How to allocate time or how I design a collider

To Article-Macbook pro review one of the commentators said that I did not lead a blog, butI am designing some kind of hadron collider, apparently that is how I described my activities, claiming that I really need a macbook. That conversation is somehow sunk into the soul, and I decided once again to check what I do every day. Preliminary conclusion showed that I need not a Mac, but a dishwasher :) But jokes, jokes, the housekeeper would really be very useful, and I hope that we will have it sooner or later.

How to allocate time

How to allocate time

The content of the article

Time management problem

In principle, from time to time it is useful to do someAnalytics of your daily actions, to understand where you are stuck, and what time is not used where you want. But if we are talking about time management, then I’m not at all friendly with him, because his main essence is the delegation of authority, that is, it is necessary to give up those things that you don’t have to do yourself. This, of course, is correct, but so far in my work I can’t find what I have to give, because I’m supposed to be able to do everything myself. And more often than not, only in the process it turns out to understand what exactly is needed (because of this I can’t make up the TZ). With non-business matters, on the contrary, everything is clear: I’ll give the car to the car service station, order the delivery of the goods to the house instead of pickup, take the haircut at the barbershop, give the tax returns to My case and so on. But here in the work, where is the most effective action of the “manager”, and where is the routine work for a hired freelancer? It is not clear ... And the trick is still not working, that, they say, let someone else do cheap work, when I earn much more during this time - because I don’t really earn anything, all the activities are at one price. :)

If the fingers, here we take blogging. Understandably, if the project is authoring, then the articles and photos should be mine, copywriter services and photo stocks that would be suitable for some travel portal will not work here. And it seems to be even clear that if there is a lot of material, there is a profit, then it makes sense to give the entire technical side to the web programmer in order to deal only with content. On the other hand, during this time I am clapping articles with the “same value” as I’ll give to the programmer (in fact, it’s difficult to evaluate), and, as I wrote above, I have a problem with the TK - I want to redo something, but you need to tinker yourself to understand how it should look, accordingly, there is a fear that you will have to redo it anyway.

But in any case, I understand that giving partwork is right, and, as I see it, many come to it over time. If you want to be effective, then you need to highlight the direction that the main, and which only you can and want to lead, and the rest is done by someone else. Thus, maximum efficiency is achieved, it is possible to delve into the full program in your area, instead of fumbling in many areas, but at the tops. In principle, for this reason, I stopped making websites to order and writing articles, because this money is nowhere, it is better to spend this time on developing a blog that will pay off in the future.

In general, if you are familiar with such problems, thenI would like to hear your opinion, how to learn how to properly allocate time, how to figure out what to do yourself, and what to give anyway, how to quickly assimilate information, how to do everything faster. Of course, I understand that a blog is not God knows what a difficult job, but they are no less. People over there somehow manage to carry on several pieces at the same time, while others also lead portals alone.

Work as a blogger

I already laid out an article and a video about work as a blogger, this is for those who think that it is completely timeless. Since then, much water has flowed, so once again, what is now included in the work:

  • Writing articles. You can quickly write an article about an impression when you are alert, but some informational posts are written for a week, not including the processing of information.
  • Editing photos, signing andplacing them in the text. If the article contains 40 photographs, then even with minimal processing it is an hour, sign and arrange as many more. Yes, yes, the latter also takes a decent time.
  • Commenting and answering questions. When a blog’s attendance becomes big, questions are piled up every day. And I can not answer them, because the blog was done to help with the information. But when a philosophical post is issued, then there is sometimes a debate at all, and how not to participate in them, if I ask this topic myself. Often, having sat down in the morning to answer questions for the last couple of days, this is where my work day ends.
  • Correspondence by e-mail and in PM. And, if I send all of the questions to the comments now, all the same, the correspondence remains. Sometimes she is personal, sometimes on business. Often you have to rewrite with any technical support of a service.
  • Solving technical issues. Based on my experience, I can say that these issues arise constantly, one plug-in has fallen off, the cross-status has stopped working, the block has gone somewhere on the site. Yes, of course, if you use the minimum functionality, the technical side will be minimized, however, I constantly want to add something new, not remove, because progress does not stand still and you need to keep up with the times, improving usability.
  • Website promotion and development analysis. This is what I do now the least, but it needs to be done. And just this very point turns out to be stupid to give to the side, because it’s unprofitable to promote an author's blog with earnings on contextual advertising in principle, besides by proxy.

Working Time Analytics

Analyze the time spent forcomputer, for example, you can use Time Tracker (Windows) and the online service and the Yaware application (Windows and Mac OS). But this time, I decided to do everything with my hands, because it was important for me to understand what I was doing offline too.

8:30 rise, cleaning, turn on the computer
8:45 my dishes in the evening
8:50 I cook compote Egor
9:00 am sorting out blueberries for Egor
9:15 am checking mail, answered 2 comments and 1 letter
9:30 am looking for pictures for the article and stumbled upon the unfolded documents of Egor - I am thinning
9:45 am washing my face
9:50 intercepted Egor
Five to six I go to the shower
10:00 am finishing food for Daria (Egor fell and hangs on his chest)
10:15 my dishes after breakfast, cleaning up the effects of breakfast
10:20 arrived defectologist
10:45 distracted and responded to comments
10:55 am listening to a pathologist
Five to six
12:00 conversation with Daria, talking on the phone
12:15 I have breakfast at the computer, comments + mail, I thin out pictures for the article and process
13:25 upload photos from lightroom, upload to blog, a couple of messages in contact, sign photos, finish an article
13:50 I warm up dinner to Egor and my dishes
14:00 I digitize documents Yegor
14:10 We prepare for a massage (food, clothes), dress myself and get ready
14:25 Egor's documents are digitized
14:35 take off and hang clothes
14:40 go out for a massage
14:55 arrived for a massage, I work in the car: messages of VKontakte, to-thai (publication of announcements and checking, setting up the plug-in)
15:35 life-trip (key search, article preparation, plug-in check, response to comments)
16:00 massage is finished, we went home (on the way fed Yegor, they then went for a walk)
16:40 came home cooking salad
17:00 went to make insurance for the car
17:35 I finish the salad
17:40 I eat and look at the mail / VK / comments, read about the analyzes of Egor
17:55 tel call, even two
18:00 I understand the plugin, I answer on Skype
18:50 to-thai
19:20 Article about Chang, choose pictures
20:20 I play with Egor
20:35 telephone conversation
21:00 I warm up food for Egor
21:10 mail, understand the terms of the affiliate program, comments, read about the bill
22:00 I am writing an article
22:40 routine, surfing, doing nothing
1:00 went to bed

I put this sheet here just for example,Days are different, sometimes more cases, sometimes less. At the time of the recording of the daily routine, we were in Moscow, we had a course of massage and exercise therapy. And, for example, in a couple of weeks we moved from Butovo and we started a new course of massage, gymnastics and hair styling, in which Daria and my mom were involved (I had to keep Egor). And I ran on instances and registered sp. It's funny, there were three adults, but still did not have time to do what was necessary.

How to properly allocate time - some conclusions

  • Need to do less switching between cases. I read, there is a rule of 45 + 15. When you work 45 minutes on one thing, and you rest 15 minutes or do minor things. And during these 45 minutes, you need to write in a notebook those small things that arise in the process, so as not to clog their heads and do not switch. In total, I got around 6:30 on that day to work, and very little was done due to switching.
  • For me personally, it's obvious that we need a personwho will be engaged in housekeeping and cooking, even 2-3 times a week. Because on this day it took about 2 hours to do this. At the very least, it will set me free, and I, in turn, will be able to take on Egor more often. Here it is just clear that homework should be delegated. As an option, put at least a dishwasher.
  • Allocate a specific time (or maybe not fixed, but no more than 1-2 times a day) for answering mail and comments. I already made a delay before answering somewhere a day, it remains to do it once a day.
  • Still, you need a workplace in a closed room. Because I myself am constantly distracted by everything that is happening around, and Daria does not manage to consider me working - “well, he stands here / sits next to me, not somewhere at work”. As an option, I tried to work in headphones with loud music, but this is not exactly what I get tired of the noise.
  • Still, you need to overpower yourself and learn to make TK to shift the technical part of the site to someone else. Since the search for any bug can gobble the whole day.
  • To Darya to pass on the rights or more often use the services of a taxi so that I don’t have to carry them somewhere myself every time.

P.S. I will be glad to advice and personal experience on how to do everything, whether there is an objective criterion that has done little / how much, how to choose what to delegate and what not, whether the “lays down early, gets up early” mode and so on helps.

P.P.S. Here you also liked a good article on Habré regarding the basics of timenedzhmnet ?, where only to find the strength to organize yourself like this.

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