How to cancel reservation on Booking com

The system of online booking hotels is one of the most popular services among Russians for searching and booking accommodation when planning their own trips. But not always everything goes according to plan and there are situations when the reservation has to be canceled. Let's take a closer look at how this can be done in my mini-instructions.

Detailed instructions on how to make a reservation on can be found here: How to book a hotel in Buckinge.

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Cancellation Policy for Bookings

The first thing you can say about canceling your reservation - you have the opportunity to do this without any penalty, but the cancellation conditions for different hotels may vary. Therefore, even at the stage of choosing a room and booking, carefully look at the cancellation conditions set by the hotel. Reservations can usually be canceled free of charge if you do it a certain time before arrival (from 1 to 30 days, depending on the particular hotel), some hotels may even cancel the reservation and charge you an amount equal to the cost of living in a room for one day.

When initially choosing a hotel room, pay attention to the cancellation policy. In this case, the booking does not require your bank card number and the cancellation is free of charge:

How to cancel reservation on Booking com

When you select specific dates of arrival, the site draws your attention to what date the cancellation will be free for you:

How to cancel reservation on Booking com

How to cancel reservation on Booking

Immediately after booking

Immediately after booking on the site Booking undera message confirming that a letter has been sent to your email confirming your reservation will be a link “Cancel booking or make changes”, by clicking on which you can immediately make corrections.

How to cancel reservation on Booking com

In your account

If you have a registration on a Buckinge, then you can enter the site as an authorized user, and in your account you can cancel any of your reservations or change it.

By the link in the email

Next, consider the case when you book a hotel on as an unregistered or unlocked user.

In case the reservation was perfecta few days ago and you have already closed the page of booking, you need to go to your email, which you specified at the time of booking. There you need to find a letter with reservation confirmation. It has links to change or cancellation of your reservation. You can use them if necessary. Opening the letter confirming the reservation, sent by, you can see at once two links to cancel the reservation.

The first link is "Make a change to the reservation":

How to cancel reservation on Booking com

And the second button-link - "Cancel reservation":

How to cancel reservation on Booking com

Both links lead to the same booking page, where you can finally cancel your reservation. Under the red cancel button it is written how long the cancellation will be free:

How to cancel reservation on Booking com

After pressing the red button in the pop-up window, you can select the reason for cancellation and once again confirm your decision:

How to cancel reservation on Booking com

Everything, the reservation is canceled! A message will appear on the screen about the successful cancellation of the reservation and on what conditions it was canceled. In this case, free of charge:

How to cancel reservation on Booking com

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