How to buy Green Card insurance online - my instruction

The problem with buying a Green Card is thatneed original policy. It will not work, as with ordinary traveler insurance - I just received an electronic insurance on an email and that's it. Therefore, the green card is usually bought in the office of the insurance company, where you have to go to traffic jams and then stand in line. More about the green cardI wrote in a separate post.

To simplify your life, you can buy a Green Card through the Internet, followed by delivery to your home or office. It is much more convenient. Below is my instruction.

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Filling data

First, fill in the basic data. Then the cost will be displayed. It is established by PCA and depends only on the number of days and nothing else. The price of the policy is the same everywhere, in the office of any insurance, on the Internet. This is clearly followed.

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I will show everything by my own example. I needed insurance for Europe for 15 days. I know the Polis812 company for a long time, even under traveler insurance, I bought it from them more than once.

Buying a Green Card Online

Buying a Green Card Online

Some fields can be filled in by yourself, or you can upload scanned documents.

Some fields can be filled in by yourself, or you can upload scanned documents.

Delivery can be ordered only in Moscow or St. Petersburg. So far, only these cities. But it is there that time saving is most relevant.

If suddenly it will be convenient to pick up insurance in the office, then this option also exists. In Moscow there is 1 office on Sadovnicheskaya Street, in St. Petersburg there are 3 offices.

I chose free home delivery, but you can pick it up in the office

I chose free home delivery, but you can pick it up in the office


With payment all standard - bank card. It's simple.

After payment you will receive a letter to the specified email with the order number. And after a while the manager will call, confirm the order and arrange delivery. About 20 minutes later they called me.

Payment by credit card

Payment by credit card

Getting the original insurance

At the appointed time, the courier arrived and brought a pack of documents. It is the original green card that you need to carry with you in the car during the whole trip.

Order a green card at home>

Courier brought a package with insurance

Courier brought a package with insurance

Inside the original Green Card

Inside was the original Green Card.

P.S. The policy will be from Alfa Insurance. This insurance company is on the PCA list and officially sells green cards.

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