How to find a favorite thing - the analysis of statistics of life

Recently talked with a friend on the phone,regarding favorite things, finding yourself and others. It's funny, they have already talked about this more than once, only circumstances change constantly, in fact, as well as opinion, based on life experience. So, this conversation prompted the fact that it would be necessary to write down your thoughts, which may be useful to someone, too, well, and it will be interesting to read it in 10 years.

By the way, does nobody write letters to the future? Then, after a while, to find out what he lived with, what he thought about, what questions stood and how they decided in the end. I do not write myself, but I often find myself thinking when I find myself in a place where I have not been for a long time (for example, near the office where I once worked) —and did that boy know that he would become something it will live like this. Surprisingly, you cannot predict in advance!

How to find a favorite thing

How to find a favorite thing

How to find your business

I'll start right away with the recipe. He helped me personally, but realized that I did just that, not immediately. So sometimes it happens that the specifics in the words or in the head develops already after.

We all have “statistics” of our life. Unfortunately, it is mainly available only to those who are inclined to introspection or have a logical way of thinking. But I'm not talking about that. So, the statistics clearly speaks about who you are, what you like, what you would like to do, and what you really do, and not just want. It is statistics that make it clear where real desires are, and where hypothetical, or, in other words, determines our propensity for this or that activity. Surely, not once noticed that you want something, but in fact you do otherwise. For example, do not go to the gym, although you want to look good, lie down and get up late, although you want to be a morning person, burn with emigration, but in fact there are no advances in this direction. In general, if you look back and analyze the last years, you can draw various useful conclusions and come up with new motivations for realizing those goals that have stalled with old motivations. A lot of statistics for what you can use.

Well, the recipe itself - statistics often givesunderstanding what you do all your life or part of life anyway, no matter what. The main thing is not to be afraid to admit it to yourself and not to run away from it. I was traveling, my friend has a picture. Of course, there are no guarantees whatsoever that you will make a mistake, in general, as well as universal recipes. This is just one of the options, as it can be.

How to recognize "his" case in statistics

Once I just looked around and realized that I wasalways drawn to travel and the process called the road. It got to the point that I quit my job because I could not bear it before the holidays. Naturally, this understanding alone did not bring me closer to my favorite work and income. And it was also easy not to pay attention to travel at all, since they have nothing to do with getting money. Still, we usually associate these concepts. So, my main mistake was that when looking for a favorite business, I evaluated everything on the subject, and whether this or that activity will bring money or not. This is not exactly the right way. That is why I knew about travel for a long time, but I never regarded them as a source of funds. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze what specifically brings you pleasure for a long time (throughout life), even if it even seems to you that there will never be money from this. You’ll want to do it anyway, even as a hobby, but it’s better to know than to run from it. Essentially a favorite activity and not obliged to bring you money. :)

It is important to understand that to give pleasuredifferent things can happen to different people and not everyone needs this favorite thing in principle. Someone wants to build a career and this is the main goal, someone is rushing on how he pulls a puzzle from purchases / sales and makes a profit, well, and some even measure the number of purchases and they don’t care about the process or the business if only to pay more money. And there are those who are trying to find a particular favorite thing, when it is important what exactly you do every day, and everything else fades into the background. Actually, there are a lot of intermediate options.

But all of the above people havethe unifying factor is that they want something, that is, everything depends on desire, without which there is nowhere. And this very desire you can try to isolate from their statistics. For some, it will be just a hobby (a process that brings joy), but for others, a certain format of work (career growth, entrepreneurship, maximum money for purchases, etc.). You do not have to wrestle with and think about what you would probably like, what else to try, because, as a rule, everything is already in statistics. Also on the basis of this desire, you can think of a motivation for something. Thus, statistics gives an understanding of, at least, about your favorite business, about the format of work, about motivation.

How specifically to choose something from the statistics, nottell you too individually. It was relatively simple for me in this plan; for the life of my hobby, different ones changed many times, but there were always trips, even to the neighboring region. Now it’s very difficult for us to travel, but still I travel a little and the desire to be on the road does not disappear anywhere. Sometimes I catch the “road” on the way to the doctor :) But, interestingly, when travelingare carried out close in time to the emerging desires to travel (I wanted - I went), that is, when you don’t have to wait for half a year’s vacation, then you want to travel less in the end.

Also, the format of my work greatly affected me - instead of the office with my boss, I now have a house and myself (there are downsides). As practice has shown, it was very important for me to work for myself and not to drive in traffic jams. And even though I am now thinking about coworking and my small office, it’s still psychologically more comfortable for me than before (peculiar upshifting).

P.S. AT next article share thoughts on how you can earn a hobby :) Without this, the article would be incomplete. And what do you think about introspection and some statistics about yourself, do you like this?

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