How was the 3rd LT meeting on Samui

Who would have thought that the meeting would take place in Thailand :) Well, more precisely, I did not think about it when weorganized the first in Moscow, it seemed far away and unreal. However, here we are on Samui and here, by coincidence, many of our virtual friends turned out to be.

In a tight circle we sat in Children's cafe Mickey Mickey, met, talked. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, most of those who came were with children, in fact, as in previous meetings :) Egor was also traditional, and it was on this day that he slept well and a lot during the day, so we were late for an hour. I beg your pardon, but our dream is holy ...

Guys, we were glad you came, it was verynice to see everyone, so thanks for meeting. This post, as usual, serves to exchange contacts for those who wish to continue communication. Surely many people did not come to Samui for a couple of months, like us, but will stay here for a long time.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take a picture (I started to take a picture, I got distracted and forgot) and we also forgot to take a general photo at last. Therefore, literally a couple of photos of our gatherings.

The third meeting on Samui

The third meeting on Samui

The third meeting on Samui

The third meeting on Samui

If anyone knows, my phone is in Thailand0914683217, well, mail and Skype are listed on the contacts page. Here in the comments leave those contact details that are most convenient for you: phones, links to profiles in social networks, mail and so on.

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