Sberbank insurance for traveling abroad - reviews and live announcements

Once upon a time it was possible for a small feeget insurance to all Sberbank credit cards. The insurance was from different insurance companies. Now insurance is not tied to bank cards in any way (except for premium cards, they are described below) and Sberbank Insurance sells them, and not third-party insurance.

At the moment, insurance from Sberbank is one of the cheapest on the market. No idea why this is so, or why they did not raise prices, like everyone else.

The content of the article

Insurance from Sberbank + Europ Assistance

LIFEC. By my instructions, you can buy insurance from Sberbank in general for pennies for 90 days at once.

What is this insurance

The most common, which is available for purchase to everyone. I made it myself, cheap. Not without cons, but the price! Now tell you where it is better to buy.


Insurance is available through Polis812specific dates and annual. Insurance sums are € 35,000, € 60,000 and € 1,200. The annual insurance option is very tasty for the price - in order to see it, you need to select “Multiple” and “90”, only then Sber will be visible in search results. If you drive several times a year, it is more convenient and cheaper to take an annual policy immediately. Promotional code LIFETRIPRU for a discount of 9%.

Polis812 with discount>

Under my link you will receive a 9% discount on insurance. Thus, it will be the most budget insurance for today and there is no such price even on the official website.


You can also buy insurance through Cherehapafor specific dates and annual. But only for the sum insured 120,000 €. To see Sber in the search results, you need to switch the currency in EURO in the filters and choose the insurance amount of € 100,000 (don't worry, the policy will still be 120 thousand). To see the annual policy, you must do all of the above, plus tick the "annual" and select "90 days."


Unfortunately, I have no promotional codes for Cherehapy(and no one has it), but the service has its advantages. First, they stand up for their customers and can help resolve a controversial situation. Secondly, before the start of the insurance, you can return it without penalty if you suddenly change your mind or the trip is canceled. Get all the money back, and the procedure itself is done online, without leaving home.

My traveler's policy from Sberbank Insurance

My traveler's policy from Sberbank Insurance


The default insurance includes quite a few options when compared with other travel insurances. Be sure to read my post. with insurance ratingwhere I explained how to choose the right insurance and what is asistens.

  • Allergies, sunburn, andinsurance cases associated with the exacerbation of chronic diseases in life threatening. And they are covered for the entire insurance amount, while many insurance has a limit - a maximum of 1000-5000 ye.
  • Insurance covers dengue feverwhat you need for Thailand.
  • The default is to ride a bike / motorcycle, whichalso relevant for Thailand. Moreover, this option does not increase the cost of insurance, as is usually the case. By the way, the passenger must also buy insurance with this option, and not just the motorcycle driver, so you know (applies to all insurance).
  • Insurance for children from 3 years is the same as for an adult. There is no multiplying factor like other companies. For older people, there is no coefficient to 60 years.
  • There is no franchise in any direction.
  • Crushing on the territory of insurance is: 1) The whole world, except the Russian Federation and the USA, 2) Russia, 3) the USA. Thus, choosing any of the countries except the Russian Federation and the USA, you will be insured in all countries, in the sense that the territory will be large. And, despite Asia in this territory, the price remains low. Many insurance prices differ greatly for Schengen and for Asia.

Order Sber at a discount>

Sberbank insurance for traveling abroad - reviews and live announcements

The cost of travel insurance Sberbank for 90 days


  • Budget service company Europ Assistance,which organizes on-site assistance. It may take a long time to reconcile these or other points, they may delay with the answers. For example, the operator does not call back to say which hospital to go to, they do not immediately send a guarantee letter to the hospital. Although I had no such experience, everything was fast.
  • Sber himself is also not always fast. After all, it is in Sberbank Insurance that they decide whether or not to pay for doctor visits and treatment. But it is more likely to deal with serious issues when you need expensive treatment. Reception for 100 bucks they will pay without any problems without coordination.

You need to be prepared to call the assistants themselves andrush him if suddenly start to slow down. In principle, this happens, and with cheap and expensive insurance in Thailand. But cheap. There is no alternative. I myself have done it myself, what to say.

In order not to spend money on calls, you do not need to call from your Russian sim card. Here's how to do it., calls a penny will cost.

Sberbank Insurance + Mondial

What is this insurance

While I only think about the registration of Sber (Mondial), I already have insurance for the All Airlines card, also a good option, I recommend.

Sberbank has an interesting product for - package Premier. Initially, of course, he was not invented for traveling at all, but as a VIP service. However, when you make it free, insurance is required for traveling abroad (not sold separately). At the same time, Assistance will not be Europ Assistance, but Mondial (now called Allianz Global Assistance, although many still call him Mondial).

The package includes a free World Bank cardMasterCard Black Edition and Visa Platinum Premier with increased bonuses Thank you, Priority Pass card for business halls, increased deposit rates and medical travel insurance.

Insurance will be $ 100,000 and coveredfor the whole family: spouses up to 70 years (including civil, if there are common children), minor children, and adults from 18 years of age, if they study full-time. The sum insured is total for all, so it's best not to get sick all together. The cardholder must travel, without it, insurance does not work.


But not everything is so chocolate. The first 2 months of the Premier package is given free of charge for a sample, and then its cost is 2500 rubles per month. But if, on the accounts of Sberbank lies from 2.5 million rubles (for Moscow and the Moscow region) or from 1.5 million (for regions), then it will be free and beyond. The option is not for everyone, right?

It should also be said that the higher rates fordeposits are not particularly saved (5.7% instead of 5.15%). Take the same Tinkoff, there is 7% for all and without packages. If you count, then freezing 2.5 million rubles in Sberbank, I will receive 142500 rubles without capitalization. In Tinkoff I will receive from 2.5 million - 175,000 rubles. The difference is 32500 rubles, that’s how much the Premier package service costs for a year (2500 rubles x 12 = 30,000 rubles). That is, a deposit in Savings of 2.5 million does not give a win, you can keep money in Tinkoff, pay 2500 rubles a month to Sber and will be the same.

Increased bonuses Thank you for not much higher than other Travel cards. Read my review about the special travel map from Tinkoff, her cashback is more profitable.

Brief description of insurance Sberbank Premier

Brief description of insurance Sberbank Premier

A way to get free, not for everyone

There are several options.

  • Make for 2 months, go on a trip,come and close the package. The way is one-time, as you understand, and requires gestures. It will be necessary to pay only 1 month, that is 2500 rubles, quite a bit.
  • Put on Sberbank from 1.5 million (regions) or 2.5 million (Moscow and Moscow region) and keep there. As an option, to keep this amount of assets on the brokerage account, now it is already rolling.
  • Travel specifically to the region from Moscow and discoverthere is a deposit, putting 1.5 million on it. Accordingly, the Premier package is also available there. Unfortunately, there will be two entrances to Sberbank Online, and not all operations can be done in Moscow, but if we are talking about insurance, and there is only a deposit in the account, then you will not have to travel to the neighboring area.

I myself think about the last option. It seems to be no dirty tricks. You need to get a new experience for the blog. Although not so much for the sake of insurance, but for the sake of Priority Pass. But so far I really do not want to freeze even 1.5 million in the accounts of Sberbank. Well, good asistens Mondial does not save Sber from brakes, so there are negative reviews about insurance. That is, the package is all of a premium, and insurance is not quite premium.

Reviews of Sberbank Insurance

If you used this insurance, then please leave your review here. Feedback is important to me and my recommendations. I always rule posts when new information arrives.

I have already had personal experience with this insurance several times:

- In Chiang Mai sent to Chiang Ramwhich is one of the best in town
- In Bangkok, there was a good Wajthani Hospital
- Phuket was sent to so-so Siam International Clinic
- In Hua Hin, so generally sent to Bangkok Hospital

Order insurance at a discount>

I don’t know why there is such a spread in hospitals. Maybe the resorts have more appeals, so they save on popular Phuket to justify the costs. And in the same Chiang Mai, initially all services are cheaper and quite a few tourists go there.

Soon I will write my experience of applying for Sberbank insurance so that you understand how it works. Looking ahead, I will say that I liked it. Maybe lucky, of course, but the fact itself.

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