How to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai - all ways

There are several ways to get fromBangkok to Chiang Mai in order of higher prices: bus, train, plane. Obviously, comfort also rises with an increase in price. The fastest and most comfortable is a plane, the train is one of the longest ways, but you can sleep like a human being. The bus goes faster than the train, but sitting to sleep for an amateur. You can also get there by car. About the way back told here: How to get from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

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Airplane from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

The most expensive way, but the most comfortable andquick, especially if you make a transfer right at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport after arrival from Russia. I did not see direct flights to Chiang Mai from Moscow, but if you initially need to go to Chiang Mai, then look at flights with a transfer, save money. They often cost the same as Moscow-Bangkok.

Need to know that of Suvarnabhumi Airport low-cost flights do not fly, so the price of the flight will be higher than if you flew from Don Muang low-cost airline AirAsia or Nokair. You can get from Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang in 30-60 minutes by taxi or free shuttle bus. On the links about airports read, everything is written in detail, I will not be repeated.

First of all, you can search for tickets through good ones.ticket search engines for all airlines and Both regular flights and lowcost are presented there. Airfare starts from 1000 baht and sometimes there are promotions.

You arrive at the airport of Chiang Mai, it is there alone and is within the city limits. Next, take a songteo or a knock-knock and drive to the right place. The center of Chiang Mai (square) can be reached in about 15 minutes, not far there.

Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

How to buy a train ticket via the Internet

Buy a train ticket can, as in the box office HuaLamphong, and in any travel agency on the street of Bangkok. In my opinion, if you already buy tickets at the agency, it is better to do it in advance and via the Internet. Only has such an opportunity now. Payment by credit card or PayPal. The train ticket is not electronic, you must get the original, either at the agency’s office (several points) or by mail. Unfortunately, the Thai railways do not support the e-ticketing system.

Bangkok-Chiang Mai train tickets>

Station and Schedule

Chiang Mai can also be reached by train, butit will be a bit more expensive than on the bus and often there are no tickets for lying places (there are almost always sedentary) every day, especially on holidays. You need to buy in advance, better for a week, but if you flew in today, this is not an option at all. The price of a ticket on a reserved seat with air conditioning is about 800-900 baht. Consider that if there are no train tickets, local helpers will offer you to leave by bus, but the prices there will be twice as high as if you go from the Mochit bus station. And, most likely they will say that there are very few tickets and you will not leave. We are so caught the first time. Read more about trains in thailand.

You will need the Hua Lamphong train station, which can be reached by subway. The station is also called Hua Lamphong (MRT), it is finite, you cannot go wrong. Underground branch MRT. Post about underground.

Railway Station Hua Lamphong

Railway Station Hua Lamphong
Station in the heart of Bangkok

Station in the heart of Bangkok

Bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

How to buy a bus ticket via the Internet

There is a one-of-a-kind website - It gives you the opportunity to buy bus tickets via the Internet. Almost all bus companies are present, so there will be a choice. But the directions are not all, only popular ones. In a city in a remote province to buy a ticket until it turns out. Payment by credit card or PayPal, an electronic ticket, very convenient!

Bangkok-Chiang Mai Tickets>

Avtokozkal Mochit

Buses to Chiang Mai from Bangkok go withbus station MoChit. There are day and night flights, go almost every half an hour. As a rule, there are always tickets, but if you have to leave at a specific time or a certain class, then it is better to buy in advance, especially during the Thai holidays. By the time to go 8-10 hours. The ticket costs 400-800 baht, depending on the class (vip, 1, 2). The second class is the cheapest, and the cheapest is the bus company Goverment bus (just 400 baht). All buses are good and air-conditioned (compared to the fact that they go around Russia for the same distance). But on a night flight, I would advise buying tickets for more expensive Vip-24, Vip-32, Vip first class.

MoChit North Bus Station is 15 minutes away.walk from Mochit (BTS) and Chatuchak Park (MRT) metro stations, they are close by, one overhead line (BTS) and another underground (MRT). If you go from Suvarnabhumi Airport, then take the City Line (a branch from the airport to the city), reach the Phaya Thai station, where you will be transferred to the Skytrain subway and reach Mochit station. You can take a taxi, but the choice is yours. How to go from the subway, you can see on the map below. If you do not want to go, then you can take the bus 138 or tuk-tuk.

In Chiang Mai, you arrive at the bus station Arcade bus terminal. Next, the easiest way to get a songteo for 20-60 bahtdrive to the desired point of the city. As a rule, they go to Old City, this is the central part of the city, located in the square (a large square moat forms, girding the center of the city). There are all cheap guest houses, as well as cafes.

Nakonchai Air (NCA)

First Class (21 seats) - 876 baht, buy only for 2-3 weeks, otherwise it will not. Wide leather massage seats (3 seats in a row).
Gold class (32 seats) - 657 baht, on weekdays there is a couple of hours before departure, on weekends and holidays you can not make it. Comfort is more than a man of average size.

How to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Nakonchai Air

Nakonchai Air Schedule

Nakonchai Air Schedule

Sombat tour

Vip-24 - 789 baht, also better in advance, but more flights, in a couple of hours actually catch. Wide massage seats, individual screens (3 seats in a row).
Vip-32 - 657 baht
First class (40 seats) - 563 baht

Bus company Sombat Tour

Bus company Sombat Tour

Schedule of the bus company Sombat Tour

Schedule of the bus company Sombat Tour

Transport 999

Vip 876 baht (20.00, 21.00)
First class 563 baht (18.30, 21.40, 23.00)
Second class 438 baht

On a rented car

Probably this way to get to Chiang Maiit makes sense to consider it as a separate journey, because you can go far enough, and if you have cheap air tickets (this is not for you Samui), you can fly completely by plane. However, if you go by car, you can drive to a bunch of places along the way, to Ayuttayu the same, or to Sukhothai. In detail all the nuances of renting I already described. By the way, the car can and take at the airport of Chiang Mai, as you wish. It will also be convenient, you can travel across the north, I have already done this several times and I want more.

Discounted car rental>

Auto need to take through a trusted brokerEconomybookings, through them cheaper than directly. Plus, he immediately shows on his website all the offers from international distributors in Thailand. And insurance without a franchise can give for free. I usually take the cars in Hertz, as I often give the car to another point, and usually other companies take commissions for it. Hertz does not take anything, if you take for a period of 5 days or more. And just on the site of the aggregator it is convenient to compare what is more profitable, Hertz without a commission or from another company with a commission, but cheaper by the day.

P.S. If you are going to look for accommodation in Chiang Mai, I remind you that we have Chiang Mai's 22 guesthouses overview. Or you can search and book a hotel in Chiang Mai on the service RoomGuru.

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