians are not very friendly with the Internet. This means that the on-site housing market is 2-3 times larger than that available through booking and airbnb. Offer housing will start at the airport (at the railway or bus station). And you can just come to the area you like and ask the locals - they will help you.

The price of housing in the resort in the summer:

  • for single occupancy - from $ 10
  • double room in a hostel or guesthouse (with shared bathroom and kitchen) - from $ 18
  • double room in a hotel, studio apartment - from $ 25
  • two-bedroom apartments for 4 people - from $ 40
  • large cottages (for 10 people) - from $ 100

And there are generally exclusive options, for exampleEco-camp near Batumi. "La Belle Verte" - living in wooden houses in the trees - $ 50 for two. Or rent a house at an altitude of 300 m above the cliff by the sea - from $ 50 per day (it is not clear how to walk on the sea).

The price is highly dependent:

  • from the season (high season from June to the end of August, from mid-September there are already "winter" prices)
  • from location and competition nearby
  • of the length of stay (stay more than a week - significant discounts, and monthly stays generally $ 200-300 for two)
  • the quality of the housing itself
Standard hostel room for $ 18

Standard hostel room for $ 18

Holidays by the sea in Batumi

Such a house in the forest costs $ 50 per day.

How to get to Georgia

Of course, it is better to fly to Georgia by plane. Moreover, many companies are now flying to Georgia, which means that the price is competitive. Standard price - $ 250 in both directions (direct flights from Moscow, Kiev). But you can get on special offers and promotions and buy a ticket with a departure in two or three days for $ 100 in both directions.

There are only three international airports in Georgia: Batumi, Tbilisi and Kutaisi. Kutaisi currently accepts only low-cost bonds from Europe. If the vacation is scheduled for a week, it makes no sense to fly to Tbilisi, since the transfer from the capital to the coast will take a whole day. On buses or buses it will cost $ 10 per person (5-6 hours on the way). On the train (it runs three times a day: one night composition, and two daily speed trains, 4-6 hours on the way) - $ 8-13 per person.

So it is optimal to choose an arrival in Batumi. The airport is located 6 km from the city center. A city bus or a taxi ($ 4-5) runs to the city.

From the top of the cable car in Batumi a wonderful view

From the top of the cable car in Batumi a wonderful view

From the center of Batumi to the South to Sarpi (via Kvariati and Gonio) there is a bus ($ 0.4) or a taxi (up to $ 10) - 30 minutes.

To the North, to Ureki and Kobuleti every 30 minutes there are minibuses ($ 1-1.5) from the central square or bus station.

If you live in the Caucasian part of Russia or drivefor a long time and want to explore the country, it makes sense to come by car through Vladikavkaz. From the border at Upper Lars to Batumi, go somewhere around 8 hours (if non-stop). The road, in some places, is quite heavy, serpentines and mountain bends. So I do not recommend going at night.

What to see on the spot

Of course, all the interesting places in Georgia can be inspected and independently, scheduled transport goes everywhere, but in some cases I recommend to buy a tour so as not to be attached to the schedule of minibuses.

On their own

From those for self-examination:

  • Batumi embankment, night Batumi
  • Botanical Garden in Batumi
  • Park Mtirala
  • Apsarossky fortress in Gonio
  • Waterfall at Sarpi
  • Mahunceti Falls
At night you will see a completely different Batumi, bright and noisy.

At night you will see a completely different Batumi, bright and noisy.

It is better to take a whole day to visit Mtirala Park

It is better to take a whole day to visit Mtirala Park

20-meter waterfall Mahunceti

20-meter waterfall Mahunceti

On the tour in place

Travel agencies offer comprehensive tours and for 1 day they will show you the most interesting. The price of the issue is $ 30-50 per person. At choice:

  • mountains and waterfalls of Adjara
  • canyoning (on rafts), horseback riding, boat trips
  • Kutaisi caves
  • two-day trips to Racha, Borjomi, Vardzia, etc.

You can also use the services of a personal guide and get a fully personalized tour. The cost of $ 130-150 (including gasoline), you can find a guide on our forum.

Where and what to eat

In Georgia, relatively inexpensive food. Moreover, eating at a cafe is not much more expensive than at home.

Judge for yourself: a portion of soup - $ 2-2.5, a meat dish - $ 4-6, a portion of khinkali or dumplings - $ 2, khachapuri - $ 1-3, a side dish - $ 1-1.5, fried trout with a side dish - $ 3 salads - 2-3 $. These prices are in the central cafes, those that are near the beach and are expensive. If you move away, or choose a cafe with an unpresentable sign, the price tag drops by 20%.

What should be guided when choosing a placeto eat, is on the number of people in the institution. The more local, the tastier they cook. In principle, in Georgia it is delicious everywhere, but only there, where it is “with soul”, and there is, where according to European standards (usually such cafes are new, licked to shine, the menu is remotely Georgian and there are no people at all) —it is not bad, but the food "does not catch."

Vacation by the sea in Georgia

Khachapuri in the morning quickly becomes a habit

Separately tell about drinks. Significant weight in the check can take drinks. Moreover, in cafes and restaurants their price is overestimated by 2-5 times, in comparison with the store.

Important! In the menu prices are shown without a "tip". So they will be entered into the check in the form of + 10-15% of the order value. Be sure to recount the account, the Georgians love to “err on their side.”

The Black Sea coast is popular for holiday withTurks, so from Sarpi to Kobuleti there are many Turkish cafes with a classic Turkish menu - kebab, pilaf, ayran. I do not think that it is worth going to Georgia to eat Turkish cuisine, especially since the Georgians do not cook it tasty.

If the choice fell on self-catering, thenI will note that in resort cities prices in stores are frankly overpriced and the assortment leaves much to be desired (for example, the store does not find pork and normal butter and milk, only frozen broilers, spread and pasteurized milk). Good, fresh products can only be bought at the market. Bazaar is in Batumi and Kobuleti.

But the choice of fruit is varied everywhere andpopular vegetable shops. Prices differ from bazaars by 10-20%. Fruits in Georgia are very cheap: peaches, apricots, plums, persimmon, feijoa, tangerines, oranges, apples, watermelons, melons, pomegranates - up to $ 1 per kg. That's why it's definitely worth going to Georgia, the abundance of fruits and vegetables is amazing!

Advantages and disadvantages

On the minuses of rest on the Black Sea coast of Georgia

  • a lot of rain. The entire coast of Georgia is very rainy, especially a lot of rain in Adjara (from Sarpi to Kobuleti). Summer is no exception;
  • 1-2 days after the rain, the sea is spontaneous, of dirty color and with high waves;
  • 4-6 ball storms. Usually there are 1-2 times in the summer and regularly in the fall;
  • Georgian mentality. Georgians love to promise and not to do, shirk and “forget”. If you need to fix something in the house, get ready to be repaired in a week or even two;
  • frequent disruptions with electricity. Or rather, in every thunderstorm.

About the benefits of relaxing by the sea in Georgia

For those who still doubt whether to go or not. Holidays in Georgia are:

  • wonderful climate, mild, subtropical. High humidity and temperature not higher than 33C. Water temperature is +26. Large amounts of exotic vegetation, a variety of fresh fruits;
  • very tasty food, the most natural, environmentally friendly. And, cheap, (satisfying dinner for two costs from $ 12);
  • real Borjomi, Likani, Zedazeni - mineral water in Georgia is sold at every turn and costs a penny;
  • clean sea;
  • famous Georgian hospitality. Georgians are extremely spiritual people, a tourist for them, first of all, not a “wallet”, but a friend. There is nothing surprising in the fact that you will be invited to your house, you will be seated at the table and people who are completely unfamiliar to you will pour the wine, because these are Georgians.
  • Georgian traditions and culture. To hear Georgian melodies and songs in the original performance, to see Georgian dances, to visit the Georgian feast - something that is worth visiting Georgia for at least once in a lifetime.
vacation by the sea in Georgia

An incredible atmosphere prevails at the Georgian table.

Dasha and Kirill.

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