How to get from Hua Hin to Samui and Koh Phangan

There are several options on how to get from Hua Hin to Samui, but all ground methods are connected with the ferry, since Samui is an island, and there either by ferry or by plane. In short, there are 3 options:

- bus and ferry
- train, bus and ferry
- bus and plane

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How to buy a bus ticket via the Internet

There is an excellent site, where you can buy tickets for the bus or train in advance and through the Internet. Payment by credit card or PayPal, very convenient!

Bus and railway tickets>

The bus ticket will be electronic, but onthe train will have to get the original, either at the agency (several points) or by mail. Unfortunately, the Thai railways do not have electronic tickets. By the way, there are also combined tickets (bus + ferry, train + ferry) on this site.

But with Hua Hin, it's a cant, at the time of the updatefasting, they offer to buy tickets only from Lompray. But, this is a good option, taking you to Chumphon by bus, and then a high-speed catamaran to the island.

Hua Hin Bus - Surat Thani and Ferry

At the Hua Hin bus station you can immediately buy a ticketand on the bus and on the ferry. The bus will cost 300-800 baht, depending on which class you go, and a ferry ticket costs 150 baht. The bus goes about 8 hours to Tapee Pier pier in Surat Thani (it used to be in Donsak, closer to the island, but in 2017 they moved to the Tapi River in Surat Thani). From Tapi Pier to Samui catamarans go 1 h 55 min. The bus station in Hua Hin is about 98 soybeans.

Schedule ferries on Samui and Phangan from Don Sak pier berth and Rajaferry arrives at Lipa Noi, Seatranferry arrives at Nathon.

You can also buy for 1300-1400 baht complexticket here First, from Hua Hin, they will take Chumphon (this is not very far) to the pier, and then the fast boat will take you across Koh Phangan to Koh Samui. The total travel time is about 12 hours. The tourist office of this office is located opposite the clock tower (clock tower), near Wat Hua Hin. Tickets are better to take a couple of days in advance.

Another fast boat from also runs from Chumpon.

Hua Hin - Suratthani train, bus and ferry

There is also an option to take the train tothe city of Surat Thani (Suratthani) for 400 baht (6-8 hours on the way), then get to the bus station by bus for 50 baht, where you can take a bus to Don Sak pier (15 km from the city) for 100 baht, and then sit down on the ferry to Samui 150 baht per person (travel time 2 hours). From this pier the ferry runs every hour starting at 6 am.

G.The station in Hua Hin is located in the center of the city, and it is on the Google map. The total travel time is likely to be more than in the first case, bus + ferry, but this depends on the train. It is best to go overnight to be on the ferry in the morning.

Train timetables and ticket prices can be found at the office. railway site The southern direction is the Southern Line.

Plane to Samui

Another option, I can not say that morequick, is to get to Bangkok by bus, and from there you can fly to Samui by plane. The road to Bangkok will take about 3 hours, and on the plane another hour. But in total, with check-in, expensive to Suvarnabumi airport in Bangkok, it will turn out at least 6 hours. Airfare from 3000 baht, you can search on, or other similar search engines tickets.

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