How to fill out a migration card in Thailand - sample in Russian

If someone does not know, but has recently been changedMigration card to be filled before the Thai border. These cards are distributed to everyone else on the plane when flying from Russia. Some Asian airlines do not issue. But, of course, there are blanks before passport control, but it will take extra time, so I fill it in the plane, if there is such an opportunity.

The content of the article

Sample card filling

I post the sample fill. And then I remember the first time I flew to Tai, then I asked my neighbors what was meant. It seems clear, but in doubt.

Download sample>

Pictures can be saved to your phone and then see them if you have any questions.

Sample Fill Migration Card to Thailand

Sample Fill Migration Card to Thailand

How I filled out a card

And now just in case an example of my filling. Let there be another sample.

Sample how i filled out an immigration card

Sample how i filled out an immigration card

Sample how i filled out an immigration card

Sample how i filled out an immigration card

Some explanations

Everything about visas to Thailand and about the process visa in Moscow (if you need it), read my links.

  • It is necessary to fill both sides with both sides. The border guard will keep one of them for himself, the second will be invested in your overseas, and it is better not to lose it, otherwise you will have to go to the immigration office later.
  • Cards are not that formality, but they are notespecially checked. It is not to the fact that wrong information should be written there, but to the fact that one does not need to be a perfectionist. For example, in the card you need to indicate your annual income, I think it is obvious to everyone that you can put a tick in any field and this will not affect anything.
  • Similarly, the address in Thailand - just specify the city and the name of your hotel.
  • You do not need to fill in the visa number if you enter on a 30-day stamp.
  • It is necessary to fill with blue or black ink. And take a pen with you on the plane, the flight attendants do not give them away, you will have to ask your neighbors who have them. By experience, few people take.

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