How to remove baht from the map of Tinkoff in Thailand

Not so long ago, Tinkoff added the ability to open accounts in 26 currencies. They are opened online, replenished from their other accounts, for example, from the ruble or dollar.

If we talk about Thailand, we are interested inthai baht And they have Tinkoff. Very convenient, threw at the expense of several tens of thousands and do not need to track the course, calculate something. Just take it and spend / take it off. Write-off will be 1 to 1.

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How to open a baht account

In his a selection of maps for travel I have already written about this feature, now in more detail.

An account in an additional currency can be opened, both in the application and in the web version.

  • Go to the page of any existing account, look for the gear at the top and open the "Account Details". At the bottom of the page "Add a new currency."
  • Add Thai baht or any other currency. Opening an account is instant.
  • Bind an existing debit card to a baht account.
  • Then it remains only to periodically replenish youraccount in baht. After the trip, do not forget to tie your card back to the ruble account, otherwise you will pay in Bahts in Russia. Now any card can be linked to any account.

    Issue a regular Tinkoff debit card and get 3 months of service as a gift. Just stop trying it out.

    Check out the Tinkoff map>

    I replenished the Thai account with a ruble account. The conversion goes directly from rubles to baht at the rate of the bank, without the participation of dollars. The course is always visible in the application before the exchange. The course is tied to the exchange, so the best course during business hours on weekdays.

    How to open an account in Thai baht in Tinkoff

    How to open an account in Thai baht in Tinkoff

    ATM withdrawal from a baht account

    A commission of 220 baht can be avoided if you shoot at a bank branch. Not all banks do not take a commission (the law has not been established), but Krungsri Bank doesn’t take it for sure, again checked. Read more about how to withdraw money in thailand.

    Of course, on my last trip I discoveredaccount in baht and tried to withdraw from him 5,000 baht. All as expected - 1 to 1 withdrawal is underway. Plus, the ATM fee is 220 baht, which does not depend on anything, or on the card, or on the amount, or on the currency of your account.

    It is necessary to remove from the card from 2,000 baht and more, so that Tinkoff would not take his commission for withdrawing from an ATM. The maximum amount of withdrawals per month is 100,000 baht.

    No clue who and why periodically sow panicto the fact that the conversion from the Tinkoff bathing account goes almost through rubles. Already tortured in the comments to answer that everything is in order, you can not worry. You just have to be careful when you withdraw money, and not agree to the conversion offered by the ATM.

    Once I even deliberately several ATMs went around and zafotkat the whole process here is my instruction. Immediately, I note, not only in Thailand, ATMs offer to convert at their own rate, but in other countries too. Not always, but it happens.

    I credited the baht account and took 1 to 1

    I filled the account in baht and took 1 to 1.

    My findings

    • According to my estimations use a dollar cardTinkoff or batova, there is no particular difference. If you originally bought dollars in the same way for rubles in the Internet bank. Approximately the same costs for conversions are obtained: from a dollar card you will withdraw baht from an ATM, or from a bat card.
    • Buying baht for dollars does not make sense. Simply buy baht for rubles.
    • It is more convenient to use the batov account, since all operations are 1 to 1. It is more convenient to count.

    In terms of financial gain, the same thing as shootingwith a dollar card. Plus, the minus goes, you need to watch specific courses for the day. And in any case it is more profitable than removing a Sberbank from a card.

    In terms of convenience, it became better, yes. Especially suitable for those who do not like to count anything and just want to use their money. Threw at the beginning of the trip a few tens of thousands of baht and then spend them, not watching the exchange rates.

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