Registering IE via the Internet in 2019 - my step by step instruction

I have long thought about this, and finally decided. Studied the forums for several weeks. Although almost everyone I asked did not advise registering the PI, they say, I was in vain worried. But I decided on my own experience to check whether this is so scary, difficult, and so on. It is never too late to close, and it is done quickly now. So, I’ll see how it’s what, and then you’ll see that we emigrate somewhere, and you can replay everything, but for now the experience will not be superfluous.

The content of the article

What you need to know before registering

Before starting to do something, I read quite a lot of different topics on the forums, and also consulted with accountants from My Business. Feel free to add one more minus to The pros and cons of freelancingbecause an office worker doesn't have to go through all this.

Primary documents, sources of income

Do not rush, it is better to take into account all the nuances. For example, you need to understand which primary documents will be on your hands when you receive this or thatincome. That is, you need to find out how to get official income from each of your sources (Webmoney, affiliate, contextual advertising) and how to minimize losses. On this subject, my thoughts can read here - How to legally withdraw Adsense and Webmoney.

Also one of the factors that influenced the decision to register the IP was comparison of various output methodswhere it turned out that through the IP it is most profitable to do it, and even with the payment of the tax.

My Case Account Help

I recommend using My Business at the very beginning,even if you are not going to use this service later. The fact is that the preparation process will be much simpler, as there is a free master of preparation of documents for registration of individual entrepreneurs in steps. Straight from and to, with all the clues what to do next, there are answers to all questions. Very handy stuff! If, however, you decide to pay for the service, then for the paid accounts you will still have access to accounting advice, which you can use even before the SP is registered (and after itself).

My Case will be useful further. In a special calendar, dates of payment of taxes and contributions will be indicated, and there will be a calculator for calculation with the subsequent sending of the payment to the bank, that is, you will not miss anything. The latest changes in legislation and documents will be taken into account, there are forms of contracts, accounts and acts that will be useful in the work. I constantly issue certificates and invoices to my counterparties and they are then stored in my personal account. There is integration with a dozen banks: Tinkoff, Modbank, Point Bank, Alfabank, Promsvyazbank, Raiffeisen, etc.), which is very convenient for conducting KUDIR, and integration with Sape and Robokassa. And in the end, with the help of this service, you can submit tax reports via the Internet. Actually, this is exactly what I really need, because I am not always in Moscow, yes, and in any case I would not want to go to the FTS with my feet. Also, at any time you can ask a question to accountants on tax and accounting issues, and they often appear. It all costs money.

I first paid for the year, and thanks to this the wholethe process is much simpler for me. At first, it is very convenient, and then if everything seems very easy to you, then after a year you can do it yourself, it's not a problem. Although the amount is quite small, it will save a lot of time, even under the condition that I have only 10 payments per month: I don’t think about any changes in the KVK codes in receipts, about tax rates, all transactions with the bank are always synchronized, acts templates are always at hand. / accounts and so on. Karoche, I tried My Business and now I don’t want to do it all myself, I am ready to pay. Read on my review of this service.

A year later, I extended another two. There were thoughts to go to Contour Elba (try), but they gave a good discount right a month before the end of the paid time, and if you paid for two years at once, it turned out to be very cheap (2 years turned out like 1).

What are the costs of SP

First of all, you will need to pay tax (6% or 15% on the simplified tax system), and you will also have mandatory contributions to the Pension Fund. Everything in detail in this post wrote. There all this is disassembled in detail, I will not stop. But there may also be not obvious costs: losses on withdrawal of money, losses on receipt of money, expenses for accounting services, etc. It’s hard to say in general, everyone will have their own specific situation. So far I have decided to conduct my activities in such a way that the additional losses are minimal. I wrote about this in part in the article. Comparing the output of Webmoney to Epayments and the PI account.

It is also worth understanding that there will also be a loss of time: you will have to deal with the mandatory primary documentation (contracts, bills, acts), with taxes and contributions to the FIU, other aspects.

How much does it cost to register IP

  • State duty - 800 rubles
  • Printing - 500 rubles (optional, as the PI can work without printing)
  • Opening a current account - 1000 rub (opening an account is optional)
  • Certification of the signature and copies of documents when opening an account is 300-800 rubles (if you do not open an account, then this spending will not be, and many banks do it for free)
  • Intermediary services - 1000-3000 rubles (use of services is optional)

Total it turns out that the mandatory spending - it is 800 rubles. And if with the opening of a current account and certification of the signature, then it will be ~ 2300 rubles.

Although, if you find a bank with a free discovery / reassurance, then all these costs will not be.

I do not recommend using the services of intermediaries.because this makes little sense, there are much more questions not about registration (it’s not difficult there), but about doing business. Moreover, mediation does not exclude the need to go to the tax in person (if the power of attorney was not made, of course). Therefore, if you really want to use the services of third-party people, then even if they hold consultations, this is more valuable. Only all this (and not only) can be obtained in My Business for less money.

Register IE step by step instructions in 2019

Since 2016, a new administrativeregulations on the business registration procedure (including individual entrepreneurs), now you can apply for registration through the MFC. At the same time, the need to notarize the signatures of persons who can confirm their identity when submitting documents has disappeared. From 2017, the limits on the STS on incomes increased to 150 million rubles.

  • Selection of OKVED codes
  • Choice of taxation system
  • Tax filing via the Internet
  • Get the documents in tax
  • Get a registration number in the FIU
  • Get codes from Rosstat (optional)
  • Send notification to the supervisor
  • Open a bank account
  • Send registered letters to the tax and FIU about opening an account (since 02.05.2014 it is not necessary)
  • Order print (optional)
  • Sign contracts with companies that pay you money
  • Hand over information about the average number of employees before January 20 (if there are employees)
  • Pay contributions to the FIU until December 31
  • At the simplified tax system quarterly advance payment of the tax before the 25th of the month following the quarter
  • Pay tax for the year to April 30 next year
  • Submit tax return to USN before April 30 of next year

Selection of OKVED codes

You need to pre-select OKVED codes for the activity that you are going to conduct. Without these codes, you will not be able to fill out the application for registration of the IP. Read more about OKVED codes read in my article.

Choice of taxation system

In addition to the codes OKVED still need to decide ontaxation system. Most use the simplified taxation system at 6% or 15% (simplified), which means paying 6% of income, or 15% of the difference income minus expense. I, naturally, chose 6%, because I have almost no expenses, like most of those who earn on the Internet or remotely. There are other taxation systems (OSNO, UTII, PSN), but I will not write about them here, read here.

Tax filing via the Internet

The tax can apply throughInternet, I took advantage of it. You can serve both through the tax site here and through public services. It seems that it does not depend on the region, at least public services give the choice of any city. I chose the first method.

Description of the registration process, as well as answers to basic questions are on the tax website in a special section.

Documents required for registration of IP:

  • Passport
  • TIN

First you need to fill out a form on the site, nothere is no need to enter specific data, except for the TIN. If you do not know him, you can immediately recognize him. But if he wasn’t received yet, I don’t know if the application is allowed without him, I didn’t check it. TIN can also be obtained via the Internet, but it is likely that you will first have to go for it. And if you submit it personally, and not via the Internet, then an application for an TIN is also attached, only the period is increased from 5 days to 10. By the way, as far as I understand, now you do not need to file documents with personal filing.

Further in the next step you will need to enter in advance. selected OKVED codes. Just remember, this should be done quickly, the session time will expire quickly.

The application with the number F4130909226611 has been submitted for consideration to the tax authority.
No later than three working days, an email will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the application about the results of the application consideration.

Then pay the state fee throughInternet bank (for example, Sberbank-Online) or upon receipt in a bank. Now you just wait for the invitation to the tax office after 3 working days (I waited 4 days together with the day of application), this is faster than submitting it in person (in this case, waiting 5 days). Please note that if you paid the state fee via the Internet, you will need to print out an extract from the Internet bank, because you will need to bring the payment confirmation to anyone in tax form.

Get the documents in tax

Email has arrived:

In the period from 13.09 to 17.09 A person registered as an individual entrepreneur may contact the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 46, address: 125373, Moscow, Pokhodnyy passage, household 3, p. 2. Admission on state registration of individuals as individual entrepreneurs is carried out: from Monday to Thursday from 9-00 to 18-00, on Friday from 9-00 to 16-45.

When contacting the tax authority must submit:
- the original and a copy of an identification document,
- the original and a copy of the document confirming the place of residence (if this information is not contained in the passport),
- document on the payment of state fees.

If after registration asan individual entrepreneur is supposed to apply a simplified taxation system; it is also necessary to submit a statement on the transition to a simplified taxation system.
Upon expiration of the specified period, the application F4130909226611 is canceled.

After receiving the invitation by email,arrive at the appointed time at 46 Tax Inspectorate (for Moscow). A fork is given in 3 days, if you do not come, the application will be canceled. And, if you chose the simplified tax system, then in addition to a passport and its copy, you still need to have an application for the transition to the simplified tax system in two copies (form). In the tax you get your hands on:

  • Certificate of state registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur (OGRNP)
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (EGRIP)
  • The sheet of the EGRIP record (I have two documents: the 1st about making a record about accounting in tax, the 2nd about acquiring the status of an individual by an individual entrepreneur)
  • Notice of registration of an individual with a tax authority
  • Notice of registration of an individual in the territorial body of the FIU
  • Notification of assignment of statistics codes (from Rosstat)

The last two documents may not give (I do notgave). Everything went quickly, an electronic queue, waited 5 minutes first, then signed the papers, and waited another half an hour for the documents to be made, the second time without a queue. And there are a lot of people in tax 46, but most likely they are on other issues. But there were almost no one like me submitting documents via the Internet.

Registration of PI in tax 46

Registration of PI in tax 46

IP registration via the Internet - a separate coupon

IP registration via the Internet - a separate coupon

The Federal Tax Service congratulates you onregistration as an individual entrepreneur on the basis of the electronic application F4130909226611 and thanks for using the electronic service of the FTS of Russia.

The appendix contains formed inelectronic form and signed by an electronic signature of a tax authority official state registration certificate, an extract from the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs and notification of registration with the tax authority as an individual entrepreneur.

Get a registration number in the FIU (if it was not issued in the tax)

If you are not given a tax noticeregistration in the FIU, then there are several options. The letter from the FIU itself is not very necessary for you; you need a registration number from it and details for paying the contributions. Therefore, you need to either wait until a letter arrives by mail (about 2-4 weeks), or call your FIU department by phone, or go to the territorial FIU department on your own. You can also get a reg number through My Case through an extract from the EGRIP, if you have a paid account there, but you must first wait at least a couple of weeks, because this information does not immediately appear in the registry. You will need this number to pay the fees.

Registration in the Pension Fund is mandatory! Even if you do not conduct activities, you will have to pay contributions in any way. And if you have employees, you will still need to register as an employer.

Get codes from Rosstat (optional)

Similarly, if the tax is not given, then you needget it yourself, but this is for the case when the PI came under a sample and it needs to submit reports to Rosstat (that is, if it is necessary, then not immediately after the registration of the PI). A letter with statistics codes is optional. Codes to get easy - everything can be done via the Internet. Here on this page there are various links to various state sites where you can find out. It is possible that someone will have to go personally, for example, to the one (and immediately after registration) who needs the original letter from Rosstat. For example, some banks require it for opening a current account.

I tried the day after registrationget codes for Moscow, but issued "nothing found", apparently not yet in the database. But I don’t need codes, my bank didn’t require it. 4 days after registration, codes for the link were received :)

Send notification to the supervisor

Some activities will requiresend a notice to the supervisory authorities (by registered letter with an inventory and delivery receipt): Roszdravnadzor (social services), Rospotrebnadzor (trade, personal services, public catering), Rostransnadzor (transportation services, road freight transport activities). But all this activity is not related to freelancing. More here in this ruling, there is a list. Notify need one day before the start of such activities. My Case provides a completed notice, and they also send it if an EDS is made.

Notice form

Open a bank account

If you have not yet decided on a bank, then I recommend Tinkoff, I have been in it for quite some time and I like everything. Tariff for only 490 rubles. Also read on this link My post with the current comparison of tariffs of all banks. Then choose what suits you best.

If you plan to work only with cash, thenYou have the full right not to open a current account. Otherwise, go to the websites of banks in your city, look for Settlement and Cash Services there in the section for legal entities or corporate clients, and see rates. A list of all banks in Russia in general and reviews of them are on the site Remember, the bank must have an Internet bank, otherwise how else to manage your account.

Tinkoff account + 2 months as a gift>

Normal prices are as follows: opening an account 1000 rubles, maintaining an account 0-1000 rubles, transfer via the Internet Bank to a personal account of an individual in the same bank 0 rubles, transfer through an Internet Bank to a personal account of an individual in another bank 20-50 rubles for payment. Of those banks in Moscow whose tariffs I looked at, costs plus or minus such as I said: Tinkoff, Modbank, Point, in order of increasing service costs. In some banks, such as Tinkoff and Module, you don’t even need to go to the office, the employee will come to your office or home.

Many banks also provideintegration with My Business, which is quite convenient - all operations will be automatically loaded into your My Business account. For me, it is necessary to delegate everything that is possible to the maximum, in order to take time to do business directly with your business. In the services of online accounting are also considered taxes, fees, there are consultations and so on. Cheap version of your accountant.

Pricing My Business>

Elba Rates>

An important point. In the bank, as a rule, you bring the OGRNP, ​​an extract from the EGRIP, a tax registration notice, Rosstat codes, a passport and a card with your signature (!) Notarized. But many banks can assure such a card themselves for an additional fee (or even for free) and on the spot, it is more convenient. In any case, it is better to call the selected bank and find out how to open an account for the PI. Read more in my article. Opening a current account for individual entrepreneurs.

It is not necessary to notify the tax and pension fund about opening / closing a current account since 2014, thereby simplifying the procedure for registering individual entrepreneurship.

Order print

For IP, printing is completely optional, you can simply use a signature on the documents and without printing. The standard cost of printing is about 500 rubles.

Sign contracts with companies that pay you money

Since you are now IP, it’s just that you’recan not get. With all, both with legal entities and private individuals, you need to enter into contracts, and after completing the work or the provision of the service, send to the customer an act of the work performed or services rendered (read about source documents). Therefore, you will need to contact each of the affiliate programs and conclude an agreement with them, after which you will receive money not on Webmoney or personal account of an individual, but on the current account of the individual entrepreneur. Perhaps, not everyone will be able to do this, and some of the money will still be sent to Webmoney, so you will need to conclude an agreement with the Guarantee Agency, which will allow you to withdraw money as an IP and to a checking account.

After registration during work

After you have registered the IP, you needwill do something else in the course of its activities. If your business is small, there are no workers, you have 6NSN and you are not working with cash, then the list of actions is quite small.

Pay contributions to the FIU until December 31

Since 2014, fixed contributions have ceased to befully fixed. They are calculated by the formula based on one minimum wage. For those who have income of less than 300 thousand rubles a year, they will be just fixed. For those who have an income of more than 300 thousand rubles a year, the same formula, but + 1% of income. In 2017, the amount of fixed contributions is 27,990 rubles + 1% of income over 300 thousand rubles / year. Read more about fixed fees.

You must pay them, regardless ofwhether the activity is conducted or not. You can pay in any part or all at once, but until December 31, otherwise a fine. Naturally, you need to pay in proportion, depending on the date of registration of the IP.

At the simplified tax system quarterly advance payment of the tax before the 25th of the month following the quarter

The tax on the simplified tax system is paid in advance payments foreach quarter until the 25th of the month following the quarter. When the USN (6%) is taken 6% of the amount of all income received on the current account and cashier. The SP on the simplified taxation system (6%) has the right to reduce the tax at the expense of already paid fixed contributions by 100%. In fact, this means that with an income of ~ 600 thousand per year or more, we will pay only our 6% of the income and that's all. Read more about calculation of advance payments on the simplified tax system.

When the USN (15%) is taken 15% of the difference of all income and expenses to calculate the tax.

Pay tax for the year to April 30 next year

The tax on the simplified tax system is calculated on an accrual basis - for1 quarter, half year, 9 months and a year. The first three payments are advance payments, the last payment is an annual tax (there is no concept of an advance payment for a year or 4th quarter). That is, the calculation formula for the simplified tax system of 6% per year is:

(Total income for the full year X 6%) - Advance payments for the 1st and 3rd quarters - Fixed contributions to the Pension Fund = USN tax for the year.

Read more about calculation of tax on the simplified tax system for the year.

Submit tax return to USN before April 30 of next year

Declaration is submitted once a year until April 30following the tax period. The tax period for the simplified tax system is the calendar year, the reporting period is a quarter. Through the service My Business declaration can be filed without leaving home.

P.S. Naturally, I did not take into account all the points related to the registration of individual entrepreneurs and the conduct of business activities. But, as for the simplified tax system of 6% and the moments connected with work on the Internet, there is enough information.

P.P.S. Laiki are very welcome, this series of materials was prepared for about two weeks without taking into account the time for reading the forums.

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