How to get to Fox Bay

A separate small quite post with a map liketo get to the beach in Fox Bay, where we once stood for several days after a hike in the Crimea. I do not remember why they chose this particular place, apparently someone from our company knew the way here and was here. Report on the campground and beach rest you can read here - Fox Bay in Crimea - nudists, tents, sea.

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How to get to Fox Bay

Yes, very simple. We must take any bus that will pass through the village of Shchebetovka, located between Sudak and Theodosia, not far from Koktybeli. From Schebetovka, you need to get a bus to the village of Resort and go ashore. And then go to the right along the coast to the tent camp for about 30 minutes.

If you go by car, then you need to turnright on the dirt road, not reaching the village of Kurortnoe. And there already go until you run into the seashore. It is necessary to take into account only that moment, that on an ordinary car the passage will be difficult, the road is dirt, and its condition is only getting worse.

Fox Bay on the map

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Information note:

- Parking is free.
- A place to stand up can be found with somework, especially in the shadows. Parking is usually dirty. Therefore, the option is to take an awning and stand on the shore. In August, I think there will be absolutely problems with places.
- Products are sold on the shore, (both regular and fruits with vegetables). However, they say that everything there is not the first freshness. I do not know, we all had our own, to a normal store for half an hour.
- For lovers of entertainment, there is a cafe. Again, there are bad reviews, but we did not eat there, we used to cook ourselves.
- There are pay toilets (8p) and shower (40p). It is better to take the garbage with you, as no one takes out the trash.
- With wood there is tension, but you can buy. Burners and stoves are a good option.
- There are many nudists on the beach, however you can walk as you please. If this bothers you, you'd better not go there.

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