How to get from Ao Nang to airport and Krabi town

A brief post, just a note to those who go from Ao Nang to Krabi. In fact, you have only three options for how to get there: Bus, Songteo (minibus), taxi.

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The bus runs on a schedule and it is sharpened by arriving flights. That is, it goes quite well from Krabi Airport (the link is not only about the airport, but also fromHe will not have to wait for him to get to Aonang), but from Ao Nang, on the contrary, he will have to adjust. Bus tickets can be bought at some hotels or travel agencies, and I was told that the bus ticket can not be bought (dubious information, most likely you can). Unfortunately, the bus stops are very inconspicuous, and they are few. By this, I didn’t like the bus that it’s not at all obvious to the newcomer that in principle there is a bus in Aonang. And the schedule does not hang at bus stops ... In general, it makes sense to wait for him near McDonald's, this is a good landmark. The cost of the ticket to the airport is 150 baht, the cost to Krabi Town is 80 baht, it stops by the road. The journey takes about an hour.

Schedule of bus Ao Nang - Krabi

Schedule of bus Ao Nang - Krabi

Bus cost, signboard at Krabi airport

The cost of the bus, the sign at the airport


With songteo (shuttles) easier, they go witha certain periodicity (approximately every half hour, but before darkness approximately) and they can be braked at any place on the main road. They walk from the beach of Noparata Tara through Ao Nang. Cost of 50-60 baht to Krabi Town. Travel time 40-60 minutes.

Cost of Songteo Ao Nang - Krabi

Cost of Songteo Ao Nang - Krabi


Well, the most convenient and easiest option is a taxi. True, and the most expensive. If you save, you will not be hurt by a taxi, only if you take a one-time or a few per person. For example, 3-4 people are already comparable to the bus or Songteo. We once took a minivan minivan for 600 baht, though, usually for the money it will not be a minivan, but an ordinary car. But you can take a taxi almost instantly, it’s enough to go to the lobby of a hotel or to a company that deals with transfers and say what you need. Last time I waited about 10 minutes in total.

Alternatively, still order a taxi via the Internet fromKiwitaxi, they just work in Thailand. Of course, if you need it in advance, and not after 5 minutes. For example, go to Krabi airport, or even to Phuket. Even out of the house will not have to order.

Taxi from Ao Nang to Krabi, Phuket and other places

Taxi from Ao Nang to Krabi, Phuket and other places

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