How was the first meeting of LT in Kolomenskoye and exchange of contacts

That was the first meeting in Kolomna Park. Honestly, I didn’t expect so many people to come. Great, there were almost 30 of us, including children! I was very glad to see everyone and no less glad that you came. It was interesting to talk, listen to stories from life, learn something new for yourself. It's funny, like we are all different, but at the same time, when there is something in common, it does not feel any obstacles to communication. I hope no one was bored and no one regretted coming to the meeting that day. Thanks for the company!


As promised, I post the post so that everyonecould exchange contacts in the comments, leaving a link to your profile on social networks and add each other as friends. It is desirable only that the avatar or the neighboring photos have a face, and not some kote, otherwise it will be difficult to recognize a person behind the mustache and hair.

I don’t know if everyone came, or someone was shy, butthere may be other meetings. True, I can not yet say where and when. A little briefly tell you how it was for those who were not. We sat in a clearing in Kolomenskoye and in a circle each told about himself, what he did and how he got here. After the circle ended, everyone broke up into small groups of interests and communication continued.

Well, a few photos from the meeting.


















Naturally, in this post I would like to collectfeedback and ask questions. This meeting was a trial, so it was held in the format of dating. For the first time - that was enough. The strongest ones stayed until 10 o'clock in the evening, and even while standing near the subway, we could not say goodbye :)

  • What was missing at this meeting?
  • Do I need more meetings?
  • What format is needed?

The last question I ask is not casual, because, bymy experience, if carried out further, the “re-acquaintance” will not be so interesting and should be in theory a different format / formats. Although, of course, if everyone goes away (many have voiced this desire), every time there will be only new participants and this question will disappear. :)

P.S. And here is another album by Maria Murashova -

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