How to promote a blog - a list of my actions

The second article in the continuation of my post How to start bloggingin which I told which way toblogging I went, how effective and how long it takes. Despite the fact that I do not consider my experience super-successful, at the request of readers, I want to tell you what I have done all the time in terms of promotion. Basically, it will be about the first year of the blog, because then I practically stopped doing it. And I warn you right away that I did not assess what helped me and what did not, because there was a lot of action and it was quite difficult to evaluate. I honestly think that apart from writing content, everything else was nonsense. But first things first.

The content of the article

All parts of my short FAQ for bloggers:

I wrote a number of articles related to blogging. They do not claim to be a full-fledged manual, but beginners may be helpful. You can get acquainted if interested.

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How to promote a blog

How to promote a blog


I repeat a little, but I want to emphasize againthat if we are talking about the NLL (site for people), then it is not even easy to achieve high attendance, at least without resorting to paid methods. Here the main role is played by the fact that it is interesting and useful for people that you write. That is, if in brief, you either do something original / useful and stand out from the crowd, or are engaged in promotion (both paid and free). However, even though I wrote that it is quite difficult to compete with the forums in terms of information, but the point in writing information posts (personal experience) is in any case, since it is on blogs that the most relevant information comes from the original source. The truth is it has less to do with earnings.

I will return to the topic of the article. There is no secret in my actions. Everything that you see on my list can be read on any seo-blog, since I did not do any experiments myself, and just did what seo-shniki advise. Although, perhaps, I did it more than other bloggers, since the first time I spent on the blog about 10-14 hours a day, and now it takes 80% of my time. I also once passed through what is familiar to all beginners - at first my blog was not particularly indexed by Yandex, for the first few months I had a minimum traffic of several dozen people. And only six months later he became in the region of several hundred, and only 1.5 years later he passed for a thousand. Results of different periods: half a year. year. one and half year.

The higher the attendance, the greater the income?

Everyone knows that the higher the visitor, the higher the income when it comes to advertising. On the types of earnings on the blog (about advertising and other options) I wrote in the article How to make money traveling, but now I want to stop at a couple of interesting moments:

Target visitor

- If you sell a product or service on a blog, thenwhat matters is not the number of people who came, but their quality. Agree, one thing a person clicks on an advertisement and you get 3 rubles for it, and quite another if the target visitor comes and orders your product or service for 5000 rubles. Accordingly, sometimes it is worth going in the direction of increasing the target traffic (and actually in the direction of earning money on services), and not just an increase in attendance.

The envelope

The important point is the convertibility of yourtraffic in clicks, and therefore in revenue. I know examples when sites with the same traffic have very different incomes, and all this happens precisely because of the subject matter of the content on the page and the site as a whole. Imagine that a person is looking for an electric razor and gets on your review of any model of electric razors. What are the chances that he will click on an ad for a razor shop? Very large. Or another example, a person came to an article about a national park in Thailand, and sees an advertisement for tours to Thailand. What are the chances of a click? Much lower.

How to promote a blog - my actions

All these methods relate to increasing attendance and TIC / PR. The order is arbitrary, not chronological.

  • Using keywords in articles
  • Crossposting for free blogging platforms
  • Commenting on LJ journals and frending
  • Commenting on interesting blogs
  • Commenting on dofollow blogs
  • For a year, our blog has been a dofollow blog.
  • Add to catalogs and run
  • Adding articles to social bookmarks and runs on them
  • Registration on sites with a large TIC
  • Held a contest with cash prizes and participated
  • Bought an announcement in the paid newsletter
  • Opened faces on the blog
  • I bought a couple of dozen guards
  • Exchanged a dozen guards
  • Added rss feed to rss aggregators
  • Added several articles (announcements) on popular and unpopular sites and in LJ-community
  • Announcements in social networks and Twitter
  • SMO - social network optimization
  • Answers to mail ru
  • Writing articles 2 per week, and when living in Thailand 3 per week
  • Permanent blog update
  • Sharing articles with each other
  • Adding to Yandex.Catalog

It seems to have forgotten nothing. Let's run through all the points in a bit more detail. What is not clear, ask later in the comments.

Using keywords in articles

For me, this is the most effective way tosearch traffic. Moreover, the more time you spend searching for a good key, the more chances that it will shoot. But we must remember that this method is most effective for sites to which one can make a semantic core. A blog with a bunch of topics is not.

You can also use not just a pair of keysbut also the so-called long-tail requests (long tail). This means a large number of different phrases containing the main key and additional words. Thus, traffic is collected precisely for small requests.

Crossposting for free blogging platforms

The first time is a good thing to improve.article indexing, but time is not worth spending a lot (there are special plugins for this). And since nobody usually does these free blogs, there will be almost no exhaust. Much more useful, for example, is to keep LiveJetting in parallel, make it popular and post announcements to your main blog there. For example, my LiveJournal is really not popular and I do little about it.

Commenting on LJ journals and frending

This is a continuation of the previous paragraph, which canhighlight a separate item. It is very easy to recruit friends in LiveJournal since there are people who like to read there. If you do this specifically, you can gather a good audience, some of which will go to your blog. However, it will be necessary to write whole posts there, rather than announcements, and simultaneously conduct two projects, which is more labor-intensive.

Commenting on interesting blogs

At first, allows you to bring to your blogfirst readers, as well as to find new acquaintances in the blogosphere. Truth takes time. I now most often just read and do not leave comments.

Commenting on dofollow blogs

This is a way to get free and open links.on your blog. There are lists of such blogs on the Internet. Only, please do not spam! In addition, the moderation is tough on such blogs and comments about nothing roll.

For a year, our blog has been a dofollow blog.

The idea itself seemed to me very cool. A person comments on me, and I give him an open link for this. But we have got so much spam and comments “Author, write more!” That we had to cover this shop. Even a limit of 10 comments (dofollow after 10 comments left) did not save the situation - received 10 meaningless comments left in a couple of minutes (you can look at the admin panel) and after removing them also angry letters addressed to us.

Adding articles to social bookmarks and runs on them

IMHO, completely useless thing. I did not notice the difference, and there was almost no traffic.

Add to catalogs and run

To have at least some exhaust, you needproven directory base, and more and thematic, but it will be paid. I manually added to everything and ordered some run for 10 bucks. Useless.

Registration on sites with a large TIC

I bought a paid base of sites with TIC, registered my profiles with links there, but did not notice any changes. Whether the base was so-so, whether it's all garbage.

Held a contest with cash prizes and participated

This is a good thing. He drew attention to us, got a bunch of links (although maybe the guards could buy more), but there is one thing. It is necessary to conduct it very competently, otherwise many may not like it, whom they have chosen as winners. As it happened with us. Not quite right competition description. And a lot of time is spent searchingparticipants and resources where you can announce the contest itself. Although, of course, if the competition is original, or the prizes are large, then yes, the participants will not be difficult to find. Spent personal 3000 rub.

Just myself participated in the competition conducted by bloggers. The effect is much less, but also costs a little.

Bought an announcement in the paid newsletter

Cost 3000 rubles.

I will not advertise this service, becausereviews about him go different. However, the attendant on the day of the newsletter jumped one and a half times and I had about 250 new readers that day (the feedburner takes them into account in their statistics). UPDATE. There is no service anymore. :)

Opened faces on the blog

Many write impersonal, it is not true. There are too many such blogs with incomprehensible authors, and just such resources are made purely for earnings, which repels. When we decided to open up, began to post our photos, made a normal page Who we are, the situation in terms of attendance and comments has improved.

I bought a couple of dozen guards

I tried myself in the promotion and bought guards,a little, a few thousand bought. Some queries have advanced, some are not. The thing is good, but it costs money, and we also need an analysis of keywords and promoted anchors, preferably permanent. It would also be nice to have at least some semantic core.

Exchanged a dozen guards

At first, I changed a little, just to make references.lit up. But it is necessary to change competently, preferably crosswise and with sites of similar parameters. Now he has departed from the practice of guards, both in terms of sales and in terms of exchange.

Added several articles (announcements) on popular and unpopular sites and in LJ-community

If you constantly look for sites where you can freepost an article with a link, you can improve your performance, to a greater extent it concerns the promotion of anchors, rather than a direct increase in attendance. But writing and searching for such sites takes time. Now most place only for money.

Popular LJ communities are very goodplace. But articles should be complete, not announcements. And also your blog in LJ at least something should be of itself. The minimum option is the top post describing your concept and a link to your standalone blog. The action of the influx of people is a one-time, but someone can then stay and read you.

Announcements in social networks and Twitter

Very necessary thing, done automatically and easily. Many people find it easier to track new posts not through RSS, but through social networks.

SMO - social network optimization

Actually these are the blocks of buttons after each article where you can like or share the link. It is done once, and the benefits will be during the whole life of the blog.

Answers to mail ru

At first I used this method to attract visitors and get a link to the blog. In addition, also help people. But it is necessary to respond fully, and not just here, say the answer is to read the link.

Writing articles 2 per week, and when living in Thailand 3 per week

The regularity of writing articles is important for normal indexing, as well as to let readers know that the blog is live, and that there are more articles on the blog. After all, the more content the better.

Permanent blog update

It makes sense to use your own blog andthinking how to improve usability. If you do not like something, then most likely it and others will not like it too. I still do it and I think how to make everything more convenient and understandable.

Sharing articles with each other

Very important point. This is a free promotion of your anchor, as well as an increase in the number of views, and hence the user’s time on the blog. It is very convenient that, reading the article, you can immediately click on similar materials, or on clarifying.

Plug-ins of similar articles do not replace linking - links should be in the text of the article itself. It makes sense to even go through the old articles and affix links.

Adding to Yandex.Catalog

This is the last thing I did in terms ofpromotion. It was added for a fee, but I had bonuses in the Profit-partner, accumulated over several years, and I paid only half, the rest with bonuses. In my opinion, this had no effect on the attendant, but the TIC grew. Just no sense from him if the links are not selling ...

P.S. I apologize if I forgot something for mistakes, we don’t have much time here, and besides, we are preparing for a trip to Thailand. Ask what is not clear in the comments. On one of the points (regarding content and writing articles) I want to stop in more detail and put it in a separate article, I could not keep within this, and so many letters already. So wait soon for the final article.

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