Imereti Embankment in Adler - the road to the sky

I was somehow completely unimpressed by the CentralAdler’s embankment, although with pleasure I drove for half an hour around this location of the old city. Then, going to the sea, then again going deep into the streets and squares, pushing between pedestrians and jumping on the ropes of local fishermen, I gradually crept up to the Mzymta River, and along the pedestrian bridge fell on the side of the Imereti Bay. But there, after the Imereti yacht port, the most interesting began for me, as for a non-professional cyclist. The embankment of Nizhneimeretinsky bay turned out to be a paradise for cycling. However, for walking too.


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Imereti Embankment in Adler

If you do not go into details, the whole shoreBay coveted into concrete with massive parapets, almost the height of a man. From the sea there was an untouched beach, without concrete piers, which can and help save the coast, but terribly spoil its aesthetics. The whole central embankment of Adler is disfigured by these breakwater breakwaters, and to be honest, sometimes you don’t even want to look towards the sea. But on the Imereti Embankment there is a completely different picture: a clean beautiful coastline and the sea, nothing superfluous.

Quay in places is empty, but slowlyit takes on a completely civilized look: benches, cafes, landscape design elements appear, rental stations for two-and three-wheeler bikes, rollers and electric bicycles open. For pedestrians, the pavement was almost three meters wide, paved with stone tiles, and for those who ride around, two bicycle lanes with a special coating and speed limiters in places of tourists gathering and crossing left a meter. And all this is free. Five kilometers of perfectly level track.

You ride and walk overlooking the sea, in the freshsea ​​air, surrounded by the same walkers and skiers. The path is so long that it seems that it will never end and generally goes somewhere in the sky. In places, speed bumps and hatches are crashing, especially if you have been pushing your fifth point with a narrow bicycle seat for the fifth hour and are forced to endure sharp buttings into weighted buttocks. But this minus is more than interrupted by the speed, safety and entertainment of the pokatushki. At any time you can stop, fasten the bike to the parking rack and go down to the sea. Sit in a cafe with a sunset view or on the parapet, sipping soda and gobbling up the freshest khachapuri with cheese.

An ideal walking place in Adler, I would say so.

The end of the embankment, then - the border with Abkhazia

The end of the embankment, then - the border with Abkhazia

Central Quay Adler

Central Quay Adler

Information to visit

The entrance is free, the start of the bike path is approximatelycafe "Parus", ends after 5 km near the border with Abkhazia. Many cyclists without experience, there are high-speed electric scooters and golf carts, you will need to get used to disperse with them. For those who do not want to bother with the bike at the place of residence - there are bicycle rentals on the embankment itself, points are indicated on the map.

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Imereti Embankment in Adler (Sochi)

Imereti Embankment in Adler (Sochi):

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