How to rent a vacation home in the suburbs - my selection

When you live in Moscow and there is no goodyear-round problem, then periodically the question arises, where to get out for the weekend on the nature, but in order to comfort. The tent version is now omitted, it is not about him, it is a completely different format of rest.

So, this summer I looked through various houseson Airbnb to go there for the weekend. About one of these houses, I already wrote, is located near Kolomna. He, too, is in this collection, with an unusual design inside. We really enjoyed driving that way. Maybe someday we will muddle our dacha, but for now it’s cheaper and easier than building and maintaining a house in which we will be a couple of times a year.

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How to rent a house

Honestly, I did not find other convenientoptions to rent a house, if we are talking about a short period. It is clear that if you shoot for the whole summer or even for half a year / year, then it is easier to search on Avito / Tsian and then go around them, look on the spot and come to an agreement. But now, if you want to book a cottage with a minimum of time, without leaving your home, then it is more difficult. The usual hotel is easily searched through Booking, there will be plenty of options. There, of course, there are also interesting houses or apartments, but still this is a hotel service.

So, at home you can try to search on Airbnb. Previously, there were few options in Russia, but every year there is more and more choice, now there’s really something to choose from, and in a couple of years the selection will have to be supplemented anyway. True, some beatings are not at all humane price tags it is not clear why (look at the price of the hut), but this is a question for specific owners. But in any case there are budget options, a combination of price / quality.

We already lived in the same house, and I hope we will live onin another, when nature wants. Now I know where the company can go, in such housing, if the price is divided (especially on weekdays) by each, then all the nonsense will work out.

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House with a football field and pool

Cost per day: 10 000 rubles, after 10 guests surcharge 1250 rubles per day for each

Location: Myshetskoe village, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region

This roomy country cottage is locatedabout 60 km from the center of Moscow, to the north, beyond Zelenograd, near the Sheremetyevo airport. The house has 5 separate rooms, 13 beds, 4 bathrooms, can accommodate up to 16-18 guests. The house was built in 2012, finishing and furniture are new, without any complaints, but the rooms are spacious, look normal. In a large area around the house there is a small football field, a street tent with a table, a brazier, a summer swimming pool. There is a forest and a lake nearby. A cottage can be rented for a large company with children for family holidays. Read more about the house.

Guest hut in the bathhouse "Dimino"

Cost per day: 3500 rubles, surcharge after two guests 350 rubles per day for each

Location: Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region

Sergiev Posad, near which is locatedhousing, located about 70 kilometers from the center of Moscow, to the north. Bathhouse can also be rented as a whole, it includes several guest huts for 2-4 people and the main building, where there is a sauna, a refectory, a museum of peasant life, a kitchen and 2 guest rooms. When fully loaded in the courtyard can stay 13-15 guests. The place is very atmospheric: the plot with the huts is located next to the forest, the huts are built in the style of the villages of the Russian North. Both outside and inside, everything looks very cute and stylish: a lot of natural materials, birch whisks, wicker mats, patchwork quilts. Such housing is suitable for foreign guests and for those who are touring the cities of the Golden Ring, wants to experience the atmosphere of Russian village life and antiquities. Read more about the house.

New small house with access to the garden

Cost per day: 1130 rubles, surcharge for the second guest 400 rubles per day

Location: Khimki, Moscow Region

Small cozy country house, surrounded bybeautiful garden. Located near the Sheremetyevo airport, in Khimki, near Moscow, less than 30 km from the center of Moscow. The house is designed for two guests, there is only one bedroom with a large bed. The house has everything you need for a comfortable stay, the interiors are warm, homely, with wallpaper in flowers, a lot of wood, windows to the floor. It is not difficult to get to the house either by car or by public transport from Moscow. The guests respond very well to the house and hostess. Read more about the house.

Wooden house Dobrynya Nikitich

Cost per day: 6000 rubles

Location: Maurino Village, Pereslavsky District, Yaroslavl Region

The house is about 150 km from Moscow,northeast direction, a little further Pereslavl-Zalessky. The cottage village in which the house is located is located near the shore of Lake Pleshcheyevo. Around - fields, meadows, forests. In the interiors of the house a lot of wood, light, clean and comfortable. There is everything necessary for living and comfortable rest. In total, the cottage has 4 bedrooms, a large living-dining room and a fully equipped kitchen. Guests are offered a sauna, gazebo and barbecue for making barbecue, a playground. Maximum capacity of the house - 10 people. Reviews about the owner of this property are very good. Read more about the house.

Spacious cottage in the center

Cost per day: 10 000 rubles, extra charge for each subsequent guest, after the first - 500 rubles per day

Location: Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl Region

Large three-storey house located inPereslavl-Zalessky, about 150 km from Moscow, in the northeast direction. The interior of the house is original, designer, with wall paintings and antique furniture. The cottage has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living areas with sofas, internet, kitchen, washing machine, and other amenities. Is breakfast included. Maximum capacity of the house is 6 guests. Read more about the house.

Wooden house for two

Cost per day: 4000 rubles

Location: Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl Region

Small cute house located inPereslavl-Zalessky, about 150 km from Moscow, in the northeast direction. The house has only one room, with a large double bed of logs. The interior is very cozy, nice and thoughtful. Breakfast is included in the price, there is internet, bathroom, heating, TV. That is, despite the small size of the house (24 sq. M.), Everything you need for a comfortable rest is in it. Around the house is a picturesque and well-kept garden with flower beds and walkways. Accommodation is located right in Pereslavl-Zalessky, which is very convenient for those who came to the city for sightseeing. Suitable also for renting couples for a romantic weekend. Read more about the house.

Cozy home away from the metropolis

Cost per day: 8000 rubles

Location: Zhuravikha village, Vladimir region

The wooden house is in a quiet place with a beautifulnature and clean air, 180 km from Moscow in the north-east direction, near Kolchugino. Accommodates 8 guests. Surcharge for each subsequent guest: 1000 rubles per night, after 6 guests. The house has 3 bedrooms, two spacious living rooms, with a fireplace on the first floor. The space of the house is cozy, a lot of wood, pleasant atmosphere, a large open terrace. There is a Russian sauna, on the spacious adjacent plot there is a tennis court, mini-golf, volleyball and badminton. The hosts live in the neighborhood, the reviews of the guests about them are generally good. A good option for a family vacation in nature, in a rustic style. Suitable for meeting the New Year and winter holidays. True, we must bear in mind that this is still not a city apartment, and although there are amenities, communications are not central, they can fail. Read more about the house.

Paradise in a hut

Cost per day: 2700 rubles

Location: Nikolskoye Village, Pushkin District, Moscow Region

Hut without amenities, but with the words PARADISE above the entrancelocated in a large area of ​​creative park Expedition. In fact, there is only a bed and a small smoking stove in the hut, the heat from which is not long enough. Since the secluded house in the field, at the very edge of the forest, is meant for a couple, it’s supposed to warm the guests, romantically. To go to the general amenities quite far, there is no electricity in the hut either. The complex has a swimming pool and wi-fi, parking. Housing will suit some special lovers of nature for secluded relaxation in the warm season, but, frankly, I do not understand who can take it off. Read more about the house.


House in the city-museum of Suzdal

Cost per day: 10 000 rubles, extra charge for each subsequent guest 1000 rubles per day after 8 guests

Location: Suzdal, Vladimir region

New cottage in the center of Suzdal, 240 km fromMoscow Maximum capacity is 10 guests. The house has all the necessary amenities, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, home cinema, sauna, fireplace, cozy courtyard, green area, everything you need for barbecue or barbecue. The house is located in a quiet place, 10 minutes walk from the historical center of Suzdal. Guest reviews about the host and home are good. Read more about the house.

House in Kolomna

Cost per day: 2300 rubles

Location: Peski village, Moscow region

In this house we lived during his trip to Kolomna. The house is located about 110 km from the center of Moscow, just before Kolomna, in the village of artists, known as the Soviet Artist reserve. The house is a studio (two beds, kitchen), on the second floor. The site is large, with a gazebo, swings, pines and lawn. Opposite the house is parking. Here is the master's house. A great place to relax with your family in a pine forest. In walking distance there are two supermarkets, but at the same time the place is quiet and peaceful. The only thing that can strain a little is the noise of the train, but with the windows closed, it is not audible. To Kolomna ride 15 minutes by car (or 30 minutes if the pontoon bridge is divorced). And about the house and the owners a lot of very good reviews from guests. Read more about the house.


Eco-friendly house with sauna in Kosmovo Club

Cost per day: 4000 rubles on weekdays, 10,000 on weekends, or 14,000 for both weekends.

Location: Verkhnee Kosmovo Village, Peremyshl District, Kaluga Region

Here I am thinking of going with a company sometime,stir up a picnic in nature and relax in the sauna. The house is located about 200 km south of Moscow, in a club village with stylish modern houses, 17 km from Kaluga. From the outside, the house seems small, but the layout is well thought out, 7-8 people can freely accommodate in it; There is a living room, 3 bedrooms, a sauna, a large terrace. The interiors of the house are minimalistic, stylish and functional. Everything for a comfortable stay in the house is present: new furniture, clean linens and towels, satellite TV, karaoke, heated floors, panoramic windows, barbecue facilities and barbecue, football gates. Near the village of forest, river and apple orchard, the place is very quiet. IMHO, in the south is a very good option to take off for the weekend. Read more about the house.

House with a garden in the suburbs

Cost per day: 5000 rubles

Location: Bunyakovo Village, Domodedovo Urban District, Moscow Region

The house is located about 50 km from the center of Moscowheading south. From here, not far from Domodedovo Airport, it is easy to get to the house by car and by public transport, it is just a few minutes walk from the railway station Vostryakovo. The house is quite spacious, with two bedrooms. The interiors are cozy and warm. A lot of wood, stylish old furniture, windows to the floor facing the garden, a lot of interesting little things that create a pleasant atmosphere. There are all necessary amenities - hot water, heating, toilet. Near the lake and pine forest. In 15 minutes walk there is a grocery store. Guests respond well to both the house itself and its owners. Suitable for both outdoor recreation and for a small company to celebrate the birthday. Read more about the house.

Cottage village "Prioksky courtyard"

Cost per day: 6000 rubles, after 4 guests extra charge for each subsequent - 950 rubles

Location: Yegnyshevka Village, Aleksin Urban District, Tula Region

The hotel complex "Prioksky courtyard" is located180 km from Moscow (south direction), behind Serpukhov, near Tarusa. Near the bank of the Oka is a large, well-kept territory of the village with rooms in two-story houses and with small log cottages, a shared heated pool. There is a playground, a barbecue area, a sports ground, guarded parking, a restaurant and a cafe. The rooms have wi-fi, satellite TV, refrigerator, breakfast included in the price. For an additional fee, guests can use the solarium, sauna, billiards, cinema and other entertainment. The interiors are bright, new interiors. Simple but neat. Read more about the house.

Pool house

Cost per day: 15 000 rubles, extra charge for each subsequent guest: 1000 rubles per day, after the first guest

Location: cottage village Filatov Lug, Leninsky district, Moscow, Moscow region

Located a few kilometers from Moscow Ring Road, insouth-west direction, near the airport Vnukovo. The area of ​​the house is 560 square meters. m. he is really big. Inside there is a pool, on the site - a large pond. A good place for celebrations and recreation of a large company. There are billiards, barbecue area, Turkish bath. Capacity - up to 50 people. The style of the finish may be a little out of the trend, but for a large, noisy company it is just fine. Read more about the house.

House in a quiet place near Tula

Cost per day: 3000 rubles, extra charge for each subsequent guest: 500 rubles per night after 2 guests

Location: Belovy Dvory Village, Shchekino District, Tula Region

A small house in a quiet garden partnership, in 220km from Moscow to the south, behind Tula, not far from Yasnaya Polyana. The house is cozy, clean and with an interesting layout. The kitchen has everything you need. The hosts are very welcoming, guest reviews about the house are good. Suitable for both ordinary holiday cottages, and as a base for exploring the museums of Yasnaya Polyana and Tula. Read more about the house.

Hostel Kazarma

Cost per day: 50,000 rubles for the whole room, one place in the hostel - from 500 to 800 rubles

Location: Zvizzhi Village, Dzerzhinsky District, Kaluga Region

220 km from the center of Moscow in the south-westdirection (Minskoye, Kievskoye shosse) is an interesting complex of monuments of modern architecture with many art objects scattered among fields and forests. Hostel "Kazarma" just one of them. It is located at the highest, specific point of the Nikola-Lenivets Park, this is one of the places where you can stop for the night. The hostel has a spacious attic, bath, bar, internet, washing machine, breakfast. The hostel was built in 2013 by the project of the architectural bureau ARCHPOLE. Read more about the hostel.

House in Peredelkino

Cost per day: 7123 rubles

Location: Peredelkino settlement, Vnukovo settlement, Moscow

Spacious and bright house for 5 guests (3 bedrooms,4 beds) in Peredelkino, very close to Moscow, just 26 km from the center of the capital to the south-west (Kiev, Mozhaisk highway). House area - 90 square meters. m. The interior of the house is designed in a concise style, nothing more. Functionally and pleasantly to the eye, the rooms are bright and spacious. The house has a washer / dryer, internet, TV, fireplace. Quiet and green, pleasant place, just a few minutes drive from Vnukovo Airport, suitable for both family holidays and as a tourist base - not far from the center of Moscow. Read more about the house.

Cottage in Peredelkino

Cost per day: 5000 rubles

Location: Peredelkino settlement, Vnukovo settlement, Moscow

A small house for 2 guests in Peredelkino, quiteclose to Moscow, just 26 km from the center of the capital to the south-west (Kiev, Mozhaisk highway). The house is a bit quaint architecture, panoramic windows allow you to admire nature. On the site grow old trees, there is a brazier. The interior of the house in the cottage style - wall paneling, simple functional furniture. There is a fireplace, TV, internet, air conditioning and heating. Suitable for a quiet secluded holiday. Read more about the house.


Finnish style house

Cost per day: 7500 rubles

Location: Agafonovo Village, Odintsovo District, Moscow Region

Pleasant looking wooden two-storey houseIt is located about 100 km west of the center of Moscow, between Odintsovo and Mozhaisk (Minsk, Mozhaisk highway). Maximum capacity is 10 guests (4 bedrooms, 5 beds), the house area is about 120 square meters. In addition to standard amenities, the house has a fireplace, a sauna, a summer pool and a barbecue on the street, parking for three cars. 200 meters from the house a river flows, picturesque places around. Reviews about the house and the owners are good. Read more about the house.

Victorian cottage

Cost per day: 17,000 rubles, extra charge for each subsequent guest: 1000 rubles per night after 2 guests

Location: Dedovsk, Istra District, Moscow Region

The house is located 40 km from the center of Moscow, to the west (Volokolamsk Highway), between Krasnogorsk and Istra.
Maximum capacity is 16 guests (3 bedrooms,3 large beds). Enough original house, both in terms of architecture and in terms of interiors. Near the house, on the plot - a garden with a gazebo and a fountain, a Russian sauna with wood. Inside the cottage, in addition to standard amenities, there is also a stove with tiles, a solarium, a jacuzzi, a gym, a living room with a piano and a fireplace, a study, a games room, a sauna, Russian billiards, and a tennis table. In general, the house is designed as an improvisation on the English cottage of the Victorian era. Suitable for events, weddings, various celebrations (up to 35 people). There are also rooms for seminars and trainings, the hosts can help in organizing traditional English tea drinking. As options are also offered: personal maid, help in the preparation of dishes and table setting, purchase and delivery of products on request, fireworks and more. Read more about the house.

Cottage in Gorki

Cost per day: 4500 rubles

Location: Gorki-2 Village, Dzerzhinsky District, Kaluga Region

Several new, identical in style two-storyCottages are located about 190 km from the center of Moscow. South-western direction, 2-3 hours drive (Minsk or Kiev highway). The maximum capacity of the cottage is 6 guests (2 bedrooms, 2 beds). The house is stylish, modern, with an excellent minimalist and functional interior, made with taste. View from the windows on the field. The terrace of the cottage is made of Siberian larch, panoramic windows allow you to enjoy the view over a cup of coffee or tea, the house has a fireplace, a sauna and all the standard amenities: Internet, TV, washing machine, heating and air conditioning. Reviews about the owners and cottages are very good. Nearby are the sights: the village of Nikola-Lenivets, known for its art objects and the Goncharovs' estate-museum, the “Pole-Linen Plant”. Read more about the house.

Uncle Pashin Dacha

Cost per day: 2000 rubles

Location: Staritsky District, Tver Region

The house is located between Tver and Rzhev, ina few hundred meters from the bank of the Volga and about 300 km from the center of Moscow (about 3-4.5 hours drive) in the north-west direction (Novorozhskoe or Leningradskoye highway). In the presence of the Internet, TV, bathroom with shower, breakfast, parking, fireplace. Outside, the house looks like a typical rustic - wooden, with a mezzanine. Inside the space is decorated quite creatively, using natural materials. For example, a solid tree trunk. Near the main house there is a small summer tree house on the boards. A large house accommodates 10 guests (4 bedrooms, 8 beds), that is, it is designed for a large company or families with children. In addition to the house, the host also offers horse riding (with an instructor), food, a bath. There are interesting caves around, rafting on the rivers, excursions are possible. Read more about the house.

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