Holidays in Finland

Finland is a northern country, but it is notprevents to have a good rest there both in summer and in winter. Every year a huge number of tourists go to rest in this country. What could be the reason? First, in a beautiful and amazing nature. Tourists from Russia go there with great pleasure, as the road takes very little time, and the rest exceeds all expectations. The roads in Finland are just beautiful and you can get to the country, either by bus and plane, or on your own.

Finland has long been called the country of thousands of lakes. And indeed it is. There are more than 60.000 lakes in Finland and therefore popular leisure activities are rafting on mountain rivers and fishing. Dense forests are an unforgettable part of the landscape. And the ski resorts are open for lovers of active winter holidays. Well, such a phenomenon as the Northern Lights, just a uniquely beautiful light representation created by nature itself. That is why crowds of tourists come here, they want to see this miracle themselves.

In Finland you can ride motorbikes or traditional sledges with reindeer in harness. You can also feel like Santa Claus for a while.

At the mention of Finland, the first thingI remember - this is the slowness and slowness that is inherent in the inhabitants of this country. In this regard, the rest in Finland, acts very beneficial and pacifying the person. And any lake in this country is surrounded by legends and stories that the Finns so adore.

Finnish Lapland is the place where they wantvisit almost all the children. A real country of joy and childhood. There you can visit the houses of ice, go skiing on snow-capped mountains, build ice sculptures with your own hands.

The nature of Finland fascinates and delights. The climate of this country is a bit cool, but in summer it is just wonderful to rest here. Such a magnificent riot of natural colors and greens rarely where you will meet. In winter, there is a lot of space provided for snowboarding and skiing. That is why the ski resorts are known worldwide.

Of course, nature and mountain skiing are not yetall that this wonderful country offers. Here you can relax and intellectually. Finns are respectful to their cultural traditions, and seeing the sights of this country will be very interesting and informative activity. Holidays in Finland will give you a trip to the fairy tale.

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