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Every second tourist who has lived more than a month inoverseas, start a community VKontakte or blog. Over time, many such tourists are faced with the fact that people get used to them, begin to trust and once, in the community or in a blog, they are asked for help. Advise there, the beach, talk about the weather, take a ride and check what kind of house they are offered by such and such a person or agency. And then they start asking to find a house, naturally - for a fee. And in fact, it is quite easy money. Knowing your area, it is easy to ride to the desired resort, talk with the owner and clarify the availability of housing and rental conditions. Get your money, bring it to the Thai, and get your 2-3-5 thousand baht commission.

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What are the agencies

There are two types of real estate offices at any resort.Thailand The former invest money in the formalization of the company and employees, pay taxes and salaries, pay attention to checking the house / landlord and accompany clients after settling. As a rule, in addition to renting, such agencies are engaged in the sale of real estate, as well as the provision of related services: transfers and excursions. Such offices value their reputation, establish contacts over the years, they have a constant development of the housing base, which the rest cannot afford.

The rest are called “black realtors” or"Helped". Helped avoid all of the above concerns and costs, hiding behind a tourist or study visa and reduce all their activities to making a pledge to the homeowner under the guise of a friend of a relative. Not all of them deserve neglect, but even the most correct and authoritative of them do illegal activities. However, this is not always an obstacle for the client.

If you are traveling to Thailand for the first time, thenI recommend to book a house or apartment in advance. This is done only through a realtor. Yes, they are not engaged in the cheapest housing and take a commission, but this allows you to avoid unnecessary trouble in an unfamiliar country. Believe me, independent searches on the site is a difficult task and it is not worth it. You're going to rest.

Send me a request, advise a trusted realtor, whom I myself trust. And then in recent times a lot has become a scam.

Send request>

How is the agency looking for a home for you?

The most important part of the work of any agent is the collection.information on your site. People with experience remember most of the houses, keep in mind the names and nuances of communicating with homeowners. Agents periodically detour the area and fix new houses, and then houses are entered into the database - the most valuable thing a real estate agency has. “Black” realtors do the same, but on a completely different scale, preferring to use someone else’s work and scrape information from the websites of “white” agencies.

Renting a house in Thailand

Renting a house in Thailand

In addition, just start objects in the database -little, it is necessary to systematically maintain the relevance of information on objects. Without warning, Thais change phones or lease terms, sell or abandon their homes, settle there themselves, take offense at some violent Russians, and stop letting them into their resort - in general, there is always some kind of movement. When agents swap changes - there are incidents with the cancellation of armor or force majors upon arrival.

Usually, official agencies are reluctant to work withcheap houses, but in all other categories of housing they have hundreds of proposals. Helped, limited to the selection of a few dozen houses, which continue to work. If you didn’t find what would suit you on the agency’s website, then there’s no point in asking if there is anything else. Houses are going to the base in advance, and you are given a choice of what is already there. Each object is found before it gets to the site, so do not build illusions about it. Looking for a house personally for you, no one will ever be, neither in high season nor in the dead.

How the agency earns you

Fixed commission

A fixed service fee is a house, while the commission often does not depend, neither on the cost of renting a house, nor on the lease terms. But it often depends on how big the house is, for example: a single-room - 4,000 baht, a double one - 5,000 baht, a three-bedroom house - 6,000 baht. Sometimes there can be a single rate. Such an approach is convenient if you rent a house for several months, and it is more profitable and transparent than when the agency inflates the price of a house, laying its commission in each month. However, if you save and look for a budget house for only 1 month, then this option is not very suitable. However, as I have repeatedly written, budget homes and maximum savings can be obtained if you do everything yourself and on the spot.


This is when the agency bonus is included in the price for the house.already on the site, that is, you do not see the real value of the house initially. Not a very honest ploy not very decent agencies. They take money from you according to their price list, transfer part of the amount to the owner, put the rest in their pocket. Suppose a house that costs 20 thousand baht on the agency’s website is set at 25 thousand baht, and you rent it for three months. Then the homeowner receives 60 thousand, the agency - 15 thousand. And if a house, or rather a villa, costs 100 thousand baht, it is not a sin to turn it in for 130 thousand, because the one who rents for 100 will be removed and more expensive.

Percent Per Host

This practice by real estate agencies inThailand does not always apply. The interest from the owner means that they do not take money from the client, declaring that he himself pays the owner for his price, and the agency receives his money as a percentage (10-15%) from a grateful Thai. But more often homeowners believe that agents should get their percentage not from him, but from the client. In such cases, the agency may warn the client that the house is worth 15 thousand, but they add a percentage for their work to the monthly rent. That is, the house will cost you 16,500 baht and the Thai guy is also aware of this scenario. When you pay him the 16,500 - he will transfer to the agency owed him 1,500 baht. But not always warn, so you may not know how much rent would cost if you came from the street and without intermediaries. All the more cunning Thais can rent you at the price of the agency.


Scammers spend some time and some moneyto create a public in the social network. Fill it with bots, photos, ads for the sale and lease. They are unwittingly helped by stupid users of the social network, placing their ads and questions on the topic of Thailand, creating the appearance of life on the scam page. A person who is far from all these cases usually sees that there is an agency page, beautiful pictures with palm trees and people communicate. And most importantly - the price of the desired house is better here than everywhere else.

Then the person is invited to pay the whole period.the rent immediately, because the owner of the house is “a very important person”, plus a deposit, plus a fix for the selection of a house. After receiving the money, the scammer evaporates, and the failed vacationer, with his complaints and a request to find the villains, removes the house again in a trusted agency.

How best to book a house

Online or on arrival

My booking instructions can be found at the link: How to book a house - 5 ways.

Official and black realtors do not like thosecitizens who start to look for housing on arrival. Such a dislike is due to the fact that this process takes a lot of time, and the client constantly hopes to see something more perfect and asks the same question “what else do you have in mind?”. We have to either lie to him or go to another place. And it also happens that the client sees a suitable house, but declares that “he is tired of searching, does not offer anything good, all agents are eccentrics” and leaves. An hour later returns and directly with the owner signs a rental contract. Agents do not like to shine their homes, because such sly tourists every year becomes more and more.

Some companies even bar you from accessingyour websites from Thailand so that you do not search for a house by their appearance, because the approximate house location map is always tied to the description of the object. I donate life hacking, use a proxy (or Zenmate plugin in the browser) to view the sites of such agencies while in Tae. My base houses on samui and houses in Krabi always open :)

In my opinion, if you have already arrived, then look for a houseyourself. Or book a house in advance on the Internet to come immediately to the ready, because this is the meaning of the mediation service, in saving your time.

Remember, you need to start looking for a home on the Internet in advance in six months or a year, especially if you want a house for the New Year and holidays. I even wrote about it in detail. whole postbecause not everyone understands. Then you get a wider choice of homes with reasonable prices for the desired period and a joyful booking manager, who you are the first client of this week. If you are looking for accommodation during the high season, then you are waiting for high season prices, nervous realtors and almost guaranteed to be ignored by official agencies if you are looking for budget accommodation.

If the agency says there are no houses other than those proposed

This does not mean that there are no houses at all and it is time to unpack the suitcase. Such an answer can be heard either from a normal agency during the peak season, or from helpers in any season. And that's why.

Each realtor only has its own, closed basedata. There is no common, unified database of houses, from where all realtors take information, such as from hotels in booking services like RoomGuru. Accordingly, at home, agents offer only those that are already in the base of the agency. If they do not have what you are asking, then you simply have a football stating "either take it, or look for it yourself." But you need to remember that if you are looking for a house in the high season, the agents are not far from the truth. At the site, you will have to make enough effort to find a home. And if you have a lot of requirements for it, then it’s not at all a fact that you will find your dream home.

P.S. The rental business in Tae is so popular that agencies start and close in batches, often leaving a negative impression of themselves, both among tourists and homeowners. However, there are also reputable people whose services can be used if you need remote reservations, and there are no other options.

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