How to pay for reservation in Airbnb without conversion and commission

Faced with the fact that not everyone knows how topay for housing in Airbnb to minimize conversion fees. Therefore, I want to briefly tell about it, everything is simple, but it is not immediately obvious that this can be done.

Let me remind you that I already wrote about registration and booking in the serviceSo, we proceed from the fact that you already know all this.

Where does the conversion and commission come from

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You can read the information on the official website about the choice of currency and payment in it. I will tell you in simple language what to do.

The fact is that in 2018, Airbnb changedpayment procedure and you will have to withdraw money from the card in the currency you have chosen on the site. If you choose the euro, then the euro will be debited, if baht, then baht.

And your Russian bank will recount these baht orEuro at its unfavorable exchange rate into rubles (sometimes it even counts through dollars, there will be double conversion). Yes, you can also take from above a commission for the conversion of 3-5%.

How to avoid conversions and commissions

It's simple. Before you request a reservation or pay, change the currency back to rubles, if your card is ruble.

There are exceptions: Binbank cards, Visa Discovery cards, Homecredit cards. Cross-border rubles will be written off through the dollar. Therefore, it is better not to use such cards at all when paying in rubles on foreign websites.

If you pay with a dollar or euro card, then accordingly for dollars or euros. Always put before payment the currency in which your card.

Airbnb now recalculates currencies bynormal exchange rate close to the exchange. So you can painlessly pay immediately in rubles, since the majority of Russians have cards in rubles.

Currency selection is at the bottom of any Airbnb page.

Currency selection is at the bottom of any Airbnb page.

Before paying for Airbnb, put rubles, despite the country (in the picture is an apartment in Spain)

Before paying for Airbnb, put rubles, despite the country (in the picture is an apartment in Spain)

Just in case, I note that we are talking about the commission for the conversion of your bank, and not the commission that Airbnb charges for its intermediation (the fee for the services of Airbnb).

P.S. New payment rules introduced in 2018. Previously, everything was different and it was necessary to do the same, too.

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