How to get more complete statistics Aviasales

This post may be interesting to those travel bloggers who use the affiliate program from Aviasales. If you have not tried it yet, then follow the link and register in it. But turn to the case.

Improving statistics

Many, including myself, use widgets insidebar The maximum that affiliate offers is the use of its additional marker. I think you understand that by placing a sidebar marker, you will find out that the transitions were from the sidebar, but you won’t know from which particular page. And this is very interesting, because by finding out which pages are the most selling on your blog / website, you can conclude in which direction to go further to increase earnings.

Therefore, we need not just a sidebar marker, but alsoanother ID post, or marking heading / page / entry. I did myself to track the page + ID, record + ID, heading, home page. In principle, it is logical, we basically need the ID of the posts and the main one, because from the rest of the page there will most likely be little sales.

I pasted this code in PHP Worpdress widget. You will need a PHP Code Widget plugin or similar, otherwise php cannot be inserted into the widget.

<? php if (is_page ()) {$ avmarker = 'page'. get_the_ID ();} if (is_single ()) {$ avmarker = 'single'. get_the_ID ();} if (is_category ()) {$ avmarker = 'category';} if (is_home ()) {$ avmarker = 'home';} ?>

And in the place of the code from Aviasales, where your marker is going, you need to insert such a piece into the line break.

& marker = 11334. sidebar & show_tutorial

As a result, we will receive in the affiliate account a list of all ID posts from which there were conversions and sales. And also we will find out whether there were sales from the main, headings and pages.

Here is a list we have in your personal account Aviasales

Here is a list we have in your personal account Aviasales

After that, you will need to punch the ID of the posts and see what they are. I'll tell you how this can be done, since I started :) You can put the Search by ID plugin or an analogue and find the name of a post by ID. You can also go to PHPMyAdmin on your hosting and look for the ID you need in the post table.

So I had a lot of posts, I went to othersby. First, I copied all the markers into Excel from the Aviasales personal account, then with the help of AutoCorrect I removed the excess and only the numbers in the column remained. Next you need to somehow make them in a line and separated by a comma. Did this:

- I copied the entire column from Excel and pasted it in the field in the browser (where the address you enter) and they turned out in one line.
- Then I copied it from here to a text file, getting the numbers in the line separated by a space.
- Now it’s not difficult to replace the space with a comma through an AutoCorrect.

Well, then everything is easy for those who are a littleunderstands wordpress. We create the most common page in the admin panel, for example with the link, then go to our template (via ftp, for example), look for the page.php file, copy it to page-aviasales.php and there instead of the_content we insert our array with ID (just copy your numbers).

<? php $ IDs = array ('1,553,555,315,31558'); foreach ($ IDs as $ ID) {?>

Then we go to the page created by us in the browser and see a list of all posts.

Something about my stats

For 3 months of summer, about 250 brought me moneyarticles, from 900. Themes are the most diverse, and travel is not always straightforward. The following posts were the most striking: what to do in Moscow, the ferry timetable in Hong Kong, the layout of food on the hike. That is, there were low sales for them, but they were. And how to conduct analytics in this case is not clear. In an amicable way, one should look at the annual statistics, and not in 3 months, in order to draw more complete conclusions. But the feeling that sales are spread relatively evenly throughout the site, excluding the topic of special children and all sorts of philosophy. Basically, informational posts bring money, not any sights or trip reports. Actually, in terms of contextual advertising exactly the same situation is observed.

It turns out necessary to mainly work oninformation posts that I want to write least of all, as well as work on the brand and the visual appearance, so that visitors trust the recommendations more. Needless to visit, too, need to raise.

P.S. I hope someone will benefit from this info, because without analytics is nowhere. Here sometimes I am not lazy and I try to analyze. You can also tell something interesting. By the way, this code can be used both for regular links and for other affiliate programs if they themselves do not track the reffers themselves.

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