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Every year family travel becomesmore popular. Most often in the summer, parents take vacations and spend all their free time with their children, traveling around the world and acquainting them with historical monuments, beautiful sculptures and art exhibits from different cities. A cozy city for a pleasant stay with the whole family - Petersburg. It is rich not only with galleries, monuments and green parks, but also disposes to long rest. Hotels in St. Petersburg can offer you cheap rooms with a special place for a child. Inside you will find game rooms and exciting attractions that will entertain your child, freeing up a few minutes of free time.

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Most of the city’s restaurants are focused onchildren. The menu has a separate page with children's food, and sometimes even a separate room for lunch for young people, where they are followed by a qualified educator. You can quietly have lunch / dinner while the child is under the supervision of a teacher. In addition, travel of children under eight years of age is not paid for in the city’s transport. And the location of many St. Petersburg hotels near metro stations is very convenient for moving around the districts of the second capital of Russia. Many large stores have “playgrounds” with entertainment programs for children of different ages. Almost all parents like this European approach to taking the child’s attention - you can walk around the store and not worry about your child.

Walk through the city - a mandatory point of the programtravels. Remember that for a child the endless visits to the Hermitage and Peterhof can be tedious. A walk in the Summer Garden, the Champ de Mars or the Alexander Garden stands, especially on a warm summer day. You can ask the child himself what he would like to see. A great idea is a zoo. This is one of the most popular places for children. Cotton candy, toys and live animals - what could be more interesting! Hotels in St. Petersburg, located in the city center, provide services for excursions, and experienced staff will tell you how to get to a particular place.

Living in hotels in St. Petersburg is pleasant and comfortable. Optimally, the ratio of price and quality of service will leave a pleasant impression on you, and funny clowns and funny contests will be remembered by your young child. Booking a hotel room is also possible via the Internet: most St. Petersburg hotels provide this service.

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