How to buy a bus ticket through the Internet service Busfor

Many travel lovers already know well.flight and hotel aggregator sites such as Aviasales and RoomGuru. Booking and purchasing tickets / hotels via the Internet are becoming increasingly popular, so others are gradually catching up to the above services. For example, the site Busfor to buy bus tickets online.

Long-distance bus ridespopular around the world. Those who traveled independently in Asia, certainly noticed. It is also a popular form of transport, both in Europe and in Russia. But for me personally, the experience of several trips to the Black Sea from Moscow by bus was so-so, the ancient transport came across painfully, that is, long-distance bus service is developed, but not comfortable. Soon I want to try to go through Busfor, I hope they sell tickets from more or less normal carriers.

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What is it and why

Busfor is a website for finding tickets for variousbus carriers. That is, an aggregator where you can book online and buy tickets for long-distance buses in Russia, nearby CIS countries, such as Ukraine and Belarus, and in Europe. Now the service works with more than 500 carriers.

By analogy with the search services for air and railwaytickets, hotels, Busfor does not transport passengers itself, but only provides the ability to search and purchase tickets, it is not responsible for the quality of buses and service.

About the service a lot of negative reviews ... Andthe problem is not in the service itself, but in carriers. On the one hand, all claims must be made by the bus companies themselves, on the other hand, their representative is Busfor. But! In Russia, in principle, the poor quality of bus transportation, I have already traveled to it several times (not through Busfor) ... There are no normal carriers! When you buy a bus ticket at the bus station at the ticket office, you buy a cat in a bag at all, because at the ticket office you will not be told what service you will receive. And at least for Busfor there is a choice of specific carriers, so just read the reviews. However, this applies to any buses that are from Busfor,
what from others.

The price of a bus ticket is lower than on a plane ora train. But minus trips on the bus - a long time on the road in a sitting position. By bus you can get to European cities such as Prague or Berlin, but it takes two days. The price of a ticket is quite low at 2500-4500 on average for international flights and 1000-1500 for long-distance domestic flights.

Busfor service - how to buy a bus ticket online

Busfor service - how to buy a bus ticket online


The service interface is intuitive and verysimple, you can easily figure out how to find and book tickets. On the main page, we immediately see in the middle of the ticket search form, where you just need to fill in the fields and click the Find ticket button.

There is a link to the top of the main page.My tickets (this section will be discussed below) and contact support (phone, e-mail). Going into My tickets you can see the history of your orders and manage your booking. Authorization at the entrance to the section takes place by the phone number that you specify when booking the ticket.

Popular routes and countries

In the middle of the main page you can see Popular destinations with prices for domestic and international destinations.

Basically all the popular routes from Moscow, thatnot surprising. And they lead to Krasnodar, Sochi, Voronezh, Kazan. International to Kiev, Minsk, Tbilisi, Riga and so on. But this does not mean that all flights are only from Moscow, no. They are full throughout Russia and between those cities that are very far from the capital, for example, from Perm or Chelyabinsk.

Popular destinations with

Popular destinations with

At the bottom of the main page you can see everything at once.Flights by country: Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia. In the same place at the bottom of this block there is an inconspicuous link All countries, clicking on which you can see a list of all countries in general. There are more than 30, European and Asian.

All countries

All countries

There is even Thailand on the list. True, if you follow the link, there is no information on popular flights on this country's page. But if you go to a more popular country, there will be a ticket search form on top (as on the main one), flights to different cities of this country, a map of the country, brief information about it and popular destinations for this country at the very bottom.

Maybe in the future the service will make it possibledrawing a route on the map. Because if you already know the name of the city, it is easier to drive it into the form immediately, and if you don’t know, it’s more convenient to watch its location.

The FAQ section on the Busfor website

The service is new, so at the very bottom of its pagesThere is a menu where in the section Users there is a Questions and Answers item. There you can find information about the service in the form of answers to frequently asked questions. Here is a direct link to this section.

How to buy a bus ticket online through Busfor

Fill out the search form

As you can see, the ticket search form is onseveral pages, not only on the main one. It is very convenient. In any place - on the “Main”, on the “Schedule” page, on the “All countries” page, we drive in the points of departure and destination, the date and number of people, click the Schedule and Prices button and see the result - a list of all carriers with prices, the time of departure and arrival. Results can be sorted by all parameters - time of departure, arrival, travel time, cost.

If there is no ticket for the selected date, the servicewill show which number in the specified direction they are available for. If you click More on the line with one of the search results, you can see the details of the route. If such information from the carrier is available, they write, among other things, the brand of the bus and the departure address of the bus.

How to buy a bus ticket through the Internet service Busfor

Booking and ticketing

In the search results, click Select, we see the layout of seats in the bus. Not all carriers have this option, some places do not allow to choose in advance. Empty spaces are highlighted in green. We choose.

How to buy a bus ticket through the Internet service Busfor

Next you need to fill in a simple form, where, in addition to the full name, the telephone number is indicated for communication, where the reservation will be sent, email. You also need to select an identity document, its series and number.

In the name or surname, as well as in the number or series of the passport mistakes are made, but if there are a lot of mistakes, you need to contact the support service.

How to buy a bus ticket through the Internet service Busfor

After filling out the form, press the button Go topayment Now you need to choose a payment method. You can pay for tickets online: by any credit card, via the Leader payment system, PayPal, or using Qiwi via a virtual wallet.

You can also pay in the old manner in cash throughQiwi terminal. In this case, you must specify the phone number, the same one that was specified when placing the order on the Busfor website. With some carriers, you can choose to pay at the box office. Then the ticket after the order remains reserved for some time. How much is - will be written on the site after selecting the option "Pay at the checkout." To redeem a ticket at the box office of the carrier, you must tell the reservation number and departure date.

How to buy a bus ticket through the Internet service Busfor

The ticket price includes compulsory insurance, valid during the trip.

After paying for the ticket, an email with an electronic ticket will be sent to the e-mail address you specified.

Section My tickets and boarding the bus

In the section My tickets you can see the history and status of all your orders.

How to buy a bus ticket through the Internet service Busfor

A ticket will be required to board the bus.print out. Under the terms of some carriers, an exchange form can still be sent to the post office, which must be printed out and exchanged at the bus station’s ticket office for a real ticket. A roughly similar situation with railway tickets, when not every train can be taken only with a printout and you need to get a ticket on the ticket office at the ticket office.

As I said, the address of the bus station, from wherethe bus will go, you can see before the payment, in the list of search results. Several carriers usually travel from Moscow and choosing between them, we also choose the place of departure. Often these are: Schelkovsky bus station, bus station on Krasnogvardeyskaya metro station, new bus station South Gate, bus station on Novoyasenevskaya and so on.

If you need to contact the carrier, you can look up his contacts in your ticket, or contact the support service of the Busfor site.

Remember that by the rules you can carry with you1 piece of luggage up to 25 kg in weight, with dimensions up to 60 x 60 x 40 cm. In the hand luggage, you can carry luggage up to 5 kg for free. In other cases, at the box office bus you need to buy a ticket for luggage.

Return ticket

A bus ticket can be returned if necessary. To do this, go to My tickets, select the ticket you want to return, specify the reason for the return and click the Return button. Money for handed over tickets is returned within 10 business days. How much is returned will depend on the conditions of the carrier and the time remaining before the trip.

But keep in mind that if the ticket was not electronic, and an exchange form arrived at the post office, you will have to return it through the carrier. No w

P.S. After I ride the bus, update the post or write a new one. It is clear that, ideally, you need to take a ride on a company flight to St. Petersburg, but I need to go to Krasnodar and beyond. In any case, experience with even one carrier will be indicative of how they approach the choice of carriers.

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