How to use a bank card

Using a bank card is very simple. I even thought whether to write a post on this topic or not. But as practice has shown, not everyone knows about it, including some of our friends. When a person lives an ordinary life itself, then in general a bank card can be useless. Well, only if at work they did not issue a salary. Although even without traveling, I do not understand how you can do without a bank card.

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First read my post which bank card to choose, there I tell all the basics: what to choose Visa or Mastercard, debit or credit, telling about what are the commissions and so on. If you already know everything, here is my selection specific travel maps.

How to use a bank card

How to use a credit card by appointment :)

How to use a bank card at an ATM

It's all very simple. You yourself will understand. We insert the card, enter the PIN, and do what we need: we withdraw cash, we deposit cash, we pay for the Internet or telephone, and so on.

If you withdraw money from your ATMsBank, the commission for this operation is missing. If you do this at an ATM of a third-party bank (both in Russia and in other countries), then the commission is usually about 1%.

There are cash dispensers with ATMs.and without it. Where and what exactly are located, should be indicated on the website of your bank. Externally, they usually also differ by an additional hole for receiving cash. Balance replenishment occurs without commission.

Some banks can deposit money into the card account without a fee only through an ATM, and there is a small percentage through the cash desk. Check it in your bank or on its website.

How to use a bank card in the store

Even easier, you just give the bank card to the seller, and he spends it in a special device. Sometimes you need to enter a PIN or your signature on the check.

It is best not to pay with a card in thoseplaces that seem dubious to you in order to avoid fraudulent activities. Especially, it concerns Asian countries. But it is easier to set limits in the Internet bank for certain actions (cash withdrawal, monthly limit, etc.), if your bank provides such a service.

How to use a bank card on the Internet

Your card has billing information: the holder's name, card number, expiration date, and a 3-4 digit CVV / CVC code on the back.

This data must be entered on the site afterhow you chose the desired air ticket (I recommend buying through and or a hotel. But this does not end there. If the data is entered correctly, the system will ask you to enter a one-time password. Such passwords can be obtained either in advance at an ATM, or in advance at your bank (scratch cards), or such a password will come to you as an SMS when you try to pay for something on the Internet.

How is the issuance of disposablePasswords need to learn from the bank. It is advisable to find out before booking flights or hotels. For example, in Alphabank passwords will come in the form of SMS. In Sberbank, there are two ways: issuing through an ATM and in the form of SMS. In Vanguard you need to go to the bank for a scratch card.

Consider, if you plan to use a bank card when traveling, booking flights and hotels, then you definitely need the opportunity to get one-time passwords via SMS.

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