How much are flights to Milan?

Famous cities and countries of the world are the fact that each person has their image, which has developed as a mosaic of bright pictures, excerpts from favorite films and famous paintings. Italy is such a country, familiar to us from some fragments, but not understood from afar.

Getting here, you understand: Italy - the happiest country in the world, because these lands are created for pleasure. Do you think you are cold, have lost your taste for life and are disappointed in everything? Urgently find out the price of air tickets to Milan (I advise you to use and for this purpose), and go on a trip. Here, pedants are infected with carelessness, patients recover, the dull become sensual, and lovers simply lose their heads.

Under the cheerful rays of the Italian sun, undergenerous streams of bardolino, valpolicello and chianti, thanks to the bright colors of the happy south, stupefied by the keen smell of the sea - age recedes and diseases disappear. If you get here, you are guaranteed to forget that you were interested in other directions.

Italy is very different. These are very small towns, water parks, large beaches, purple bougainvillea and toy San Marino. Here melt the peaks of the Apennines in a hot haze, and like a painted sky, it is tilted into the sea. The essence of the Italian Mediterranean cannot be described in two words.

Italy is a very bright and colorful picture,where the rainbows hang in the spray of the fountain. These are greens piny and silver olives. It is also olive oil, amazing wine, cheese, and spaghetti marinari. And these are narrow streets, constantly hung up to the sky with washed laundry, tasty and very cheap food in small restaurants and Italian supercars that are very expensive by our standards, which are collected here, near Modena.

In Milan on the Piazza del Duomo can be foundGiorgio Armani or Christian Verdi. Spring morning, girls, drinking on the move espresso from microscopic cups, - such Milan everyday life you want to savor and drink in very small sips.

Italy is like a magic box with countlesstreasure It has wonders of Apennine villages, Piazza Roma, Venice lace with fancy patterns of narrow bridges, ancient Ravenna, swallow nests clinging to the mountain tops, soaring high in the sky of campaniles, Venetian nights, the rustle of boats and the quiet splash of waves. The careless blue of the Adriatic and the hot colors of the South are Italy, the happiest country in the world. No one but the Italians can enjoy life so much, conveying this delight to us - happy tourists who instantly in this country assimilate into a new life.

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