How much money to take on Samui: our spending in the 2nd month + budget for all

I already laid out layout of our spending on Samuibut that month was not very revealing becausethat he was the first on the island. Ideally, the budget will stabilize only for 2-3 months or even later, because it is just the arrangement at the new place: you have to buy dishes, cleaning supplies, sometimes furniture, it takes time to find the nearest stores, cafes and markets. There is also a comparison of prices, where something is more profitable to buy or rent.

In the most advantageous position are those whothey live here for a year and more - not only do they know the prices of everything better, so many of their spending can be distributed over several months. For example, you can buy a washing machine for 12 thousand baht. And, if you live on Samui for only 2 months, you get 6 thousand per month costs, and if you live a whole year, then only 1000 baht per month.

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Our spending on Samui in the 2nd month

In that first article about spending, I gave somerecommendations on how to reduce waste, and in the second month some of them applied. For example, we chose one budget cafe, where we mainly bought food, bought fruits and vegetables on the market, took less imports from supermarkets, almost did not buy household goods and stuff, did not break glass in the house :)

However, there was an increase in spending. For example, we removed the car now only on us alone, and in the past month we rented for two families. Also, spending on housing increased slightly due to an increase in the price of electricity and wifi fees.


  • House rent: 15,000 baht (our second home on samui).
  • Electricity: 1800 baht, at the rate of 8 baht / unit, condo worked 12-14 hours a day.
  • Water: 300 baht, fixed fee.
  • Gas: 390 baht, at the entrance the balloon was empty, filled at its own expense.
  • Wifi: 1000 baht, in fact it is too expensive, and in the following months I would not take wifi here.
  • Cleaning: free of charge.
  • Purchase of household goods: 1070 (most of them, the purchase of a fan and a hairdryer).

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  • Supermarkets: 7400 baht.
  • 7/11 and Family Mart: 1520 baht.
  • Thai cafes and street food: 5200 baht.
  • Market: 4050 baht.


  • Car rental: 12,000 baht for Honda Jazz.
  • Petrol: 2500 baht (40bat / 1l).

Internet and communication

  • 3G Internet: 650 baht.
  • Mobile connection: 750 baht.


  • Baby: 2900 baht (diapers, toys, clothes).
  • Darya's clothes: 800 baht (clothing).
  • Sightseeing: 80 baht (Magic garden).
  • Massage: 600 baht (2 sessions).


We get about 58,000 baht / month, which is less than infirst month of stay. Q.E.D! The spending in the following months is always reduced with the right approach. And this is despite the fact that our house became much better, and the car was its own personal one.

Moreover, some items of expenditure could not be entered here (actually, as in first post), because they are purely individual: massage, attractions, clothes, household goods, mobile communications. Someone may not have these articles at all ... Also, I didn’t add expenses for flights to Bangkok (I advise buying at or, we use them ourselves) and buying a new suitcase in connection with the move to Bangkok.

However, any budget is biased,because normal housing can go along with a komunalka to 10-15 thousand baht calmly, and 50-100 thousand baht, depending on the requests of a particular person. Here, spending on a car - one does not need a vehicle for moving at all, the second is enough rented bike, and others will buy a bike / car and will not spend on renting a penny.

How much money to take on Samui

How much money to take on Samui

How much money to take on Samui

In addition to our personal spending in the second month,I will give my thoughts on a hypothetical budget so that you can more or less focus on how much money to take on Samui to a family of three.

In good, the only thing that can be lessto operate in order to estimate your own expenses - this is the cost of renting housing (you first need to look at which houses people live and for how much) and the cost of renting a transport (car, bike, taxi). Nevertheless, let's write an average hypothetical budget for a family of two adults and one child, who came from Moscow / St. Petersburg during the peak season and for 3 months, who spent some time searching for everything and analyzing prices. Capitals take because there you can do single entry visa without additional costs for a trip to a neighboring country.

  • Accommodation: 10000-20000 baht per month together with a communal flat.
  • Bike for rent + gasoline: 3500 baht + 1000 baht.
  • Food in supermarkets, cafes, and markets: 15000-20000 baht.
  • Household goods: 1000-3000 baht (we take the average, because the purchase of household appliances, if there is, then in the first months, and the rest is "household goods" is inexpensive)
  • Diapers and clothes for children: 1000-3000 baht (regular purchases of diapers, and clothes every 1-3 months).

So, we get a plug of 31,500-50,500 baht per month. Again, this amount can also be long and hard to argue on each item, but for us I’m just about something like that and originally hoped to spend 40-50 thousand baht per month. But then I didn’t think at all that we couldn’t ride a bike and we would need a car. Miscalculated a bit ...

To this conditional amount, further others are added.expenses that depend on a particular family: gadgets, cosmetics, clothes, alcohol, large household appliances, excursions, travel, massage and so on. I think it is obvious that it is possible to increase the budget to infinity, and to reduce it strongly below 35,000 baht will be very difficult, you need to have a strong desire to save, and be able to do it.

P.S. I would be glad if you would advise something to others in terms of monthly spending in the comments below. :)

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