How to return an e-ticket Railways

I once laid out a detailed guide. how to buy a ticket Railways online and got various questions related to thistopic. One of the most popular is how to return an e-ticket to Russian Railways and what needs to be done to do this. And in fact, everything is simple and logical here, and I will now tell you how this happens.

The article was amended and added, as Russian Railways did return the tickets on the website, which was not there before. But still it is not always possible to return tickets purchased through the site, read below.

The content of the article

What is e-ticket Railways and electronic registration

Our Railways is not yet very close to moderntrends, and we can already say thank you that we have the opportunity to buy a ticket over the Internet. Not so long ago, and this was not, in any way, it was necessary to go to the cashier. And now even an electronic check-in has appeared even on some popular trains, and there is no need to get a paper ticket before boarding the train, just show your passport to the conductor. Just do not confuse electronic registration and e-ticket, these are completely different terms from Russian Railways.


Let me remind you that the e-ticket Railways onlygives the right to get a paper ticket at the self-service terminal or at the box office. That is, it is convenient for staking a seat in the train in advance, but in itself it is not a travel document. As in the case of air travel, you show a passport (and sometimes an electronic ticket) at the registration desk and you are given a boarding pass. In our case, you are given a real train ticket at the train station or at the self-service terminal, which is presented on the train. The only difference is that it is necessary to know the code of your electronic ticket.

Electronic registration

And electronic registration is you straight fromat home you go to the train, you do not need to get any additional tickets, only your passport shows the conductor and that's it. Although still desirable, and a printout from the site also show.

How to return an e-ticket Railways

How to return an e-ticket Railways

How to return a ticket Railways

Basically, if you followed my thought inthe previous paragraphs, you realized that you can have two options for tickets: real paper and electronic. Accordingly, to return the real ticket, you need to go to the station to the ticket office, and the electronic one can return via the website.

How to return a paper ticket

If you bought a ticket at the box office at the station, thenthe checkout will be a return, everything is clear, it always has been. Pay attention to another point. If your ticket was originally electronic, but you already managed to get a boarding pass on the Russian Railways form at the ticket office or self-service terminal, then consider that it has already become real and will also have to be returned only through the ticket office. The ticket office can be any on the territory of the Russian Federation, and for returning tickets to Europe - an international ticket office on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The only difference is that e-ticket youthey paid by credit card, and it will be for her that the refund will be made, that is, they will not give you money on hand. They will return within 7-30 days to the card.

From here we can conclude that one should not receive a ticket on paper form ahead of time. It is better to arrive a couple of hours before the departure of the train and then get it.

How to return an e-ticket through the site

Once again, you can return through the siteonly that e-ticket, on which the paper boarding pass has not yet been received at the box office or self-service terminal. Accordingly, you will need to go to the Russian Railways website in your personal account and complete the return procedure. We are looking for “My Orders”, we find our ticket in the list, in the “More” menu we are looking for ticket status and “Return” button.

You will be charged a fee of 162 rubles for the return service. In addition, the amount refunded will depend on the time when you cancel the order.

  • 8 hours before the departure of the train, you will receive the full amount.
  • 2-8 hours before the departure of the train, you will receive the cost of the ticket and 50% of the cost of the reserved seat.
  • For 2 hours only the ticket price.

These are the things here ... On the one hand, not quitelogical return procedure (electronic, paper cannot), on the other hand, there are very loyal terms for returning 100% of the ticket cost, if we draw an analogy with airline tickets. No airline would return the full amount 8 hours before departure, God forbid a couple of months, and that is not a fact, everything would depend on the fare of the air ticket, whether it is refundable or not.

There are other nuances associated with the return of train tickets, they can be found on the official website of Russian Railways.

Where to buy a train ticket

In order not to suffer with buggy and uncomfortablethe official website, you can use the booking form from the well-known service Tutu. We ourselves often use their services, the sane people work there, which pleases. By the way, there you can buy two lower places at once, just mark them on the wagon diagram and that's it.

P.S. When buying a ticket through Tutu, the task of returning a ticket is somewhat simplified, you just call and return them, no cash desks and queues.

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