What video to shoot for YouTube travel blogger - my conclusions

That was a month after my post. monthly video blogger. All this time I tried to shoot something, evenjust like that, not to lay out later, but just for the experience. I watched the statistics of various channels, thought a lot about what kind of project I can do. I also read a number of interesting articles about the promotion of channels and how everything is arranged there, and which topics are better to choose, what brings money or not. True, everywhere it’s mostly about moneymaking, and now I’m more interested in author channels, recruiting for them, areas of interest, and not search traffic and impersonal channels with collections of feils / jokes / accidents, instructions, reviews and so on.

My experience is not positive (ratherneutral), however I still want to publish my conclusions, which I drew for this month. I hope someone will find this useful, and the one who is in the subject will share his thoughts in the comments. I would be happy to discuss this topic.

The content of the article

Conclusions about the video

Video as an accompaniment

The most important conclusion I made isit's pretty easy to make vidyushki as an accompaniment to the main post on the blog, in which the text and photos of attractions. I literally turned on the camera several times, showed, here are the waterfalls, here is the path, so I swam. Then installation for 20 minutes and the video for 2-3 minutes is ready. Time costs are minimal, but it’s possible to better convey the atmosphere and keep the reader on the site a bit, which is good from the point of view of search engines (theoretically). But as a separate and self-sustaining project, such videos do not roll, they are not interesting and of little informative. Well, only can those who are about to go to this and the place and they just want to see what it looks like on the video. Although again the texts on my blog are fuller, with prices, a map, and so on.

Yes, yes, you can make a video with information, but thismore time consuming and duplicate text project. IMHO, you need to do one or the other, otherwise there will be two identical blogs, only different formats. It is better if the topics of blogs will be different, more effective.

Video for search traffic

Again, theoretically, if such clips1000 rip, you can count on search traffic on Youtube, but not sure that it will be a lot. After all, short sketches will have few likes and many refusals. In addition, small sights are not particularly looking for, and popular sights have a lot of competition, since there are already a lot of videos about them, including professionally made ones, where shooting is done from several cameras, a lot of video material is being made, and then a real film is also being made. Moreover, advertising in such commercials is not very profitable. Accordingly, the question of the self-sufficiency of such an event again arises.

So the situation is exactly the sameas with textual content: it takes a lot of it, and it has to withstand competition at the expense of something (for example, at the expense of the same volume). At the same time, it is necessary to understand that such content brings quite a small income on contextual advertising (Adsense). As an option, try to make videos for some specific affiliate program, that is, sell tickets, hotels, or something else for travelers.

You need to look for your chip

The following conclusion - I have not yet found my chip and not the fact that I will find :) That's real, turn on the camera and do not know whatshoot, the brain is sharpened, either under beautiful travel videos (like shooting a lot of material from different angles, putting music, etc.), or under some informational topics (such a park, there’s something here, so much ). But this is not the case, because the task of shooting something interesting, but not too time-consuming, well, or expensive, but profitable. In addition to the chips need some special charisma or an unusual style of narration. Remember the Tramp Fischaya, he speaks rather strangely, but it looks like it touches many.

The search continues.

Earnings are not on the video itself

Here they cited somehow an example of the channel “in their own way”,which has many subscribers, which is known and popular. So, this channel (to which I, as before the moon), has very little salary, and has a lot of energy on it. Nevertheless, as far as I understand, the guys are earning their own money, simply not by advertising from the channel, but by direct advertisers or by offering their services for shooting video. And this is a good option, and in terms of travel channels one of the most affordable. For if you look at the TOPs, then there is very little travel there, I mean with normal incomes of $ 1-2 thousand per month. The fact is that we need hundreds of thousands of views, millions, not less, so that it makes sense. Judge for yourself, conditionally, if 1000 views earns $ 1, then in order to earn $ 100, you need to make a video with 100 thousand views. If we release 2 videos per week, we get $ 800 per month. More or less the amount for which it is worth to flutter.

So it's easier to have lower attendance andoffer services than chase after watching. Everything is the same as on sites. But the whole question is whether this income suits you. For example, my task is to initially earn remotely and precisely on advertising, without in any way going offline and not contacting clients.

No travel

The last conclusion - you should try to shoot indifferent formats and see if I like myself, and whether the others like it. And it may not make sense to mess with a travel video at all. Well, it is very hard to earn money on it, if only earnings from advertising are of interest (I don’t want to offer services, either on the site or on the channel). Have you seen a lot of travel channels, where each video has at least 100 thousand views? I've seen few of these, in the bulk is 1-5 thousand, not more. And in rare cases, the authors reach 10-20-30 thousand views.

Further, for travel channels, not every videofits For example, my video from the ascent to Rosa Pik in Krasnaya Polyana (a relative interesting place) or cutting from two weeks of my single trip, is less pulling for a travel channel, but there is nothing special about them. Ideally, you should at least drive to more interesting places, and, as a maximum, travel in a special format (not typical) and push your philosophy (like the same Goodbye Normals). Everything that I am filming now rolls only as an accompaniment to posts about sights (see point 1 of this post) or, for life sketches (like my last 3 videos), but which are also only a supplement to the blog.

For me it is better not to take a trip, at least somethere may be prospects. See how “beauty channels” are developing or “I say something to the camera”. The girl is sitting by the camera, painting, 10-20 minutes of time, a minimum of editing, and as a result, we have a lot of views and a crowd of fans, even half the trolls. Surely, there are similar channels for men too, it’s just that Daria watches videos about manicure, makeup, etc. with me, and I’m out of habit at once paying attention to the statistics.


  • High attendance (from 50-100 thousand views) andthen you can earn on contextual advertising Adsense. She has a low envelope, so we need a lot of attendance. The channel can be, as copyright (if it turns out to collect an audience), and impersonal (all sorts of selections). Also for the author's channel is suitable advertising from direct advertisers.
  • The average attendance (5-20 thousand views) will bring a little on Adsense, but with a regular audience, it makes sense to look for direct advertisers, the exhaust can go out more.
  • Video content can be made exclusively for affiliate programs.then even a small traffic can bring in earnings if it is targeted. It is necessary to test and see how this bunch works in Youtube in general, I have experience only with text.
  • The bet is not on the amount of traffic andEarnings from advertising / affiliate programs, and on the provision of services. The whole question is what services to offer. It’s one thing to create sites, and another to make video on order. Obviously, in the case of sites, it makes sense to make instructions on WordPress, and in the case of video to order, a travel channel will do.

Since I already have quite a working textI don’t have a project, I don’t want to make it a video duplicate, especially the text format I prefer when we talk about information or impressions about sights, and the scheme is already polished. To reach the same income with the same travel style and the same approach, but on a video blog, you have to try very hard. That is, if you do the same thing, but in a video format, then nothing good will come of it in terms of income. Not to mention the fact that very few people will be able to work on two such projects at once. In fact, one thing is then abandoned, or a blog, or a video blog. Therefore, in my opinion, most of the travel bloggers who are firmly entrenched in the test format will have to, or score on the text blog and leave completely in the video format, changing their approaches to earnings, travel style, etc; or in parallel to do the channel of another subject, not directly connected with the text blog.

P.S. There is something to add? Something I was wrong? The conclusions are simple, but maybe someone will be different, based on their experience. Moreover, I did not immerse myself especially in the wilds of youtube promotion and Seo. As I wrote at the very beginning of the post, now I’m only interested in author channels, and not under traffic.

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