How was the 7th meeting of LT in Kolomenskoye

That was the 7th meeting. By the way, she opened the next year, because almost exactly a year ago (at the end of June 2013) the very first trial meeting with readers of the blog took place. Total for the year we held 3 meetings in Kolomenskoye (together with this last one), 2 meetings on Samui, 2 meetings in Krabi, and we met, with a large number of readers, can we all have it already? Or not? :) Probably, meetings need to be further organized ...I hope that not only we continue to communicate with some in the virtual and real after the meetings, but also other participants of the meetings also find interesting acquaintances for themselves.

Many people came to the meeting again (as many as 40people), apparently in the summer all travelers are in Russia. Most of the new faces, but it was no less pleasant to see the “old ones” with whom they crossed on Samui, Krabi and Kolomenskoye. Warmly talked, met in a circle. Basically, the fans of Thailand have gathered, both those who have visited it and are going to go there for the first time for the winter. As usual, then they were divided into groups and the conversations dragged on until late evening. We left there only at half past ten in the evening, we did not want to disperse at all.

I wonder if we end up with Thailand and startnew topic, then who will be coming? By the way, yes, as soon as I come up with a new topic, I will deal with it. Perhaps it will be special children, I do not know. With Thailand, I can already say finished, almost everything is described from the necessary.



















Thanks to everyone who came! It's great to see so many like-minded people! Here is a link to the archive with photos (54 items). If anyone has photos, add links to comments.

P.S. Traditionally, we exchange contacts in the comments. It is best to leave links to profiles in social networks, then the avatar is easier to understand xy from xy :)

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