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A first-hand review of Tinkoff insurance from my subscriber and girlfriend Katya Batova, who has been traveling the world for several years now. He and his family made this insurance while already traveling (what insurance can you do) and one of the options was precisely Tinkoff. If you take this insurance on the website of the insurance itself, then you can buy it already on the journey, the main thing is not at the same time on the territory of insurance. The guys bought a policy for Spain, while in Montenegro, just what you need.

In short, I already told in my main post about insurance, that Tinkoff Insurance is now working well, despite the average assistance of Europ Assistance. The only negative - in some areas it turns out a little expensive.

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Tinkoff Travel Insurance Review

Buying and choosing insurance

When planning an autumn trip to Spain, wehave been looking for a good insurance for a family of two adults and two children ?. At that moment we were already abroad? 5 months, so our search range was difficult to call wide. Most company? they refused to insure us, and the rest either put up a price that was too heavy for our budget, or had a negative feedback history, which we also didn’t like very much. Of those insurers that approached us, we chose the offer from Tinkoff Insurance, the reviews of which looked most attractive.

My insurance rating is>

They work with the assistance Europ Assistance. What is interesting, if you look at the reviews about this assistance as a whole, then a picture emerges so-so, I would say - at C grade. However, according to reviews and recommendations of living people in Runet, Europ Assistance works perfectly in tandem with Tinkoff. I clarified this nuance with a friend who works in the insurance industry, and she suggested that most likely Tinkoff himself somehow affects the work of the assistance. I do not have confirmation of this, but the fact remains that the insurance is working and it is recommended.

After weighing the pros and cons, given that the BankTinkoff we love, and husband - old? their client, we decided to see how Tinkoff Traveler Insurance works. Spouse issued a policy with a bonus - for free, but only for 45 days ?. Policies for me and two children we bought online at the official site, te Tinkoff.

Insurance case in Spain

Already in October 2017, we had the first appeal in Spain, in the city of Valencia. I personally addressed myself with gynecology questions.

It is characteristic that in the insurance policy, in addition tostandard (like all) phones for communication and SMS, Tinkoff has additional options for communication: e-mail, fax, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram. That is, the service of the twenty-first century, facing the customer, for which I immediately put them fat? a plus. The online communication channel for the traveler is both a comfortable, familiar interface (which is important in an emergency situation) and very substantial money saving. I called on Whatsapp and I was answered immediately.

I was pleased that at the first communication with the insurancethe company did not have a million questions "about everything", as many people like to do. Tinkoff asked only his full name, policy number, which complaints and city of residence. Everything?! Exactly 15 minutes later I received a message confirming that the letter of guarantee was sent, and we can go to the hospital. If you think it was the most? fast? answer from insurance? companies that? I have ever received, and I have enough big? experience of applying for insurance abroad ?.

In hospital

We had a slight hitch in the hospital,since we went to the wrong office, and the administrator spoke only Spanish. I recruited assistance and again service-positive: I was immediately called by name (that is, I did not have to re-explain who I was and why I was calling). And the operator spoke fluent Spanish, and immediately settled the situation directly with the administrator. My estimate of the speed of solving all the issues with the assistance of Tinkoff Insurance is 10 points out of 10. After all, did they send me another message asking? unsubscribe after taking a doctor.

Hospital Casa de Salud is basically considered oneof the best in valencia. Get me quickly and without any questions. While filling out a medical card, for me? a hospital employee has already arrived to escort to the office. The doctor had to wait 15 minutes, not more. In the office to the doctor run all those who came with you, even the whole family. For them, there are a number of chairs, and you just go behind the screen and do your work. The doctor and the nurse were very friendly, they spoke English and Spanish. So, if we evaluate the service of the hospital itself, then I will also give them 10 out of 10 points.


Summarizing the review, I want to say that TinkoffI was 100% satisfied with insurance, although I will remind you - there was only one appeal and this is not enough for statistics. But this is my experience with the Tinkov service, and there was absolutely nothing to complain about during this appeal. To be honest, before the call to the insurance company, I had doubts whether they would begin to deal with my question, because there was nothing urgent and urgent in it. But Tinkoff Insurance worked perfectly, in my opinion, for which I send them my positive feedback.

P.S. Unfortunately, the man did not take photos. This I will even do when I die, but not all of them :)

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