How to get to the Crimea from Moscow - plane, train, car, bus

I am preparing for a trip to the Crimea, where I was already a fewOnce in the campaigns, and now I would like to drive a car along the peninsula. Due to the political confusion between Ukraine and Russia to get to the Crimea has become much more difficult. The main problem is the lack of a railway connection that would connect Russia with the peninsula, passing through Ukraine, from which the main burden fell on the Crimea-Caucasus ferry. Nevertheless, you can still get to the Crimea.

The minimum set you need fortravel is a passport, money and patience. At the moment there are five points through which you can get to the peninsula: the Kerch ferry in Russia, two checkpoints in Ukraine (Chongar and Armyansk), well, of course, no one has canceled the opportunity to get to the Crimea by plane arrival at the airport of Simferopol or Sevastopol. Now about each item in more detail.

The content of the article

Kerch ferry

The ferry operates almost around the clock and get to it is easy. The crossing from the port of Kavkaz to the port of Crimea will take you only 20 minutes.

Ferry price and schedule

One-way ticket price is 150 rubles fromperson Children under 6 years old go free, from 6 to 12 - pay 80 rubles. The cost of a ferry for cars with a length of up to 5 m 30 cm is 1700 rubles, more than this length is 4800 rubles, the trailer is paid separately - 1500 rubles, a bicycle - 150 rubles, a scooter or motorcycle - 500 rubles.

Ferries depart every hour, from 0.30 to 23.30, that is, around the clock.

If cabin luggage weighs up to 25 kg, it is carriedis free. Before loading onto the ferry you will pass the baggage inspection. And by the way, do not forget to take a passport - without it you can not buy a ticket for the ferry. The weight of the baggage inside the car does not matter.

Map - Kavkaz Port

Just in case, noted on the map the port of Kavkaz, if someone has never traveled and does not know where he is.

Kerch crossing

Kerch crossing
The point marked port of the Caucasus, that is, the port on the side of the Krasnodar Territory.

The point marked port of the Caucasus, that is, the port on the side of the Krasnodar Territory.

The queue for the ferry to the Crimea

To get to the Crimea by ferry, stock uppatience (in the season with enormous patience) and be prepared to go through a queue lasting from one hour to infinity (in the summer, a turn at 15 o'clock is a common occurrence). Due to bad weather conditions (fog, storm), the crossing is suspended. And when the main stream goes to the season, despite the good weather, the queue can take a long time. But you will have the opportunity to meet new friends (to stand for a long time). It is advisable to have a supply of water and food with you if waiting is delayed because there may be problems on the track (several kilometers from the crossing).

To find out the latest information from the firsthands, whether there is a queue, what the weather is like, and what is happening with ferries right now, see the real-time webcam installed at the Kerch ferry in the port of Kavkaz or the port of Crimea.

In the summer of 2014, the ferry line reachedseveral days. But then a new pier was built, the number of ferries increased, the performance of the crossing doubled and the years 2015-2016 showed that this situation is not repeated.

Main ways

Car rental

First of all, motorists propose to consider the option of flying to Simferopol (how cheaper to fly) and rent a car directly in the Crimea (all the nuances of renting a car in the Crimea). But things, of course, do not take so much with you, as if driving your car from home. But this is the fastest and most convenient way, plus full mobility on site. I did this last time, I did not regret anything.

Immediately I will recommend you to take in advance and throughMyRentaCar is an aggregator of all local Crimean companies. Fucking convenient! No need to scour the sites and distributors compare the conditions, all in one place collected. In addition, I know this service is still in Montenegro, very well proven.

By car to the Crimea

If you still decide to get to the Crimea from Moscowin your car, you can get to the port of the Caucasus in one sitting on the M-4 highway (you can drive through Krasnodar, or you can get to Timashevsk and Slavyansk-on-Kuban after Rostov). But I personally do not like to sit behind the wheel for so long, especially since I am one driver. When we went without a child, we spent the night in a hotel on the road, where we would have to (we drove until dark). With the child, the hauls were less and spent the night in in an apartment in Voronezh and in apartment in Rostov-on-Don. The links recommend proven stop options.

In general, the M4 highway is good, there are no problemsmust. Alternatively, still catch some sights along the way, but then your path will increase significantly in time. Also it is necessary to take into account that traffic jams are possible in the Rostov region, repairs are still going on there. Read more about a trip on the M4 I wrote in a separate post, I go every year.

From Moscow to the Crimea you need to go on the M4

From Moscow to the Crimea you need to go on the M4

On the way there will be several paid lots, for a total of 300 rubles

On the way there will be several paid lots, for a total of 500 rubles

Loading cars in the ferry to the Crimea

Loading cars in the ferry to the Crimea

Inside the ferry to the Crimea

Inside the ferry to the Crimea

At the Kerch ferry you have to endureturn, in the offseason and in winter it is quite small, but in the summer you can stand much longer. About the cost already written above in detail. When preparing for a trip to the Crimea in the summer and by car, count your strength and overnight stay, because besides the queue you also have to go through the Crimea itself. In some localities (the road along the sea is just going through them) the roads are very narrow and filled with parked cars, you can still stand there decently.

Narrow road in the Crimea, the highway along the sea

Narrow road in the Crimea, the highway along the sea

By bus to the Crimea

You can go straight on the bus without transfers,for example, to Simferopol. You can buy a ticket over the Internet from some large company. Very convenient, like a plane, you buy in advance, pay by card, and then you just go to the bus station. Either at the bus station to take or from intermediaries. The price starts from 2600 rubles.

For those who enter the Crimea by bus, there isundeniable plus. Buses are not idle in the queue, like cars and trucks, they are immersed in the ferry first. By the way, about buses: to the Crimea now there are regular direct flights from Moscow, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar - yes, perhaps, from many large cities of Russia. Having bought a ticket for such a flight, you do not make a transfer to Kerch - and you are going to Simferopol right along with the bus. Of course, it’s not necessary to sit on the bus at this time - you can go to the open deck of the ferry and take a couple of photos.

By bus Moscow - Simferopol

By bus Moscow - Simferopol

By train to the Crimea

In 2016, promised to launch the crossingtrains so that you can get to the Crimea by train from almost anywhere in Russia, but so far with this deaf. Therefore, while you need to go to Kranodar or Anapa, and then make a transfer.

I remind you that if you were tortured by the Russian Railways buggy website,then you can buy a ticket through TuTu service. Thus, first you buy a ticket for the railway station to Krasnodar and then take a bus ticket to the desired Crimean city on the spot. In the season go often. The bus station in Krasnodar is directly opposite the train. Read more about buying Railways tickets online.

From Anapa, you can also go to the Crimea, and this is even more convenient, since the bus will have less time to get around, because the train is more comfortable. But keep in mind, buses from there go less often.

Single ticket

And you can also issue a single ticket from OAORussian Railways and the United Transport Directorate ANO. You need to buy on the website of the Russian Railways or in the railway ticket office. For the price of so-so, only reserved seats are cheap, but they need to be bought in advance.

The service is available from April 30 to September 30. The ticket consists of two: a train ticket and a bus / ferry ticket. Thus, you will get by train to Anapa or Krasnodar, transfer to the bus, cross the ferry, then take a bus to Kerch again. Departure time will be more or less connected, and on-site workers will accompany and say where to go further. In this case, you do not have to wait for your transport and stand in line for tickets. So you can get to Kerch, Feodosia, Yalta, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Evpatoria and Sudak.

An example of a single ticket to the Crimea

An example of a single ticket to the Crimea

By plane to the Crimea

Most of the existing flights are designed forarrival at the airport Simferopol. However, in the course, it will soon be possible to buy a ticket also to Belbek Airport in Sevastopol. Although it is smaller than Simferopol, planes of any class can land there. In terms of cost, air tickets do not differ much from the train, if we are talking about a coupe, and sometimes even by plane will be cheaper.

Tickets I usually monitor on two sites: Aviaseels or Skyscanner. You can also look at the sites of airlines that fly to Crimea, but you will not see anything fundamentally different there, most likely. These search engines have long learned to display all flights, even small airline low-cost airlines.

Why is it better to fly to Simferopol? The city of Simferopol has four bus stations and a large railway station, from where you can easily get to any corner of the Crimea (by bus, trolleybus, train, taxi). Although if you need it to be in Sevastopol and next to it, then, of course, it is better to go straight there right away. In detail about the various options for flights, airlines flying to the Crimea, I wrote in a post - How to fly to Crimea.

Flight time from Moscow to Simferopol is abouttwo hours. No, no customs, queues and other delights, left the house in the morning, in the evening already in place. Moreover, look at the Crimea from a height from the plane, it's beautiful. And again, at the airport of Simferopol (or somewhere else) you can rent a carThis method is much less time consuming than its drive through the Kerch crossing.

To get to Crimea through Ukraine

This way to get to Crimea is only suitable forresidents of Ukraine. Ukrainians can get to Crimea through checkpoints on highways in the Kherson region: Chongar and Armyansk, by bus or by private car. To get directly to the checkpoint in the absence of personal transport can only be one way - with the help of private carriers.

It looks like this: you take a train to Kherson (if you are going to go through Armyansk) or to Novoalekseevka (if you plan to drive through Chongar). Next in Kherson / Novoalekseevka get in a taxi (they are full at the station, you will not have problems with finding them), which takes you to the checkpoint. Go on your own. Go through the control procedure, put a stamp in the migration card - and you are in the Crimea! After crossing the border, transfer to another taxi and head to the nearest bus station.

Distance from train stationNovoalekseevka to checkpoint Chongar - 25 kilometers, the cost of a taxi - about 300 rubles per person. The five-kilometer zone of the so-called neutral territory can be walked on, or you can ask for a ride. Fortunately, during the waiting time in the queue for checking documents you can have time to agree on this with some driver. For backpackers without personal transport, the item Armyansk is more suitable. This is due to the fact that the neutral territory, which will have to go independently, is only 100 meters (on Chongar it is about 5 km).

If you travel to Crimea by car, thenBe prepared for a thorough inspection, which can take from 10 minutes to an hour (without taking into account the time lost in idle waiting in the queue for a check). Nothing can be done about this, one can only advise to drive through Chongar, since there are fewer cars at this checkpoint.

In general, crossing the border will take no more than two.hours, in the absence of problems with the documents. It is worth noting here that at the moment there is no railway connection with the Crimea and there is no hope for its renewal.

For Russians, there was previously the possibilityto get to the Crimea through Ukraine (across the border with the Kharkiv region, and then across the border with the Crimea itself) through the same checkpoints, but only on the basis of a foreign passport. From 2015, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the entry procedure for foreigners - now you need a special permit to visit the Crimea. Otherwise it is considered illegal entry and threatens with prison. Therefore, it is better for the citizens of Russia not to even try to enter the territory of the Crimea from Ukraine, and especially from the Crimea to Ukraine.

What documents are needed for a trip to the Crimea

If you get to the Crimea from Russia, then onea passport (and child's birth certificate) will be enough for you. A passport is useful only when you buy a ticket at the crossing or at the airport; besides this, there is no passport control on the way from continental Russia to the peninsula. Citizens of the Russian Federation have no restrictions on the duration of their stay on the territory of Crimea.

If your path lies through Ukraine, then everythinga little harder. There will be passport control and a migration card. So, at the checkpoint you will need to show your internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a foreign passport of the Russian Federation, if you are from Russia. They say that Ukrainians of military age can be asked for a military ID (registration certificate). By law, it is not necessary to show it, but the refusal of this procedure can be fraught with consequences, up to the refusal to cross the border. Citizens from EU countries can get to the Crimea if they have ordinary tourist visas to enter the Russian Federation.

Once there will be a bridge to the Crimea and there will be no queues

Once there will be a bridge to the Crimea and there will be no queues

P.S. I will not say that I am a direct fan of the Crimea, but if one ever builds a bridge and eliminates the need to hang around for hours waiting for the ferry, then I’ll definitely go to Crimea more often because I like it there more Gelendzhik.

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