How much is a budget round-the-world trip?

The financial question is one of the most burning,when it comes to travel, especially long. Few can imagine how it is possible to drop everything and go for a few years traveling around the world. That is why it was interesting for me to post this guest post about the guys who have been on the road for a year and a half, and their incomes are pretty ordinary, not some fabulous money they earn, but accessible to the majority. So why is someone going, and someone just dreams? But let's leave philosophy, look at the practice, how much money can go, and what money we will get by moving from country to country.

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If your heart is calling, do not be afraid and do not resist.

This article is intended for those who are interested.practical part of travel. For those who need to assess their own desires and its relationship with the possibilities. We will tell you about life and money on the way with our own example and the example of our ongoing (at the moment a year and a half) world tour.

How much is a budget round-the-world trip?

Of course, start with the fact that the budgetTraveling is a thing that is becoming more famous and popular in Russia every year. Many travelers do routes that are unthinkable in duration in time and space, not only with a small budget (Valery Shanin and his “$ 280 World Tour” through 14 countries), but also practically without him (Vladimir Nesin and his travels barefoot The fixed amount is a pension of 7,000 rubles a month). It is worth mentioning Anton Krotov, the creator of the Academy of Free Travels, the author and co-author of many published useful guide books on how to travel at minimal cost.

In general, the world is full of great romantics,travelers, practitioners who share their experiences. And if the question “go or not go” rests only in money, we recommend searching for information about the above and other free travelers on the Internet - their experience inspires action.

In the national park

In Sequoia National Park, USA

Money at the time of launch (that we had)

And now, about our approach. There was no thorough preparation for the world tour. From idea to realization, we have been working for about two months. All figures are shown below for two.

  • money for an American visa (the only one made before departure) 11880 rubles,
  • money for the first tickets: Moscow-Irkutsk train 11600 r., Irkutsk-Harbin plane 222 EU,
  • work in freelance mode, based on which we were able to plan a monthly budget of 30,000 rubles (for two)
  • a small reserve of various deposits, which we planned to spend (and spent), at the end of their term when going beyond the planned budget and in case of unforeseen expenses.

Budget planning and expense trackingIt’s good that you create a kind of zero-point, a bar for which you can evaluate your own strength and abilities to stay in a particular country. Of course, in different countries and the possibilities are different, but a limited amount per month helps to be more vigilant.

How much is a budget round-the-world trip?

Here, for example, the statistics that we managed to compile due to this vigilance:

Costs, which includes almost everything - movement, overnight stay, food. Calculation per month for two (visa fees are indicated on one), time of action: end of 2013 - beginning of 2015.

  • China - 24-26 thousand rubles (including a tourist visa for 1 month - 1200 rubles);
  • Laos and Vietnam - 20 thousand rubles (both in the first and in the second country for the Russians do not need a visa if the stay does not exceed two weeks);
  • Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia - 15-20 thousand rubles (Cambodian visa $ 25 US);
  • Indonesia - 26-28 thousand rubles ($ 25 US - a visa with a stay of up to 1 month in order to stay longer updated tourist visa to Bali)
  • Australia - $ 400 AU at the rate of $ 1 AU = 33 rubles (Australian tourist visa with a stay of up to 3 months 145 $ US);
  • United States - 30-35 thousand rubles, the rate at that time was 35 rubles per dollar, including the cost of gasoline and a car, the visa was paid back in Moscow, and the duration of our stay at the border was six months.
  • Mexico (Guadalajara) - 30 thousand rubles (visa-free regime with a stay of up to six months - at the entrance or at the departure you must pay a customs fee of $ 28 US).
  • Mexico (Cancun) - 30 thousand rubles at the beginning, and it was here that we caught the growth of the dollar, in connection with which, the monthly expenses in terms of rubles greatly increased to 40 thousand.
Our lunch in the jungle of Vietnam

Our lunch in the jungle of Vietnam

And now tell about the very, perhaps,burning issue: our ways of earning. Practice shows that not many people believe in the opportunity to earn on the way. Often, this unbelief becomes the cause of a “requiem for a dream.” We are surprised when we pass by the young drunken homeless: “Hands on the spot, head on the spot! Why won't he find a job to live normally? ”The most important thing is to remember that if there are no physical limitations, then you are unlikely to disappear, wherever you are. And even with health restrictions, the brave in spirit find their calling or seek it. The most difficult obstacles are in the mind, and therefore, "remove" them only in our power.

We have long been addicted to the "freelance". He has two significant advantages - mobility and the ability to search for a business by the spirit; and one minus - the amount of money earned directly depends on the time spent on work. We enumerate below everything that we use - something more is collected from the nuggets.

Palm trees by the sea, where do without them freelancer =)

Palm trees by the sea, where do without them freelancer =)

Our ways to make money


From the very beginning, we had several partners for whom we wrote custom articles. The payment ranged from 600 rubles to $ 25 US per article with photos, or $ 10 per copyright of articles on our site.

Programming, administration, SEO

The source of work are regular customers orcustomers coming on the recommendations. A week of work brings an average of $ 200 US, a month can be up to $ 1000 US. Once at a time it is not necessary, the amount of money depends on the “success” of the project, as well as on the time invested.

Exchange links. Advertising on sites

Passive income that does not require time - 80-100 $ US per month.


Private photo shoot. It makes a good profit, but because of our subtleness - not often. Photo sessions with different conditions from $ 100 US per hour (here it is necessary to take into account that hours and days of post-processing follow the photographing itself).

Illustration, design

Customers come on recommendations. Cost depends on the project. A significant disadvantage is that a suitable space is needed for work: a table, the ability to “decompose” with a graphic tablet — is difficult to do with constant moves, but it is possible during moments of rest from the road.


One of the most interesting types of earnings -carried on the spot. This opportunity has opened up for us only in Mexico, but it will be possible to try to continue. The working day of the guide (depending on the tasks) from $ 50-150 US

Paid videos

Recently, our favorite partner offered to make videos specifically for a particular project. These are three-four-minute motivational videos collected from our material.

Sinks of sounds

An example of a not very successful attempt :) For a year and a half, the sale of sounds on the drain brought $ 5 US, and even this money turned into reality turned out to be a problem.

Sale of printed photographs on foam board

Unsuccessful attempt. We made a photo shop on our site. All in mind: with a catalog, with beautiful pictures, with a basket. There were several orders, unfortunately, the delivery fails. We could not find a good performer - in the cities of Russia, photographs printed on foam board delivered broken and broken ones. I had to abandon the idea. project

The project is our non-commercial, but around it there isAny suggestions for our readers that can be pleasant to them, and at the same time support our idea. In practice, it is more moral help, but it is no less important. For example, custom postcards brought a total of 2 thousand rubles for a year and a half (from each sent postcard, about 10-50 rubles remain on the project account, depending on the country of departure).

Voluntary donations - the support coming from our friends and relatives for a year and a half is about 15 thousand rubles.

Descending from the volcano Toluca, Mexico

Descending from the volcano Toluca, Mexico

Where does the money go when traveling?

Of course, in our case, the most convenientaverage mode. Constant movement is not conducive to the excess of income, so we try to avoid excesses in expenses. Of course, sometimes we do not deny ourselves certain joys, but now it’s not about them. The next stage I want to highlight the main items of expenditure on our way.

Based on the budgeted monthly budget, weGuided by mood, balanced in terms of spending. For example, if hitchhiking freed up funds provided for travel, we could spend it on food, if we slept in a tent - we could drive part of the way by public transport and so on.


Evening market for cheap food in Luanprabang, Laos

Evening market for cheap food in Luanprabang, Laos

The most constant basic waste. More than half of our budget, as the correct and timely food - the key to a good mood and health.

There are countries completely cheap and abundant inthis plan. There are terribly expensive. The smallest fixed amount per person (one meal) is Laos, the city of Luang Prabang - in terms of kip at the rate of 2013 - 20 rubles. The most expensive food was found by us in Australia. For example, a gallon (frozen, because expired on average for a week) of milk in the bush (Australian desert) - from $ 5 AU. I don’t even want to talk about the cost of cafes and eateries.


Our 1993 Civic, USA

Our 1993 Honda Civic, USA

Internationally, we try to useall types of transport, choosing the most optimal for the price. There are only six flights on our way, the cheapest of which is $ 40 US for two from Malaysia to Indonesia, and the most expensive from Melbourne (Australia) to Honolulu (USA, Hawaii) - $ 800 US (also for two).

In countries where intercity transport (onlong distances) expensive - they did not use it. These are: Australia, America, and yet Mexico. In Asia, from China to Indonesia, trains, buses, and even airplanes were used. Interestingly, the bus from Jakarta to Bali, according to Java, turned out to be the same in cost as the flight, while direct travel by land takes several days (if without stops) - the test is not for the weak!

And in the USA it was more profitable to buy an old economical car and then sell it for the same price. From the cost of it were: gasoline, changing the oil and tires.

Overnight stay

In a tent in Hawaii, USA

In a tent in Hawaii, USA

Hostels are actively used only in Asia. Starting from Australia on our way, right up to Mexico, this is not a cheap pleasure, since there are alternative methods! The cheapest hostels we experienced are located in Cambodia - US $ 2 per person (here we "shook" and took three-person dorm for five dollars); the most expensive experienced hostel - at the moment the last one - was tasted in Honolulu, $ 28 per person in a room for six. In Mexico, there are also budget options in the region of US $ 3.3 per person - they are called cabanas and the view is awesome.

Medical insurance

In a hospital in Bali, Indonesia

In a hospital in Bali, Indonesia

This was the most difficult stage of preparation. In the USA and Australia, for example, medical insurance is included in the necessary list of documents upon entry into the country, with the minimum coverage specified. Fortunately, when choosing an insurance, we were not mistaken. They made out almost on the way to the airport in Irkutsk, for two in total (to different parts of the world separately) 20 thousand rubles were spent for a year and a half. In the so-called developed countries it did not have to use it, but in Indonesia and Mexico it rescued us.


Ancient Mayan Ruins Kohunlich, Mexico

Ancient Mayan Ruins Kohunlich, Mexico

Our equipment on the road wears out. In the rain and cold in the mountains, in the sandstorms in the canyons gets most of all our cameras. Wires and computers suffer from pack-down tamping. Nout does not like a humid tropical climate. Something is lost, something becomes useless. For a year and a half, we changed the GoPro camera, we added an old used camera. the laptop, the memory cards periodically break down, the keyboards of both laptops were replaced ... By the way, the wide-angle lens, won at ebay especially for landscape photography, should come the other day.

Things and clothes

We dry linen somewhere in the reserved woods of the USA

We dry linen somewhere in the reserved woods of the USA

Nothing in this world is forever. And things travelers constantly remind about it. Shoes and clothes wear out and require replacement. In some places, something unexpected appears - in Hawaii, we have a mask for snorkeling.


Grand Canyon, USA

Grand Canyon, USA

Let's call them that! In these expenses we make money that goes to pay for tickets: entrances to national parks, museums, visiting various natural and cultural sites, as well as renting motorbikes and cars.

I do not want to allocate in tip tips of all sortsor money for street musicians. I just want to mention them. For example, in Mexican supermarkets, students and retirees are allowed to pack purchases at the box office for coins - this is their way to survive. And musicians ... All over the world - they reveal something to us, they make us feel, they are just tramps with interesting lives. We are grateful to them!

Ancient Mayan Ruins Becan, Mexico

Ancient Mayan Ruins Becan, Mexico

As can be seen from the previous section - articlescosts a lot. There may be even more, it all depends on our own requests. The question arises, how to save? On what? We have already mentioned the calculation of the budget, this is above. We will tell about more tangible and tangible.

Savings methods


Farm Volunteering in Australia

Farm Volunteering in Australia

How much is a budget round-the-world trip?

Day rest when we were volunteers in the USA

There are different types of this activity. In our practice, work has brought great benefits, in which they provide housing and food. Registering on a volunteer site helped us travel through Australia. This gave us many opportunities, from vast experience in areas of interest (eco-construction, the use of alternative energy sources, etc.) to banal trips to inaccessible places with our money - coffee shops and restaurants, for example. And of course - this is a unique opportunity to see life from the inside, get to know people behind business — shoulder to shoulder, live a small life with them, celebrate their holidays, and make friends with them.


CouchSurfer Australian Zeph, his friend Rob

CouchSurfer Australian Zeph, his friend Rob

And his dog named Ali

And his dog named Ali

One of the most brilliant inventions of our time! Couchsurfing blurs the boundaries, confronts completely unexpected people, helps to relax. Absolutely good phenomenon, greatly facilitates the life of travelers.


Joshua Three, USA

Joshua Three, USA

The very fact that you can get them from point Ain point B is absolutely free - beautiful. Well, and all sorts of bonuses in the form of dating and complete immersion in the life of the country in which you stay. It works, helps out.


How much is a budget round-the-world trip?

Our alcohol burner

Cooking yourself in practice is more economical. Products are always cheaper if they are not cooked. Sometimes, you can not suffer - in Asia, it is difficult to stay hungry, even with a minimum budget. In the same place where there is no street food, and cafes and restaurants are openly expensive - the burner saves.


Wild Hot Springs in the Mountains, USA

Without a tent, we would not be in the wild hot springs in the US mountains

When you know that your house is with you -becoming less dependent on the circumstances. Do not be afraid to stay in the mountains or the jungle at night. And even if you do not want to sleep in a tent, her mere presence adds confidence during the bidding for the room.

Second-hand, recycle and local production

Where there are good second-hand - use them. In other places, trying on what the locals wear is in Latin America, and in Asia it is also a pleasure.

Sightseeing ways

Archaeological Area Uxmal, USA

Archaeological Area of ​​Uxmal, Mexico

No, we are happy to support the country's economy orthe state of the private owner ... when it is affordable for us and does not pose a choice like "eat or look at ...". In other cases, we try to take everything that is available to the maximum, no matter what blocks the path: a fence with guards, a jungle or mountains - sometimes you have to physically pre-tension - but it's worth it. This is our way - we do not call anyone to break the law :)

Healthy lifestyle

How much is a budget round-the-world trip?

We are not ardent opponents of anything, no. The fact remains that alcohol and cigarettes are almost always expensive, but they are absolutely not necessary (sometimes they increase all risks at all). It is even more economical to be vegetarian, but we have mastered this Level only partially and at times :) This also includes giving up all sorts of “snacks” such as chips - this is absolutely beneficial, in all respects.

Summarizing the above

In Yellowstone National Park, USA

In Yellowstone National Park, USA

Our life in the long-term journey in the material plane is very similar to the usual life in one place. All the same thoughts: where and how to earn, to travel and live, as you like, by heart.

Now we are preparing for the next part of our journey: travel around South America on a motorcycle. For six months, stopping in Mexico was able to learn a lot of new things, finish old projects, come up with and implement new ones. It was possible to earn a little, so long as the missing amount to buy a motorcycle, but at least something. It is possible that among the readers there is, after some time, a person who knows companies that need advertising. Perhaps this is the way we will find partner partners who are ready to provide a piece of equipment (helmets, protection, etc.) on the South American way in exchange for advertising a product or brand.

We love to dream :) And no less than this we love to realize their dreams. This is the only way to live! We believe that long-term travel is one of the keys to the knowledge of life, interesting and rich.

Let your travels last for exactly as long as you want it and only run into obstacles!

National park

Sequoia National Park, USA

We will be glad if we inspire by example!

Read, watch, listen to us on the following resources:

  • Our round-the-world travel site, for thoughtful stories
  • VKontakte group, for quick news
  • YouTube Channel, for video and soundtrips
  • Instagram, for everyday photos around

and for special people, there is also live streaming on LiveJournal, Twitter and mailing :) but, we believe, and the above is enough.

Thanks to Oleg and Dasha for the opportunity to share their story on the pages of their site.

Australia's southern cliffs

Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, ask!
Nikita and Nastya Istomin

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