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Recently, a friend of mine asked me a very interestingthe question of how travel influences relationships, whether they change. Honestly, I never thought about it in this aspect, but then I analyzed it, and instead of answering, a post was born in a personal.

Agree, it is very important what kind of relationship was originally, how well people knew each other, how close they were, what they were striving for.

The content of the article

The first changes - even before the trip

It seems to me not quite right to say onlyabout traveling, because relationships can begin to change even when people spend with each other not the usual 2-3 hours a day, seeing only in the evenings, but 24 hours a day. One jointly lived day of such a family is almost a week of marriage for an ordinary couple.

This can happen if both became freelancers, started to do joint projects and so on.

Unpleasant changes:

A whole circle of mutual lapping can begin, there can be more quarrels, expectations from each other and claims, fatigue from each other.

Pleasant changes:

If this period of lapping is right to live,trying to compromise more often and look for solutions that suit both, then the result is an even more united and friendly family, people become even closer to each other, get to know each other even better and can fully enjoy each other’s company. And it's always for the best!

It seems im very good together

It seems im very good together

Common cause or travel planning

If the trip expects to be long, difficult andnon-standard, then it requires some preparation, and if both are involved in this process, this also has a very positive effect on their mutual relations. In general, any common cause contributes to this very much!

Unpleasant changes:

Although at this stage scores may arise, who did what, how much, but usually such issues are quickly and amicably resolved.

Pleasant changes:

The common cause most often appears among those who haveinterests and aspirations in life already coincide. And here - new general topics of conversation are born, there is always something to discuss and share. When both people are involved in one process, they feel much more unity with each other, and this is so important for relationships when people live not two parallel lives, but one, common!

Directly on a journey

This is the most interesting. Traveling is different, and the more complicated they are, the more testing and catalyst is for a couple. For example, a tourist trip, where it is difficult, and physically, and sometimes even morally.

Unpleasant changes:

In difficult conditions, all kinds of cockroaches crawl out.manifest well-hidden foolish human traits. Here, indeed, it may be difficult for those who do not know each other very well or are not ready for the unexpected in each other. He lived and lived with one person, white and fluffy, and then suddenly he takes and shows himself as not at all fluffy, but prickly.

Well, here it’s your business to accept any new ones.get out each other and help each other develop in a positive direction, or make any other decision. Of course, it is still important that a person be able to realize that cockroaches climbed out of him and something needs to be done about it in order for him to strive for change for the better.

Pleasant changes:

There is an opportunity to see the true face of the satelliteso to speak, and to play an unimportant role in his life, helping him cope with his not entirely positive aspects of character. If both together realize that in order to achieve joint happiness, both of them will have to work hard, then they enthusiastically take to helping each other get rid of their shortcomings.

If people want to get ready prince onIf the white horse is a finished product, then their relationship may not withstand the trials of the campaign under difficult conditions But maybe this is for the better, which means it is simply not the same or not.

They were physically hard, but it is very good to overcome this together!

They were physically hard, but it is very good to overcome this together!

Again, the difficulties experienced together bring people very close together. And, if during a hike, positive, but hitherto unknown features are revealed, then this is quite wonderful.

Traveling to another country is not muchsimpler, although the model is the same. This, and a common thing with the distribution of responsibilities (for example, one is planning a route and looking for a road, and I am the second who makes plans for what to see), but also common emotions and general impressions. As well as a whole arsenal of different life situations, where a person can show himself in an unusual way for you, show unexpected facets of his character, and thus either attract you even more, or, on the contrary, scare. As the saying goes, a friend is known in trouble, and a companion - in difficulties and different situations!

Romance Travel

Romance Travel

The conclusion I can make is such that if upwhen traveling relationships were fragile or not entirely based on the right fundamentals, then most likely a hiking trip or a long trip would be a test for them that they could not stand. And for those relationships that are based on the correct principles, a long, even difficult journey will be an excellent medium for even greater improvement and, so to speak, strengthening of the union.

How great that they still want to go for the handle!

How great is that they still want to walk by the hand

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