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There are many booking systems, but allonly a few of them are considered the most common, convenient and trustworthy: Booking, Agoda, Ozone, Islet and a number of others. I already have a good post about How to search for a hotel in RoomGuru. Be sure to read if you do not knowthe difference between the booking system and the search engine, because using these services aggregators can significantly save on hotels. In short, RoomGuru shows hotel prices from all systems at once, and it turns out not only the largest hotel database, but you can also choose where a particular hotel is cheaper.

And now let's deal with another system.Reservations - Agoda (, of which not so many travelers know. Although they should, because it is the main one in Asia, and not the usual Bucking.

The content of the article

What is Agoda, like is a system for self-searching and booking hotels. The base of Agoda more fully than the others, presents hotels of Southeast Asia. So, if you are going to travel around Asia, it is more convenient to choose and book hotels on Agoda, there are more of them. For Europe, Agoda also has hotel deals, but still this direction is better represented by Bucking. Another difference is that Bucking takes your credit card information and transfers it to the hotel, the hotel receives the money from you. Agoda also accepts payment for the hotel, issues you a voucher for accommodation, and contacts the hotel itself. Booking is not responsible for the quality and completeness of the services provided by the hotel; However, if there are problems with the hotel, according to the conditions stated on the website, it can provide a similar room in the nearest hotel for free.

That is, when booking hotel money for the roomreceives exactly Agoda, she contacts the hotel, informs you about your reservation at the hotel and sends you a confirmation and a voucher for check-in with stamp and signature, on Agoda's letterhead. The money for the hotel reservation is removed from your card immediately by Agoda, then she pays for herself with the hotel. You can cancel the reservation and Agoda will refund the money on your card, but after deducting its commission of $ 15. If you cancel your reservation, if you do it too late, the hotel may take a penalty for late cancellation of the reservation or not return the money at all, it already depends on the rules of a particular hotel. If the rules provide for free cancellation of a reservation a certain number of days before the arrival, you can cancel the reservation within this period and the money will be returned in full. Excluding the commission Agoda, as mentioned above.

Photos and description of the hotels themselves providefor the Agoda site, most often these are beautiful professional photos taken immediately after the discovery, that is, all the interiors are still completely new. Do not forget that with time everything changes and in fact, the older the hotel, the more likely it is to see a completely different picture after arrival. The description of the hotel should not be taken literally, even if the hotel is located on the very edge of the city, they will write to you about its “good location”. So, in principle, you can skip the description of the hotel, anyway it’s rather the text of the advertising booklet. But it is important to always look at the live (from those who have already visited the hotel) reviews about the hotel and its rating on Agoda. Anyone who has booked a hotel after eviction will receive letters from it automatically asking them to leave a review.

Advantages of Agoda booking system:

  • A large, well-known booking system is not so scary to entrust her with your card number. Usually Agoda does not transfer your card details to the hotel (such as, for example, Bookings);
  • Voucher from Agoda can be provided to the embassies for obtaining a Schengen visa, booking on Agoda is quoted as fairly reliable, along with Bucking;
  • The most complete, in comparison with other systems, the database of hotels in Southeast Asia;
  • With a prepaid hotel, you no longer have to worry about housing and the current exchange rate (which becomes even more relevant with a falling ruble);
  • Bonus system for registered users;

How to book a hotel room

Fill out the form

Let's try to choose and book a hotel usingAgoda system, having understood on an example how it works. To begin, go to the main page, choose the language at the top - Russian. Fill in the fields of the search form: for example, look for a hotel on Samui, in October, for a week. Choose a date. Click Search:


searching results

We get 764 search results. From this amount it will be very difficult to choose the right hotel. It is necessary to filter the results in accordance with our requirements and preferences. At the bottom left there are filters, you can tick the desired search criteria.


Filters and sorting search results

First, it is more convenient to select the search criteria infilters on the left, and then already sorted by price, check the results by location on the map. At the top right of the window there is an icon with a map, with its help you can select hotels manually by location. Quite a handy tool if the location of the hotel is important to us. For example, if you want to find a hotel on the first line, near the sea.

IMPORTANT: Agoda always shows the price per day per room, regardless of the selected dates. Also, the price is indicated without fees, that is, it must be added about 18%. The total and final cost is displayed on the payment page before the payment itself (you can not continue booking if the price does not suit you).

So, choose hotels: 4 stars, in the area of ​​May Nam beach (nice beach for family holidays), with a swimming pool, internet and rating by reviews to the hotel at least 8.

IMPORTANT: Hotel rating and reviews is the main criterion for hotel rating, as photos and descriptions cannot be completely trusted. Therefore, a filter by rating is a handy tool when choosing a hotel. It is best to choose hotels with a rating not lower than 7, and preferably more than 8. Although this is not a guarantee of quality either, it is also necessary to read the reviews, but in general there are normal hotels from rating 8, where those with a rating of 5-6 are better .

All our criteria correspond to only 5 hotels. Sort them by price:


Hotel Map

Open the map to view the on it. You can change the scale for convenience. When we select a hotel on the map, it appears in the list on the right and is highlighted with a blue frame. There is also a brief information about the hotel. From the map, you can go directly to the hotel page.


Hotel page

Now choose Samui Buri Beach Resort. It is closer to one of the capes, but also close to the beach. To learn more about the hotel, go to the page with its detailed description. There are a lot of photos, detailed information about hotel conditions, services, room types, as well as detailed guest reviews about the hotel.

Open the hotel page to learn more about it:


On the page of each hotel write a detailed list of services provided:


Also read the reviews of guests. There are more than 3 million user reviews for hotels in Agoda. As with Booking or Airbnb, a review can be left only by a registered user who has paid for their stay at the hotel through Agoda.


Hotel on the map:


If everything suits us, you can proceed to the choice of rooms and booking.

Payment booking

There are three payment options for booking at Agoda:

  • Without prepayment (some hotels require payment directly at the hotel), these credit cards you still fill out, but they are needed for the fact of booking;
  • With full prepayment and the possibility of its return, the money is written off immediately, but if you cancel your reservation, they will be returned, at the same time you must read the conditions of the hotel, how long it allows you to cancel the reservation
  • With prepayment and without the possibility to return;

Choose a room in the table presented on the hotel page:


If everything suits us, you can book a room. For starters, it is better to read about booking conditions, this is important.

IMPORTANT: The final price for a number can be found only at this stage, since the search result is written the price without taxes. On this page we see what other fees are included in the total amount (17% added). Also here we see the total cost for all days.

Pay attention to the conditions of cancellation and the added 17%:


After all the checks, fill out the form and proceed to the next step.


After making a reservation, from Agoda to you onMail comes notification and voucher for the settlement. On the voucher, which is issued by Agoda after booking and writing off money, it is written that the stay is booked and paid for, as well as it has all the data of the hotel and the client.

Agoda accepts credit cards of international payment systems (including those issued by Russian banks) and PayPal for payment. But in fact, I often paid on the card with a regular debit card.

If you have any additional questions about booking for Agoda, you can see the FAQ on their website.

Booking currency

Separately, made this point, and then ask. When paying by credit card at Agoda, you will pay in the currency you chose in the service, and not in the local currency of the hotel, as it was done in Bucking. Therefore, in this case is not so relevant. my selection of cards with good currency conversion. However, such a card should still be made, it will definitely come in handy for paying for other purchases abroad.

See below screenshot. I chose rubles and in rubles I cry. I have always written off rubles from the card, I have already booked many times already. Moreover, if you choose bats for this Thai hotel (so that the Russian bank converts itself), the benefits will not happen, there is a good course on Agoda.

What currency to pay on the Beneed

What currency to pay on Agoda

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