How to buy Thai sim card Dtac and get 4G internet for free

There is such an interesting Klook office, whichoffers to buy sims from DTAC 2 times cheaper. Buy in advance via the Internet and receive upon arrival in Bangkok or Phuket. These are ordinary sims that are no different from those sold on the official DTAC rack. Verified! More precisely, they differ in tariff, for the better - you get the Internet for free.

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Order SIM cards in advance via the Internet

The site is in English, so I will tell you how and what to do.

Before departure, go to the Klook website for a couple of days and order a SIM card. Depending on the resort, the price is slightly different:

  • In Bangkok, 266 rubles instead of 608 rubles, or 131 baht instead of 299 baht.
  • In Phuket, 305 rubles instead of 608 rubles, or 150 baht instead of 299 baht.

You will receive a sim card upon arrival with a 3GB Internet connection for 8days and 100 baht in the account. Well this is a specific freebie! In the DTAC office, an empty one without an Internet package costs as much as 49 baht. As you can see, you get internet for free. Nobody will offer you this anymore. Below are direct links to resorts pages.

Pick up sim card in bangkok>

Pick a sim card on Phuket>

And now in the screenshots to make it clearer.

  • Open the site page, scroll down and press SELECT opposite the desired package.
  • Specify the date of arrival and the number of required cards.
  • Next, click BOOK NOW.
  • The site will ask to register (you can log in through your existing Facebook account) and then enter your data and bank card details for payment.
  • Choosing a place of issue

    Choosing a place of issue

    Specify the date and number of simok

    Specify the date and number of simok

    After registration, fill in your data and card data

    After registration, fill in your data and card data

    Klook Kiosk at the airport

    Important. Klook in Bangkok is open from 8:00 to 23:00. If you arrive at another time, then you can not pick up Simka.

    Upon arrival in Bangkok, we are not going to the DTAC stand, butLooking for a Klook kiosk. That's where Simka will be waiting for you. At Bangkok's Suvarnhabhumi Airport, Klook is located on the lowest floor of B, where there is an entrance to the metro (Airport Link).

    At the airport in Phuket, on the contrary, we are looking for a DTAC kiosk, it is located on the lowest 1st floor (arrival zone) in Terminal 2 (international, new terminal). Works around the clock.

    Klook kiosk looks like this (Photo by Mikhail Schwartz

    Klook Kiosk in Bangkok looks like this (Photo by Michael Schwartz

    DTAC Sim Converters

    DTAC Sim Converters

    If you need more than 3GB

    Someone will say, they say, 3GB is not enough, or limit 8days is not suitable. But we show ingenuity and buy several simok at once. They can then be activated one by one. That is, 1 week - 1 SIM. 8 days have passed and insert a new SIM card. Well, you understand.

    Also, you can add a little money to the already 100 baht in the account and connect any of the standard packages, including unlimited ones. All the packages I have described in another post.

    Also Klook themselves offer special codes that allow you to get extra gigabytes at a ridiculous price as part of your Internet package.

    From December 1 to December 31: Get an extra 6GB for 106 baht, code? 104? 654? 9 #
    From December 1 to December 31: Get an extra 9GB for 128 baht, code? 104? 656? 9 #

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