How to rent an apartment in Gelendzhik for rent and without intermediaries - Airbnb selection

In Gelendzhik I have already been many times, and howin the city itself and in its surroundings. At first, we often went to stand with a tent on the seashore by savages or in a campsite, then we began to stay in the apartment / hotel periodically. Still, the child wants comfort. The city itself is quite pleasant, especially well there is not in the peak season in August, but in the coming months, when it is already / still warm, but there are not so many people. When I was preparing for the last trip, I made a list of accommodation for myself, which somehow I liked something. Now sharing with you.

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The content of the article

How to rent an apartment or house in Gelendzhik

Where to looking for

Now apartments can be rented through manyThere are a lot of different sites and offers. I singled out for myself 3 large ones: the hotel reservation service, the well-known Avito and Airbnb. Also, the apartment can be searched on the spot. Upon arrival at the station there are people with signs "flat by the sea." The last option does not suit me personally at all, so I choose Booking as a convenient and proven service over the years. Previously, on Booking there were quite a few offers of apartments (apartment hotels) and apartments, but the situation is changing and the choice is more and more. And Avito is more suitable for long-term rent, I think.

I have already written about Airbnb service many times. Its convenience from the user's point of view is that you can see reviews about housing for people who have already visited it and view photos of the apartment (or house). The method of payment is also very convenient - you can pay for your booking by credit card. In this case, until you come to the selected housing, the owner will not receive your money. So the risk of running into fraudsters is minimized. In addition, if the living conditions do not correspond to the stated, you can return your money back through the service. Recently in Russia there are more and more housing offers on Airbnb and more and more people will find out about it. Although not so long ago this service for Russia was practically irrelevant due to the meager amount of offers. But times are changing, more and more housing is being rented through Airbnb and, not least, its quality is also improving.

If you do not have a registration there, then it's time to register and get a $ 20 bonus via this link. The bonus can be used throughout the year when you first book. And be sure to read my detailed post about this service, where I tell how to register, how to get a bonus, how to search for accommodation, etc.

The nuances of the lease

The nuances of renting apartments in Gelendzhik to one degree or another concern the entire Krasnodar Territory in general. I wrote about them before, in other posts, but I will write again.

  • Not always the landlord (or the personthe one that appears) strictly observes the rules for working with the service. For example, that in a personal it is impossible to write the numbers of cards, phones, addresses of sites. Not everyone understands the payment scheme for housing. It is better not to pay for housing transfer to the owner's bank card, so as not to fall for fraud. It is better to pay through the service, so as not to tempt fate. If the living conditions are not met or you are not settled at all, then by paying for the reservation through the service, you will return your money back, but if you transfer it in advance to a private person (owner) - in case of problems, no one guarantees anything.
  • Often the owners in their apartments put moresofas, to be able to accommodate as many people as possible. In small apartments, all these beds can interfere, cluttering the room. True, if you are traveling in a large company, then a large number of beds in an apartment is rather a plus.
  • In some apartments the living conditions arethat for each subsequent guest, starting with a certain amount (starting with the second guest or, for example, from the sixth), you need to pay extra. Some take payment for a child as an adult, etc. All this must be clarified in advance and immediately write the number of people who will live in the apartment. The final price depends on it. Usually renting an apartment by a large company is cheaper.
  • If any specific details are important to you,it is better to clarify them in advance in correspondence. Whether there are shutdowns of hot water or e-va, whether the Internet is stable, far from the nearest convenience store. It happens that the owners forget to indicate something in the description or in reality there is no such statement or this option is paid.
  • From the previous paragraph it turns out thatuse filters in the search on the site is meaningless (washing machine, wi-fi, the presence of a kitchen, etc.). If the owner forgot to specify it, the results of this housing will not be. Therefore, it is better to check everything yourself, looking at the photos and carefully reading the description.
  • Apartments often do not have internet. You can buy a local SIM card and connect 3G.
  • In different months, the cost of housing is not the same. Most cheaply in the winter, and since May the price rises, reaching a peak in August. Then again decreases. But the price on the site is not updated by all the owners, so it should also be clarified when correspondence with the owner of the property.
  • The apartment may be in a small privatehome, so there may not be an elevator, parking, communications will not be central. Some people call such apartments apartments or rooms with a kitchen in an apartment hotel. It is impossible to say that such apartments are always worse than usual, they just need to take into account their features.

Apartments in Gelendzhik on

Apartments on Gornaya

Cost per day: from 2500 rubles

Spacious apartment with a fresh renovation.multi-storey building. Nice view from the balcony, new decoration and furniture. There are the necessary appliances and things: iron, clothes dryer, dishes, air conditioning. 10 minutes walk to the sea, there is a Magnet shop nearby There are interruptions in water and problems with plumbing. Read more about the apartments.

Apartment on Lunacharsky

Cost per day: from 4200 rubles

Spacious apartment (up to 4 people) with goodtrim and new furniture, near the sea, in the city center. Excellent location and repair, quiet green area, close to you can find shops, pharmacies - everything you need for life. Read more about the apartment.

Novorossiysk Apartments 67

Cost per day: from 4500 rubles

Well furnished apartment in 10 minuteswalk from the sea. There is everything you need for a comfortable stay: bed linen, dishes, dishwasher, washing machine, dressing room, where you can dry and iron clothes. Everything is clean. There is noise from the road, but if you close the windows, then it's fine. Air conditioning is, so it will not be stuffy. Reviews about the owner is good. Read more about the apartment.

Apartments on the Black Sea

Cost per day: from 4500 rubles

Spacious apartments with a good finish, not inthe very center of the city. The apartment is clean, there is the necessary furniture and household appliances (except microwave). Spacious balcony, internet via 3G modem. The hosts are nice. Read more about the apartment.

Apartments and houses in Gelendzhik on Airbnb

Cozy house for a friendly family


Cost per day: 1504 rubles

A small house five minutes walk from the sea. The house has two rooms, bedrooms with beds that are suitable for accommodation as a large family, and for a company of two families. The kitchen in the house is small, but normal. There is also an open veranda, a bathroom (own water supply system, no interruptions in water, which is important for Gelendzhik), wi-fi, a separate entrance. The interiors of the house are very simple, like in a country house, but everything is clean and tidy. Reviews about the host are also good. Read more about the house.

Scandinavian style room

Cost per day: 1705 rubles

Clean and bright room with a bathroom and a goodfurniture, in a quiet area of ​​Gelendzhik. Suitable for couples, those who want a relaxing holiday by the sea. Housing is located near the airport, far from the noisy city center, a few minutes walk from the sandy beach (which is rare in Gelendzhik), there is a canteen, shops, a pharmacy nearby. The house has a kitchen, washing machine, wi-fi, garden with gazebos. Guest reviews about the accommodation and the owner are good. Read more about the apartment.

Apartment with sea view

Cost per day: 1985 rubles

One bedroom apartment with a fresh renovation,new home. From the windows there is a good view of the bay. Walk to the sea in about 10 minutes. The furniture in the apartment is new. The equipment necessary for comfortable living is available: air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, washing machine. The floors in the kitchen and in the hallway are heated. There are kitchenware in large enough quantities, in the bedrooms - bedding for guests, comfortable bathroom. But the Internet, unfortunately, no. The apartment can accommodate 4 people, two families or one large family. In general, the apartment is inexpensive, clean and quite comfortable - a good option for accommodation in Gelendzhik. Read more about the apartment.

Studio near the sea

Cost per day: 2507 rubles

Pleasant and bright studio, an area of ​​35 square meters.m, in the area of ​​Cape Tolstoy. The housing is good: a few minutes walk from the sea, the promenade, the city center, the Magnet store and the market. The studio has a double bed, large sofa, fully functional kitchen, air conditioning, washing machine, wi-fi. A good option for a family with children or a couple. Read more about the apartment.

Loft with sea view and terrace

Cost per day: 3209 rubles, extra charge for each subsequent guest - 501 rubles per day

A room with two beds and a spacious terrace. Accommodation is located in the city center, within walking distance from the sea. Nearby there is the necessary infrastructure for living and recreation, a pine grove. Best of all the room is suitable for a family. It has two beds, air conditioning, wi-fi. There is also a refrigerator, a kitchen and a washing machine. Read more about the apartment.

2 bedroom apartment

Cost per day: 3510 rubles

Clean and spacious 2 bedroom apartment inDistrict of Cape Cape. Fresh renovation, new furniture, pleasant atmosphere. The apartment accommodates up to 6 guests, suitable for a large family or a company from two families. There is a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, air conditioning, wi-fi. The sea is very close, the area is convenient: near the market, Magnet, public transport stops. The yard is green, there is a playground. Read more about the apartment.

Apartments by the sea

Cost per day: 8022 rubles

Apartments in the area of ​​Cape Tolstoy, withdesigner interior, in the protected area of ​​the housing complex - parking, swimming pool, tennis court and basketball court. The apartment has one bedroom with a large bed. There are two more beds. Suitable for a couple or a family with adult children (over 7 years old - such are the conditions of the owner). Read more about the apartment.

Cottage on the sea

Cost per day: 10026 rubles, extra charge for each subsequent guest 1003 rubles per day after 10 guests

Large roomy cottage in 2.5 km from the beach in the area of ​​the cliff Parus. The house is new, well equipped with everything necessary for life, with a nice good finish and furniture. Accommodates up to 10 guests, 4 bedrooms and several bathrooms. There is a swimming pool, a kitchen with dishes and appliances, including a slow cooker, coffee machine, dishwasher and washing machines. On the terrace: garden furniture, umbrellas, sun beds. There is a garden with fruit trees and barbecue facilities. The house is suitable for a large company with children, for a family holiday. Read more about the house.

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