I choose upshifting! Although downshifting is also nothing :)

If "in the forehead" look at my previousphilosophical posts about saving, then some have the feeling of some kind of restriction. Although it is not. And I do not get tired of repeating that, firstly, saving is not a limitation, and, secondly, it can be a consequence, not a cause.

It seems to me, only in Russia (maybe in others notheavily rich countries) saving is not cool, God forbid, someone will know about this, they will immediately make a "fi" or they will shower with slippers. But this is the topic of a separate article about Ponte and petty bourgeois. I remember here on the blog blamed for saving water and electricity, although it is not about money in this case ...

The content of the article


In the same post I decided to approach the issue"Saving" is quite on the other hand, and the conversation with my friend pushed me to this. I talked to him and realized that I’m still not a downshifter, but rather an up-shifter, since my standard of living rises rather than falls, despite the decrease in costs (or lack of growth).

Immediately I warn you, all these terms are quite conditional, by now they do not mean anything, therefore I interpret them as I see fit. :)


Downshifting is a highly paid job.work or a sharp decline in living standards, that is, down (down). The most vivid example is a top manager who has switched from the world of glamor to the village life. That is, he had a super comfortable life by modern standards, but now he is content with a small one and his standard of living has declined.

I read that there is now a serious trend whenwell-earned people go to Asia or Latin America, buy their own housing there, and their money with modest spending is enough for the rest of their lives. Well, this is in addition to another trend in this series - to quit everything and go to Goa with almost no money, just to not work and do nothing until it presses at all.


Upshifting, in my understanding, is a kind of reorganization of my life, at which the standard of living rises, that is, Up (up), and spending remains the same or decreases.

A good example of upshifting for me is wintering in Thailandin which the standard of living can increase withthe same financial costs as home. And if you don’t raise the level, but leave it as it was, you can even reduce costs, and this in turn will give you more time, as you have to work less, which also leads to a certain increase in the standard of living.

Initial data

Why am I not a downshifter

Since I had a life associated with Moscow andoffice work, I will compare with it. The fact is that I never aspired to a career and big money, I always wanted to just live and do something interesting. It is to engage, and not to idle. Naturally, at that time the main occupation was work, and for me the notion that work could be unloved was crazy, so I changed several professions, trying to find my own.

The financial question also mattered becauseI wanted a certain level of life, although for most Muscovites it would be low. At that moment I didn’t find a completely suitable job for myself, because not exactly she likedalthough it was normal in terms of money (the average RFP of an engineer of my specialty is just ~ 60 thousand). That is, as you see, downshifting (avoiding high levels and incomes) and does not smell.


Some serious changes my life is notassumed in the absence of the desire to make a career. It would be possible to change the profession to a more commercial one, but I do not know how to sell and make money. And the future growth of salaries from the increase in engineering experience would be very insignificant, in Russia, engineers do not receive much, unless, of course, they are not on rollbacks.

And most importantly, an ordinary working day, with reference to the office, would take virtually all the free time, and for 3-4 hours in traffic jams would not suck out the forces.

What increased the standard of living

Children and housing issue

You would not believe it, but if it were not for my peculiarupshifting, then I would hardly have decided on the birth of a child. When working in the office, when there was just the sheer uncertainty in life, the search for oneself and the depression that children might be. And I am still silent about the housing issue, which would have arisen somewhere in 3-4 years after the birth of his son Egor. Still, a small studio apartment with windows on a busy road is not the best way out. A mortgage with an engineering salary and huge percentages, it’s about 20 years to drive oneself into slavery.

But now, I can safely pass my odnushku inMoscow and move to the Moscow region / Gelendzhik / Thailand in a 3-room apartment or house, because you do not need to go to the office. Up? Very much. And housing will be better, and ecology.

By the way, in my opinion, rented housingThere are much more advantages than one’s own, so I’m not going to buy a bigger apartment, I’ll rather rent it. Well, or, conversely, I will buy odnushki, but for subsequent delivery.

Spending time with a child

It’s equally important thattime with a child. I remember that I did not work at all for the first 3 months after the birth of my son and was always there. Who would give me 3 months of vacation? And in general, when I work at home, my son sees me all day long, even if in fragments. Although he can sometimes sit next to me for several hours, playing with the designer.

In fact, more than once there was a needDo not work for 1-2 months, when the son got to the hospital or when a large number of cases arose. I remember my office, figs take time off even for a day, what can we say about the months.

Spontaneous trips

Upshifting gave me more time for myself and newopportunities. For me, this is above all traveling. I still can’t imagine how rarely one can get somewhere, moreover on pre-planned days (for a year or six months to plan) and with a clear return date.

For me, the best trips are spontaneous.outings without a return ticket. It is then that you can fully enjoy the trip, as it happens at the peak of desire and it takes as much time as necessary. Of course, now I drive much less frequently, but it is very convenient that there is an opportunity to leave at any time.

It's easier to do things

In the little things, of course, this also manifests itself. For example, you can cook homemade food, and there is no need for fast food, you can sleep as much as you like, you have the opportunity to visit those places that only work during the day ...

I myself am surprised, but I stopped hatinginstances where I have been almost a regular lately! It's simple: I do not need to ask for leave from work and rush headlong to some FIU or a passport office, being afraid not to have time due to queues. No, now I just go there without any hurry, and even if there is a queue, I have a laptop with me, and there is always something to do.

Upshifting turned out instead of downshifting

Upshifting turned out instead of downshifting


It turns out that in general, my standard of living has grown,although spending remained about the same order as before. Honestly, I have no idea how I would now be able to work in regular office work and solve the current life.

It would be necessary to earn very well in order toat least somehow cope. I would have to hire a housekeeper, a nanny for a permanent working day, a personal driver, and so on. I exaggerate, but this level is not an ordinary engineer. And in such a well-paid job (who else would take her to me?) I don’t see anything good for myself personally, because I don’t smell like a favorite thing. In fact, apart from money, there are no advantages, which means that I would not have had enough for a long time. At least, I’m not one of those people who only need to have a certain large amount in the account and only be happy about it.

So for me, favorite work + remoteearnings + freedom of action = this is just some kind of mega upshifting. With the fact that the income is quietly growing, there is already an opportunity to move to the same suburbs, to rent a bigger apartment, and to be with Egor as much as you need. That is, at least, I do not see any deterioration compared to what it was before, but as a maximum, I see an increase in the level.

And if you take a family without children or some bachelor, and actually a family with ordinary children, you can “upset” your standard of living very well, much better than mine.

What to choose?

That's even interesting, if you give anya person the opportunity to do only his favorite thing instead of work, to have enough time to meet with relatives and friends, as well as other things, would he have started to increase his expenses? And would he be ready to give up these opportunities just for the sake of increasing income in order to create super comfort around him?

By myself I can say (I don’t know from others, we are alldifferent), that I really would not want to change one thing for another, because having lived at least once in a normal life, I don’t want to go back to the golden cage at all. Of course, my “cage” was not golden, but, as I have already said, there was never any desire to do so. Naturally, if you move away from all these theories, then the ideal option is to combine a large salary and a favorite business, and not the choice of only one of these items.

But! If there is only a choice, then I am for my favorite work, and I am sure that with some approach and patience, it will bring enough in the near future. And I am also sure that everyone has their own level of comfort, when nothing really is needed above it, just to realize this real level, you need to spin less, like squirrel in a wheel, to stay longer today and look around .

By the way, those are an inspiring example for merich people who are fed up with comfort, earn money just for the sake of the process (they like to organize something new), and donate most of the money and help others. I have already written more than once that even in my own experience I already felt that when you go in for most of your life with something very interesting, you need much less materially.

By and large, no matter what wordscall different lifestyles, downshifting or upshifting, the main thing is that a person does not give up, continues to try and look for that very combination of earnings / work / hobby / leisure / spiritual growth and does not stop there.

P.S. Based on my understanding, all kinds of freelancers, emigrants, businessmen are just upshifters, not downshifters. :)

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