Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

Sometimes you want to go to rest on the sea in suchhotel, so that he had his own beach, closed to outsiders. And although in Thailand all beaches are public, there are still fewer people on similar beaches (or sections of the beach), not to mention that everything will be cleared of rubbish and stones. By the way, after all, some beaches are practically inaccessible, because the piece of land belongs opposite to the hotel and cannot be walked through it. Well, by sea, few people decide to fall on the beach.

Made a special selection for those who are looking forsimilar hotels and is ready to pay for them. Not all hotels in Samui Lakseri segment, there are more affordable, but most of the closed beaches are expensive. And here is my selection of cheap hotels by price / quality and catalog of houses on Samuiwhere more than 80 houses with a map and a photo.

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Samrong Beach Hotels

Samrong Beach, located in the bay of the same nameSamrong, hidden from prying eyes by kinks of the coastline and truly isolated from the outside world by rocks on its edges. The area of ​​the island, in which nature has created Samrong Beach lies away from the main highways and crowded centers. For independent living here is not the most convenient infrastructure, expressed in two or three Thai restaurants and a pair of laundries. Samrong is close to Samui Airport and popular tourist spots: Big buddha (Big Buddha) and the Temple of Play Lam (Wat Plai Laem). Due to the limited number of roads, it is a long time to get to the rest of the island from Samrong.

Samrong Arayaburi Boutique Resort

The beach is closed by rocks on the flanks and a steep slope.mountains at the foot of which it is located. The bottom of the water goes with a slight slope, you have to walk a few tens of meters to dive deeper. There is no vegetation all over the beach, the only source of shade is beach umbrellas that are not rented. And the palm trees that are on the hotel, for the parapet. Outsiders are not welcome here, but do not interfere with the passage to the beach.

Samrong Beach is the beach of a single hotel. Not private, in the Kingdom of Thailand, the entire coastline is legally owned by the royal family. But, in connection with the building of approaches to it by the buildings of one hotel, the beach turned out to be “closed”. You can see from the map that three resorts are built around it:

  • Six Senses Samui
    Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces
  • Idyllic samui
    Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces
  • The bay samui
    Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces


However, only the latter has a direct exit; all the others stand on the steep, rocky slopes around, and do not have their own access to Samrong Beach.

As follows the beach of this format, Samrong Beachclean, well-kept throughout its length, equipped with comfortable lounge chairs and beach umbrellas. For arrival and departure from the beach, hotel guests are provided with electric cars with drivers. In fact, Arayaburi Boutique Resort for families with children is a great place, with friendly, smiling staff and a relaxing atmosphere, away from people and noise.

The shallowness and closeness of the beach make it safe and calm for swimming, even in windy weather.

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Thongson Bay Beach Hotels

Tongson Beach is located next to anotherclosed beach in Samrong Bay. The northeastern part of Koh Samui is generally distinguished by numerous coastline bends and beaches between 50 and 500 meters hidden between the rocks. The area of ​​the island in which the Tongson beach is located lies away from the main roads and busy places of Koh Samui. Only a few laundries, restaurants, motorbike rentals and internet cafes can be found near Thongson. The beach is quite close to Samui Airport and popular tourist destinations like Big buddha (Big Buddha) and the temple Play Lam (Wat Plai Laem).

The beach itself has the appearance of an almost straight line with a widthsand about 40 meters. The entrance to the sea in some places is spoiled by the presence of cobblestones and coral fragments on the bottom, which do not interfere at high tide, remaining at depth, but become a tangible obstacle at low tide. In order to get to the sea, people have to walk a few tens of meters, carefully looking at their feet. On the shore there is a small stone font, in which at low tide there is some water left, just for one-year-old kids, and here, next to it, the only tree with a shadow on the whole Thongson.

Melati Beach Resort & Spa

Thongson Beach has only one access to the sea, which runs along the walls of the large hotel Melati Beach Resort & Spa

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

. Near the hotel, in a shady grove on the mountainsidethere are still about twelve bungalows built on stilts. There is a separate road to the upper houses, and beneath them by the water, if you walk down about a hundred meters along the fragments of rocks, there is well a completely secret little beach, where you can often watch nudists. Next to Melati there is a huge wasteland of the same size as the hotel itself, on which there is nothing but trees. So far, Melati Beach Resort & Spa is the only hotel on Thongson.

According to reviews of guests, and on personal impressions,Hotel Melati pleases chic landscaped garden area. The hotel has several pools of different sizes, large, beautifully furnished rooms with huge beds, a children's playroom and its own, uncrowded beach. The hotel has its own fitness center, cable TV, and stable Internet throughout the hotel.

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Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

Hotels Thongsai Bay Beach

Northeast of Koh Samui pleasesa large number of small beaches where there are almost no people and absolutely no beach traders. Tongsai Bay hides a hundred-meter-long beach from neighbors along the shore, and The Thongsai Bay Hotel

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

fenced off the bay from the prying eyes of touriststheir buildings. All the necessary amenities for living are in the hotel, and the area around is notable for its particular lack of humanity. The sea in this edge of the island is fenced off from people by hotels and cliffs, so it is not popular with the mass consumer, and Thais create infrastructure only where it brings money. All the attributes of civilization can be found in the Chong Mona area, which is five minutes by car from Tong Sai.

Tongsai Beach is a short stretch of very loosesoft sand that can't walk too fast. Exactly the same sand and under water, on a steeply deep bottom. In order to hide the head, it is enough to go three or five steps, because this is one of the deepest beaches on the island of Koh Samui. The depth is convenient for those who like to swim and swim, but in windy weather there are decent waves, and it’s better not to go further than the pool with children. There is not a single source of natural shade on the beach.

Tongsai Bay

Entrance to the Tongsai Bay is possible only throughpossession of the hotel The Thongsai Bay, whose staff is particularly suspicious of the requests of strangers to show them the territory of the hotel and escort to the beach. Security in the hotel is maintained at a decent level. There are no other buildings in the Tongsai Beach area, only The Thongsai Bay is in charge of the local beauty.

The hotel is really chic. Well-trained, discreet and polite staff who speak English, maintain your good mood and order in the hotel. The rooms are cozy, beautifully furnished, with a daily gift in the form of a fruit basket, everywhere in the hotel there is an atmosphere of calm and peace. Two pools on the territory will be useful to you on windy days, and on sunny ones, there are comfortable beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach.

Direct link to this hotel at RoomGuru: The thongsai bay

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

Hotels Coral Cove Bay

Between lively Chaweng and half-lazy LamaiThere is a small stretch of mountain road that runs along the edge of a steep bank past two beaches hidden in the cliffs. These beaches are widely known even for tourists coming for the first time, therefore they are always popular with a large number of people. One of them, the beach in Coral Cove Bay (Coral Cove) is closer to Chaweng. The geographical location of the beach is such that apart from the mountains, highways and the hotel on the coast there is nothing more. No shops, no banks, no markets - nothing useful in everyday island life. Infrastructure Coral Cove is its only hotel.

Coral Cove Beach is a short stripstretching between the rocks and huge boulders, interspersed with coral debris in the sand. Despite the small, about a hundred meters distance between the ring road and the beach, on the shore can not hear the noise of passing trucks and motorcycles. On the beach there are a lot of trees that give shade, exotic boulders stick up and the entrance to the water is almost free from stones. Although, there is such a great depth that the stones do not solve anything.

Unlike many hotels on Samui withown beaches, access to the sea on the Coral Cove is relatively free. There is a congress from the ring road to a small parking lot with a bar, where you can leave your car or motorbike, and go on a wild vacation. The difficulty is not to drive past this congress, which few holidaymakers can handle. The main contingent of beach people Coral Cove consists of guests only on the shore of the hotel.

Coral Cove Chalet

Due to its excellent location onFrom the main life of Samui, the Coral Cove Chalet enjoys the attention of the guests of the island. Its own beach, which is constantly put in order, and where you can swim with a mask and snorkel. Good breakfasts, hospitable staff, amazing view from the window of the room, and sunrises every day.

Direct link to this hotel at RoomGuru: Coral Cove Chalet

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

Hotels Thongtakian Bay Beach

The second bay, hidden in the area between the shoreThe lively Chaweng and semi-lazy Lamai beach is almost on the border with the Lamai village. The geographical location of Tongtakian Bay is more profitable than that of Coral Cove, because from it to all the amenities of Lamai less than a minute drive away. The bay lies at the bottom of a rather steep slope, closed from the noise of the ring road by three hotels. Within walking distance there are only a few small Thai shops and one mini-market.

Tongtakian Beach is widely known for its landscapes.and a cozy location, but there are never so many people here that relaxing on the beach is not comfortable. The sand is fine and light yellow, with an admixture of shells and coral fragments. The entrance to the water is very gentle, free from sharp stones and corals, so for children Tongtakian is a great place, one of the best on Samui.

Crystal Bay Beach Resort

The coast of the bay of Tongtakian is occupied not by one, but by threehotels of about the same size. Together, they occupy an area with the usual mid-size hotel on the island. Considering the special attraction of the bay, I decided to include the Tong Takkian in the review of private beaches despite such a number of hotels. By the way, at the Tongtakian beach there are three other popular names, which are called by both tourists and Thais, and all of them - by the names of hotels on the bay:

  • Crystal Bay Resort
    Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces
  • Silver Beach Resort
    Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces
  • Crystal Bay Yach Club Beach Resort
    Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

The most attractive in terms of accommodation, withMy point of view - Crystal Bay Resort. It is above the rest, due to which it has stunning views from the windows of rooms and allows you to enjoy the contemplation in full. Access to the beach from the hotel is possible only by stairs, through a restaurant and a small swimming pool. The restaurant is deliciously prepared, the pool is rarely used, which is understandable, at such a magnificent beach. The quality of service at Crystal Bay Resort is flawless, the rooms are clean, dry and with huge bathrooms.

UPD from February 2018: two more resorts appeared on the beach, and now there are five hotels in Tong Takian. I give you links to both institutions, open in additional tabs, so as not to forget. Promtsuk buri

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

and Thongtakian Resort

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

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Nathien Beach Hotels

Actually, Natyen beach is not closed, but hasheavily broken coastline, with a large accumulation of boulders and rocks on the ground fractures. In fact, this is a series of small beaches, united under one name. On each of these sites, limited and closed by stones, stands the hotel. The area of ​​the island around the hotels is absolutely deaf and deserted, about half an hour by car to the main roads, shops and civilization. Not far from ShaSa Resort are local attractions: the butterfly garden (without butterflies) and the zoo-aquarium.

In this part of the island the sand on the beach is amazing.small and almost white, coral. The entire coast is hidden in the shade of large trees, and shallow water does not allow the waves to break out. Honestly, the beaches Natyen and Laem Set are the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of the island. They are not the best option for swimming because of the corals and shallow depth, but for rest with the eyes, the nature here has all the conditions. Sunrises, azure water, landscapes in the style of "bounty" from commercials about the tropics - all this is on the beach Natien.

ShaSa Resort

After some time, civilization will get here. In the meantime, four hotels and two vacant lots, and that's the whole coastal building on Natyen. Only in two places are the beaches truly isolated - opposite the hotels Camalaya and ShaSa Resort & Residences, Koh Samu

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

. Kamalaya is known for the fact that even in the low season, all rooms are on armor or occupied, and the ShaSa Resort is very jealous of the safety of guests.

Unauthorized passage to the territory of ShaS Resortit is prohibited, it belongs to the luxury segment hotels. That is - not for mere mortals, if in your own words. The spacious rooms of the hotel, with excellent sound insulation, its excellent restaurant, a large children's playroom, several pools and a gorgeous view of the sea justify the cost of its rooms (from $ 200 per day). A well-groomed beach, to which guests are delivered by electric cars, a large internal parking, a magnificent exterior design - ShaSa Resort is an excellent place for a short rest on its own beach.

Direct link to this hotel at RoomGuru: ShaSa Resort & Residences, Koh Samu

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces


Thong Plu Beach Hotels

As is the case with Natyen, the private beach of Tong Plu- This is just a small part, one third of the main beach of Tong Plu, separated by rocks on the northwestern edge of the island. From the infrastructure in this area there is only a section of the ring road, one observation deck, several Thai shops, stone and wood workshops and a garden mini-market. Not far from Tong Plu is the administrative center of the island - Nathon, to which about five minutes of quiet driving. In general, the neighborhood is occupied by small resorts and jungles.

Tong Plu Beach is the same across its length asits main and closed part. The sea is quite shallow, and the bottom is covered with a scattering of quite sharp stones of different sizes, which can be seen from the beginning of the outflow. The beach is covered with coarse, dark yellow sand in the line of the surf, and along the grass the sand becomes shallow and fluffy. The entrance to the water is difficult with stones and algae, and the width of this inconvenience is about 40 meters, so you have to go swimming in clear water, risking to tear your knees. There are almost no shadows on the beach, palm trees grow far from water.

Four seasons

Building along the main part of Tong Pluis a small one-story houses, but the closed part of the beach is located at the foot of the mountain, on which one of the largest, most expensive and chic hotels in Koh Samui is built - Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

. The geographical position of the hotel allows you to watch sunsets and a little bit, from around the corner - dawn, and the distance from the road makes it one of the quietest places on the island.

Four Seasons Resort is built in the form of villas,scattered over the mountainside at a great distance from each other, thereby creating a comfort zone inside the hotel. Awesome view of 270 degrees from the sea horizon, excellent service, private spa, tennis courts, quality breakfasts, movement around the hotel on electric machines - they took good care of leisure of the guests here. Still, at a price of $ 1,000 per day.

Direct link to this hotel at RoomGuru: Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

Beach Hotel Banyan Tree (Banyan Tree Samui)

Accidentally stumble on this beach does not work, ohIt can be found only by looking at the island on the satellite map. The beach has no official place name and is located between the beaches of Tong Takian and Laem Nan, so I will call it the beach of the Banyan Three Hotel, which is built around this nameless bay. The infrastructure of the area in which the beach is located is the same as that of the Tongtakian beach. Very far from the noise of the ring road, on the edge of the island appendix, built up with expensive villas and hotels. If you get to the ring road, there will be several small Thai shops and one mini-market.

Beach Hotel Banyan Three is surprisingly dull. Large yellow sand covers the entire surface of the coast, there is almost no shadow on the beach, except for tall palm trees that grow far from water. The bottom slope is insignificant, the depth increases gradually, and the entrance to the water is cleared of stones and corals. The whole beach is perfectly cleaned and smoothed with a special tool, lined with sun beds and beach umbrellas. Slightly add exoticism of the rocks along the edges of the bay, but in general - an unremarkable, closed beach.

Banyan tree samui

Around the bay with the beach there is only one hotel - Banyan Tree Samui

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

Moreover, the development was global, for other hotels there was not a hundred left. By building scale, Banyan Tree is similar to Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

. The same luxury villas, standing on the slopes of the mountain at a considerable distance from each other and moving around the hotel takes place with the help of electric vehicles.

The hotel belongs to the luxury segment of the islandhotels, the price tag starts from 20 000 baht per day, so the service here is at a height. Beautiful villas, polite helpful staff, excellent restaurant, cozy private beach, beautifully furnished rooms. The location on the mountain also has its advantages, offering guests stunning views of the sea, island and daily sunrises. Banyan Tree Samui has one of the highest ratings in the ratings and is guaranteed to leave the best impression on the rest. So that I lived.

Direct links to these hotels at RoomGuru: Banyan tree samui

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

and Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces


Beach Hotel W-Retreat Koh Samui

Immediately say that the beach is not completely isolated,like the Banyan Three Hotel. Geographically, the W-Retreat hotel’s beach lies at the very border between Maenam and Bo Phut, and has the shape of an inverted “W”, in which one half is Maenam and the second is Bo Phut. However, in reality, this border is located in a place where you just can’t walk, and the only way to the beach was a luxury hotel. The infrastructure of the area is great. It takes about three minutes by car to the ring road, and all the resources available at Bo Phut and Maename are open: shops, banks, markets, various services. It takes about 20 minutes to get to Samui Airport, about 40 minutes to the pier in Nathon, provided that there are no traffic jams.

The beach of the W-Retreat Hotel is one of the most enjoyable.the island. He is looked after, cleaned, smoothed and looked after him during the day. Like on Maenam, the entire coast is hiding in the shadow of a palm grove, between which trees there are massage houses, chaise lounges and rental of sea accessories. At the entrance to the beach is an ad that strongly recommend not to break the corals. I myself did not swim with the mask, but most likely there is something to see for snorkeling fans. Entrance to the beach for outsiders is closed, therefore there are very few vagrants, those who were able to pass guards or came along the shore.

W retreat samui

Around the beach are built only one hotel. There is also a vacant lot, overgrown with grass, on which most likely something will be built afterwards, but so far, W-Retreat is a monopolist and sole owner. Some of the buildings are located on a small flat stretch of shore, and the main part of the hotel stands on the mountainside. In order to be able to go down to the sea, the hotel built a road on stilts, quite steep, but passable for any car and motorbike.

W-Retreat Koh Samui

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

different bold modern design. The hotel offers you chic villas, an excellent gym, a restaurant which is perfectly prepared. The hotel has excellent service and trained staff that remembers everything that concerns you personally - the names, events and what you like to drink. At different times of the year, the price for daily living is from 30 to 90 thousand baht. Of all the hotels with their own beaches, this one leaves the most blissful impression.

Direct link to this hotel at RoomGuru: W-Retreat Koh Samui

Samui hotels with a private beach - my selection of 12 pieces

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